Christian Broda the Legendary Economist

Christian Broda is a financial expert who has made an indelible mark in national and international economic issues. The New York-based economist is one of managing directors of Duquesne Capital Management. His ability to understand, spot and anticipate economic trends in the U.S. and across the globe has made him a priceless asset to investors and his company. Some of his past economic predictions may have been controversial from time to time. However, the truth is that in the most number of cases, he has proven to be right. His reliable expertise has enriched his wide-ranging clientele as well as improving his credibility.
Christian Broda is a highly-educated and well respected financial consultant. He graduated with a bachelor’s arts in Economics from the Universidad de San Andres. He later attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics. His seemingly intrinsic understanding of economic and financial trends has made to him be chosen as an IMF Economic Review editorial board member. He is also a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research. In additionally, he was the James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar from 2006 to 2008. Broda is also an associate editor of the Journal of Development Economics.
The economist loves researching and enlightening the society on financial matters. Between 2005 and 2010 Broda was able to accomplish his two desires at the University of Chicago. Dr. Broda was a professor at the university’s Booth School of Business. During the same period, Broda was the Head of International Research at Lehman/Barclays Capital. This role enabled him to offer his students and his employers with up-to-date economic information from a vast array of global markets. One of his major strengths is the ability to study financial and economic information to spot trends. He is also efficient in presenting the information to others in a manner they can easily comprehend.
With his extraordinary insight and superior oratory skills, Broda is also one of the most sought-after economic writers. He has authored numerous articles and academic papers on a broad range of topics connected to finance and economics. One of Broda’s most popular topics is the U.S. dollar and its role in the entire global economy. He has also written widely on the financial and economic situation in Japan and China. The veteran economist has also written about international trade, financial de-globalization, tax rebates, income inequality, labor regulations and their impact on business and wages among other topics. Dr. Christian Broda ranks as one of the brightest young minds in economics and finance today.