Tech Giants Hoping for Samsung to beat Apple

The Court Dispute Between Samsung and Apple

Phone and technology companies Apple and Samsung have been feuding for years, to the point where each side has taken the other one to the steps of the Supreme Court.

The ongoing feud between both companies has been about various smartphone patents and the end result of this lawsuit will have consequences involving how technology companies will go about using different design patents. On one hand, Apple says that upholding the original law on patents will protect a person’s individual design for a patent, while on the other hand Samsung feels that a change in the law is necessary because without it, any new innovation will be crippled.

Both Silicon Valley companies now have to hear what the Supreme Court will say on this, given that they will be interpreting a law that was first written in 1887, barely a decade after the telephone was invented. In the lawsuit, Apple has accused Samsung of violating three different patents, which are for phones with a black face and rectangular shape, the phone’s front face and bezel and the colorful display that has sixteen different icons. Oddly enough, other courts have found that Samsung did indeed infringe on these patents involving smartphones.

However, these infringements are not what the Supreme Court is focused on, but rather on exactly how much is owed by Samsung to Apple for all of those infringements. Apple feels that Samsung owes for all of the total profits earned from the use of the smartphones and designs, which was originally $2.75 billion annually. Naturally, Samsung countered by saying they only owed a much smaller amount for a certain portion of profits tailored only for those certain designs.

According to a professor of law, the Court will look into what constitutes part of the manufacture, since according to the 1887 law that is essentially unchanged, $250 is the minimum amount one is entitled is a patent is violated.

Amazon Wants To Feed You, For A Fee

Amazon is stepping up its Fresh delivery service to include brick-and-mortar convenience stores and drive-through grocery shopping. Amazon isn’t commenting directly about this project, but the Wall Street Journal and other new sources are reporting that Amazon is set to open a brick-and-mortar convenience grocery store in Seattle. If all goes well,the model could extend to other cities. This is another example of Amazon exploring new consumer delivery options. At times, it seems they are throwing everything on a wall and seeing what will stick while consumers foot the bill for the company’s experiments. It is a brilliant business strategy.


Back in 2007, Amazon started Amazon Fresh. For the membership price of $299 a year, customers could order perishable goods like produce and have it delivered. The service hasn’t really taken off, but rather than abandon it entirely, Amazon seems to have doubled down. Now the company is placing its bets on a brick-and-mortar store that offers quick pickup of items. Since the grocery industry relies on warehouses, refrigeration and other overhead costs, efficient delivery is difficult, as is the need to maintain an irregular inventory of goods. This could be why Amazon is turning to traditional brick-and-mortar locations and adjusting its pricing strategy. But, it is doubtful that Amazon’s foray into non-virtual convenience stores is a permanent business model. Instead of a bet, it is more like a well-funded stepping stone.


Instead of offering Amazon Fresh for $299 a year, Amazon Prime customers can add Amazon Fresh to their membership for $15 per month. These recurring payments can help Amazon keep its grocery arm flush while it explores the best way to deliver goods. With the future of drone delivery hitting obstacles, Amazon can maintain a presence in the grocery delivery business through drive-through convenience stores and brick-and-mortar locations. This presence might only be temporary. Once drone delivery and other supply chain issues are resolved, Amazon might return to what it does best, efficient online ordering and fulfillment without ever once dropping from consumer consciousness.

Chart Topper OSI Helps Clients

The OSI Group is at the top of many charts because of the services that they provide to their clients. They are an excellent group that has worked hard to make sure that they have everything that their clients need no matter where they are at or what type of restaurant they are. This has allowed them to continue to grow to be one of the most successful food service companies in the world and has allowed them the chance to show off the many different skills that they have. It has been a major change in the way that they work with their clients.

Because of the OSI Group’s innovative products, they have been able to provide exceptional services to all of their clients. They want to make sure that the clients have what they need and they do so by providing different options depending on the culture and the geographical location of the restaurants that they are serving. This has allowed them the chance to be one of the best food service companies in the world and they have even reached areas that previously had no other food service companies there. They have been a huge help.

The OSI Group ( was not always that way. They started out as only a small business in the beginning. They worked in a market and sold their meat to different restaurateurs in the area that they were in. This allowed them to make sure that they were giving their best to everyone that they met and allowed them the chance to show off the many different skills that they had. It also allowed them the chance to get better at their customer service before they turned into a huge business.

While they were originally family owned and operated, they now have people working for them that are not a part of their family. They really outgrew their original roots and this caused them to need to hire even more people than what they had in the beginning. It made them unable to reach the goals and, for that reason, they stretched to make it work. They hired people that they felt would fit in with their family. Now, they are a huge company that still feels like one big family because of the strategic hiring that they did as they were growing.

Growth has propelled the OSI Group to be even more successful. They want to make sure that they are constantly growing and that their clients are benefiting from the high levels of growth that they have. This has given them the chance to continue their success and has offered them the chance to truly show off what they have. While they have grown a lot in the past, they continue to still grow. They are hoping to be the biggest and the best food service company in the industry in the near future with the growth that they are going to see.

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Costco Dominates Brick and Mortar Sales

With recent reports and analysis about Amazon Prime’s popularity and dominance cutting in to Target and Walmart sales, Costco has largely remained out of the discussion. One reason, as pointed out by finance reporter Grace L. Williams, is Costco’s free samples and loyal customers. This might seem petty, but Williams makes some good observations which are backed by market numbers.


First, Costco’s numbers are strong and the company still has room for growth, particularly overseas. Next, although more Costco members are also Prime members, they use the different sellers’ services for different reasons. While Prime offers speed and convenience, Costco offers an experience. A trip to Costco might suck up a good portion of a weekend, but the experience of getting one’s hands on goods, and the opportunity to sample offerings is an experience that an online company is incapable of providing. Plus, while Amazon still receives a good portion of activity during the holiday season when consumers are especially concerned about prices and savings, Costco is a steady supplier of necessities throughout the year. Plus, Costco membership is cheaper and considered a good value.


One number worth noting is the percentage of small business owners who renew their Costco memberships, 94 percent. The number of non-business owners is still strong, at 88 percent. But the high number of small business renewals, and the fact that these owners spend 20 to 30 percent more than non-small business consumers at Costco, indicates that Costco is beating Amazon on that front. Costco is a unique niche as a wholesale retailer. Small businesses owners have come to rely on the store as a part of their supply chain, a position that can’t be filled by Amazon Prime or Target. Furthermore, a drone can only carry so many rolls of paper towels.

Stephen Murray Left A Gap In Many Companies With His Untimely Passing

Stephen Murray left his CCMP Capital, the company that he had been with since 1999. At that time it was known as Chase Capital Partners and then change their name to J.P. Morgan Chase. His departure was sudden and without explanation. Not only did he leave CCMP Capital but a variety of other major companies where he served in some sort of executive capacity. He served on the board of directors for Ollies Bargain Outlet, Octagon Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International, Infogourp Inc., and Strongwood Insurance. Later, information was provided that his sudden departure from his professional career was related to undisclosed health issues.

Only one month later, the shocking news that he had passed away was announced. Steve Murray was only 52 at the time of his passing. One of the most important figures in one of the world’s largest private equities funds was suddenly gone without much explanation on Stephen Murray spent the majority of his professional career dealing with investments and private equity.

Not only was Stephen Murray a stand out professional for CCMP Capital, but he was also a philanthropist. He was involved with the Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York where he served, as well as the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank.He attended Boston College and graduated in 1984 with an economics degree. He then attended Columbia Business School where he received a degree in business administration.

Stephen Murray’s sudden departure from the private investment sector as well as the vacancies left in the many companies that he was involved with left a noticeable gap and then a scramble to find qualified professionals to take his place in a short period of time. The absence left noticeable differences in the those businesses business structure and daily operations like CCMP Capital. Not only was he missed professionally but privately as well.

Seattle Genetics Plans to Take Ambitious Cancer Research Further

The Puget Sound region in Washington State is world renowned for its cancer research, and Bothell-based Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company that develops and commercializes antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer, is set to be a notable player in this arena.

The company manufactures Adcetris, a new drug for the treatment of lymphomas which is already largely in use. In addition, Adcetris is being tried out in more than 70 trials and cancer treatment scenarios, particularly in an advanced clinical trial for the treatment of newly diagnosed or previously untreated Hodgkin lymphoma. Seattle Genetics expects Adcetris to rack up sales of $255 million to $275 million for 2016 in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, the company has 12 new drugs in its pipeline, including one for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, another for the treatment of breast cancer, and two additional ones for the treatment of bladder cancer.

Seattle Genetics has been hiring around 100 employees per year for the last five years and boasts more than 800 employees. With room in its offices for another 350 employees, it is currently bolstering its hiring, particularly in operations, with plans to add 100 employees to its workforce in the U.S. and 20 additional ones to its offices in Switzerland this year.

Seattle Genetics is led by President, CEO and Chairman of the Board Dr. Clay Siegall, who co-founded it in 1998. Siegall received a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and has nearly 20 years of experience in cancer research and therapeutic drug development. From 1988 to 1991 he worked at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, then served at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997.

Siegall is currently on the Board of Directors of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics and Washington Roundtable, and has been the recipient of a number of academic and entrepreneurship awards.

Betting on NCAA Basketball the Right Way

The world of professional sports betting has exploded in recent years thanks to a confluence of reasons. Sports betting can be a fun way to add stakes to your favorite game while also creating the possibility of scoring some serious revenue. today we will be talking about betting on college basketball: how you can twist the odds into your favor while gunning for those big wins. We’ll use as our source for NBA odds and sports betting tips.

The reason we chose NBA is that it offers the most bang for your buck. The professional basketball season has 82 games versus the 16 games that you’ll get from the NFL. That means you will have more opportunities to hone your craft, learn how to work the betting room, and eventually score your own victory or two. The NBA is also much more straightforward when it comes to understanding the ‘dogs’ in the game. For example, you’ll never have to underestimate a team that is helmed by LeBron James or Steph Curry — unless they are plying one another, that is.

In any event you’ll be wanting to head to in order to get the latest betting odds, point spread, and weather information. These are the primary pieces of info that you will need on your side. With this information on your side you will be able to make informed decisions that give you the best opportunity to cash out. Now, this information won’t be all that you need in order to score some winnings in the NBA betting world but it will be a good start.

Now that you have the basics down you need to start leaning on some more important and specific information. NBA sports betting changes minute by minute with injuries, late line up decisions, and illnesses. Unlike in the NFL a player can be scratched up to the moment before game time. You don’t want to be placing heavy money on the Cavs in an upset over Golden State if LeBron suddenly decides to take the day off, right? So keeping up to date on the latest information is going to be one of the biggest parts of getting yourself in the frame of mind for winning in NBA betting.

Don Ressler’s Journey to JustFab

Don Ressler is a well-accomplished entrepreneur with many successful start-ups. Among his earlier start-ups was That was then bought out by Intermix Media in 2001. After that, Don teamed up with Adam Goldenberg. He had seen what Adam has accomplished in such a short time period that he thought Adam would make the perfect partner. What Don Ressler didn’t know about Adam was that Adam was only 19 years old. Adam’s age aside, they formed Alena Media together. Their division generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. It was Intermix’s only center of profit, proving how strong their duo was.

In 2005, News Corp acquired Intermix and began ignoring the e-commerce business run by Ressler and Goldenberg. The duo began frustrated and left to start up their ventures. Don had the experience and expertise to excel in growing any online business they decided to pursue. With their hearts set on a new venture, they gathered a small team of former Alena members and began brainstorming in Goldenberg’s living room. Eventually, they came up with Intelligent Beauty.

Don Ressler led the group to their first creation, DERMSTORE. DERMSTORE is online skincare and cosmetics marketplace where customers have a direct-to-consumer interaction. They waited two years to see if their success was genuine or just an initial burst of business, but it proved to be very successful. Soon after, they launched a second company, SENSA, which was a weight-loss system. Eventually, they brought in Dr. Alan Hirsch to help develop new products and Brett Brewer to be CEO. In 2008, Technology Crossover Ventures gave Intelligent Beauty $43 million in funding on That kept the company well within the black, and they opened a third company in 2010. Their new e-commerce fashion retailer, JustFab, is quickly becoming the shining star of Intelligent Beauty.

Don Ressler saw the potential JustFab had and began expanding it into new markets. In 2013, JustFab began selling children’s fashion on FabKids. Later that year, they began selling shoes on a new sited called The Fab Shoes. One of the most notable accomplishments was their partnership with celebrity Kate Hudson. Along with Kate, they launched a new athletic wear site called Fabletics. This came after years of hard work and successful funding and development. They have become one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world, selling all kinds of products.

Goettl Air Conditioning Proves It Embraces Care For Its Community

When a local Las Vegas man needed help in his home, a couple companies decided to do so free of charge. Jim Siler is an elderly man living in Las Vegas, and over the course of this last summer his home started experiencing several problems. Not only did stairways and other interior features of his home start deteriorating, his water and air conditioning quit working. Siler barely had enough money to pay his bills and couldn’t afford to hire technicians to fix the pluming and air conditioning, so Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber decided to help Siler out for free. A few of their technicians, along with a local high school football team came to Siler’s house, helped clean it up, and soon his air conditioner was running like normal again. Ken Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning couldn’t be more proud of his company.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business in the southwest since 1939, when it was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl. Their headquarters are in Tempe, AZ but they also serve Phoenix, Tucson, and even have service centers in Nevada. The company employs completely certified HVAC technicians, and has the experience of repairing indoor air problems of all kinds. The air conditioning units they install are Energy Star rated and environmentally friendly.

Goettl Air Conditioning installs, repairs, and replaces old A/C units. Goettl doesn’t just choose A/C units because of what manufacturers say about their power, their experts are proficient in sizing up the right A/C system to match a home’s capacity and use the correct amount of power. Goettl also offers scheduled maintenance checkups to make sure the A/C unit continues to run smoothly and delivers clean air in the home. When it’s time to repair a unit, Goettl’s technicians arrive on the scene promptly to fix the problem. And if an A/C unit has become too old to function, Goettl can find an affordable model to replace it with. In addition to keeping homes cool in the summer, Goettl also installs and repairs heating systems in the winter.

Goettl is active in the community, not only helping those in need like Jim Siler in Las Vegas, but also college students and military members. Earlier in May this year, Goettl helped fund tuition for a retired veteran to enroll in an air conditioning technology program. Goettl also offers advice for taking care of pets in the summer.

Visiting the Amazing Kabbalah Centre

Spiritual growth takes a lot of time and requires you to be around people who share the same beliefs as you do. The problem that a lot of people have is that they simply do not know where they can go in order to find people who they can connect with on a spiritual level. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it might be time for you to consider Kabbalah Centre because this is one of the top spiritual centres in the country that you can make yourself. They have a very deep-rooted member base and you can find this all out by visiting the website for the Kabbalah Centre in order to learn more about what they are able to offer to new members like yourself.


One of the things that sets the Kabbalah Centre apart from a variety of other churches and spiritual centres that you might have gone to in the past is that they will take in just about any type of member without criticism. This means that you can feel a part of a group of people with whom you can connect with on a more spiritual level and feel great about doing so. Individuals who are looking to do this are finding that this amazing Centre has a variety of different events as well as regular happenings that they can make you so for their own individual needs.


Now is the time for you to consider this as an amazing option for your own personal spiritual growth. The Kabbalah Centre has been around for many years and has continued to be one of the top spiritual centres in the country because of how successful they have been in the past. There has never been a better time to consider spiritual growth in right now and this is why the Kabbalah Centre is a wonderful option for you and your loved ones. Be sure to find out more about this amazing option to see if it is right for you and can offer you what you are looking for in terms of your spirituality.


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