Joseph Bismark Created Something Great

According to what was said on BusinessWire, the QI Group is excited to work with a famous tennis player and to welcome her as being an advocate for them. Martina Hingis has made many big accomplishments in her life, and becoming an advocate for a company that she believes is doing good things is just one more great thing for her to do. She believes in the QI Group and all of the things that it is doing, and she is proud to be an advocate for it.
Joseph Bismark is the man who founded the QI Group, and he has successfully made it into everything that he wanted it to be. He wanted spirituality to be a big part of it, so he made that happen. He wanted the people who are working there to feel that they are being treated right, and to form a great deal of respect for one another, and that has come true as well. He has been a fearless leader for the company, and because of his great leading skills, the QI Group has been able to do many amazing things.
There are very few people in this world who are quite as talented as Joseph Bismark is. There aren’t too many people who are able to know what they want to do with their lives and know how to live right at a young age, but that is what Joseph Bismark did. He was raised by monks who taught him the values that he clings tightly to today. He learned how to be healthy, how to be wise, and most importantly, how to be spiritual. He has made his life into all that it is right now because of his upbringing, and he has also been able to incorporate much of what he had learned into his company, as well. He did so many amazing things in his life that he is a man that many people have come to look up to. He created a great work environment, and a company that does many great things, and everyone who sees that has a great deal of respect for him.

What Makes Sergio Such a Great MJ Impersonator?

Sergio Cortes is one of the best impersonators in the world today. He is one of the few people who looks like Michael, can dance like Michael, and can perform literally just as amazingly on stage as Michael. He has the stage presence and the gift to help bring this legendary musician back to life on stage. As a legend, Michael Jackson has changed the world of music over the years, and he has helped inspire people to Heal The World and even change that Man In The Mirror. His inspiring and exciting music is what has made him the legend he is today. Despite him passing away, the world never ceases to try and keep him alive. For Cortes, that simply means bringing his music and performances back to life with his amazing dancing skills.

What Makes Sergio Such a Great MJ Impersonator?

– Amazing Charisma

His charisma is astonishingly just like Michael. For most people in the world of impersonating celebrities and music legends, it is very common to look like a certain celebrity in some way or form. However, it isn’t always that easy, and it can even be tough to know how to perform the way the original artist does. For Sergio, he delivers Michael’s performance to a whole new level.

– Dance Moves Are Always On Point

His dance moves are practically just like the original. He takes the moves from the music videos and brings them to life on his own stage. He has studied, followed, and practiced exactly what Michael has done in the past with his dancing, and that is what sets him apart from the rest of the other MJ impersonators.

– Shows Are Spectacular

You can clearly see from his YouTube videos that he knows how to mesmerize a crowd and showcase the beauty of Michael Jackson’s stage presence. He loves to use special effects in his shows, along with stunning dancers and just his overall performance skills. Cortes has made this his livelihood; to bring this amazing legend to life.

Impersonators like Sergio are very hard to find in this world. They are outings to locate because of how few people actually take their craft this seriously. He has worked tremendously hard to achieve success in his field, and as a performer, he continues to perform in huge stage shows and performances. Only time will tell when he becomes an international impersonator.

Discover Sergio Cortés’s Impersonation Talent

If you have great affection for music, you must have listened to one of Michael Jackson’s albums. Jackson is well-liked for his creation of first-class music. Numerous people have yearned to watch one of his life performances, but regrettably, he died a few years ago. If you still have such dreams, you should not feel frustrated. This is because imitators will make sure you acquire the same stimulating experiences that you would have gotten if Jackson was still living.

It is familiar information that quite some individuals love to be copied instead of being pleased. The issue surrounding the career of Michael Jackson is a case in point of how such words are correct. Many individuals have tried acting as impersonators of Michael Jackson but to no avail. Only a few have been able to break the glass ceiling and risen to prominence as great imitators of Michel Jackson. These individuals are the ones who have managed to imitate his life as a musician and also his character as a person. Through hard work, Sergio Cortes has risen to great heights to become the best in imitating Michael Jackson. He has been able to produce excellent performances that have mesmerized his audiences. He copies every detail during his performances including how the late Jackson used to do his stage movements.

On the internet, various videos have been posted that give a glimpse of how Sergio does his performances. You can take some time and just watch a few of those videos, and then you will realize how Sergio Cortes is different from other individuals who claim to imitate Michael Jackson. The quality of the performances will not leave you disappointed because he creates a real image of Jackson. Many people often think that it is Michael Jackson himself performing. His ability, wit, and a great voice will leave you mesmerized.

Currently, Sergio has decided to travel the entire world to showcase his considerable talent to the supporters and fans of Michael Jackson, who are yet to recover from the sad news of Michael Jackson’s death. Lately, he has become very popular in Brazil, and his fame is now spreading all over the globe. Just a while ago, he was invited for a performance in an event known as Nature Tribute that was hosted to commemorate Jackson’s death. The event was held in Milan, Italy.

How To Go About Precious Metal Investments

Throughout the ages, gold has been the symbol of wealth from one civilization to the other. Then, there came the idea of money which was at first crafted from gold, and so were all the precious pieces of jewelry from the past. Even though thousands of years have passed since these ancient civilizations, one thing remains, the obsession people have with gold.


There was a time, especially after money started being made from other material that people seemed to have stopped thinking about gold as a central symbol of wealth. However, issues such as the global economic crisis and the loss of value of the dollar have made people rethink about the importance of investing in precious metals as opposed to just saving cash. It is said that the value of precious metals is not affected by rises and falls in the dollar value. This makes investing in the metals an ideal way to save money without the fear of having to deal with global economic fluctuations.


How to invest in gold


There are several ways in which you can invest in gold. Here are a few of the most common:


  • Stocks and mutual funds that hold shares in mining companies.
  • Exchange traded funds holding bullion
  • Antique and newly minted gold coins.


The companies that mint coins include the Gold American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and U.S. Money reserve among others. After deciding the investment type you want to make, you can consult companies that deal with these products for advice on how to start the investment.


Why invest with U.S. Money Reserve?


The people who founded this company understood that the process of investing in precious metals is very delicate. They, therefore, decided to approach the issue while giving special attention to the expert knowledge of the market, excellent customer service and trustworthiness in investment guidance. The team that works at U.S includes senior specialists in gold, a numismatic expert, a customer relations section, vault and shipping and coin research professionals among others.


The teams of experts that work at U.S. are an assurance that when you invest in them, you are making the right choices with your money. Their many years of service are an assurance that when they tell you about a certain investment, it is because they do understand the market, and they know the potential benefits in it. People that have invested with U.S. Money Reserve do not have any regrets at all.

Why Investing in Gold from the U.S. Money Reserve is the Smartest Decision You Will Ever Make

Investing capital is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money. Although investing may take longer than working to earn a significant amount of money, investing allows people to place their hard earned money into something, let it set, check on it occasionally, and let the money grow by itself. Anybody who can spell “investing” knows that diversification is key to having a successful portfolio. Without diversifying, one can theoretically lose all his or her money.

Proper diversification requires one to invest in a wide variety of commodities, which all act differently from one another. Investing in precious metals is a great way to help safeguard against inflation in particular. Inflation can render money useless, and investing cash into precious metals can ensure that one’s tender will not lose value (as long as the tender is bought into a precious metal).

Investing in gold in particular is undoubtedly the smartest decision to make. Gold is timeless, is becoming more scarce as people have such high demand for it, and can ensure that one will never lose their money to inflation. Investing in something like gold will probably not yield very much of a return, but the whole point of investing in a precious metal such as gold is to help safeguard one’s money against inflation.

Inflation can effectively render currency undervalued, at minimum. Investing in gold probably sounds rather appealing to anyone who has a little spare money laying around who is interested in investing.

U.S. Money Reserve is an internet-based store that sells gold and silver bullion, and a wide variety of coins. The U.S. Money Reserve is not affiliated with the United States government, but does sell 100% legitimate United States coins. Their coins can be found on their website, U.S. Money Reserve also sells gold numismatic coins and platinum numismatic coins.

U.S. Money Reserve is a highly reputable website, arguably the most popular coin dealer in the United States that operates online. Most of their products are cheaper than competitors’ products, and U.S. Money Reserve’s products are guaranteed 100% authentic, every time, or you get your money back.

Investing in gold is a very wise decision for anyone who already has money invested somewhere, or for someone who simply has money laying around and wants to put it to good use. Investing in gold as a precious metal works against the powers of inflation, which helps reduce the risk of an investor’s money disappearing or diminishing in value.


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Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

There is a plethora of investment firms vying for your money, but you want to find some good advice before you make your decision. There are investment Advisers, Brokers and Financial Planners, but which one do you want? Finance is confusing, and your head is buzzing. The first thing to sort out is which investment services you are looking for? According to the United States Government, there are three types of investment services to choose from, and they are securities, management and financial planning. The next step is to find out about fees; some firms work for percentages, commissions or flat fees. The US’s Financial Education Clearinghouse advises to choose the lowest cost option that aligns with your investment strategy. The FEC also advises to find out the legal obligation each type of firm is offering to act in your best interest.

Keeping the FEC’s advice in mind, you may want to take a look at Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm with a middle-market focus. They advise on both the corporate level and private level. It has a strong commitment to its clients, and its staff are specialists on valuation, asset management and advisory, and they are strong on transparency. When Madison Street Capital is engaged, they assign a team to each client. The team guides their client to successful navigation through the complexities of investing, and maximizing your financial potential.

Madison Street Capital exceeds regulatory requirements, and they offer objective analysis and thorough documentation and transparent reporting. Their experience with middle-market industry and niche markets make them a leader in investment banking. Their mission is integrity and service to each client no matter how small your investment. Madison Street Capital is located Chicago with offices in Ghana and India. Madison Street Capital offers high investment returns with a strategic plan to minimize risk. Whether you are large or small investor, Madison Street Capital offers you a low cost, low risk and transparent experience.

Six Gifts Los Angeles Skout Users Can Give in Person

Skout, the world’s largest location-based social networking app that helps users meet new and old friends, announced that Los Angeles has the most generous college-age adults (age 18-24) in the U.S.

In Skout, users can use points to purchase virtual gifts and give them to potential friends as a way to break the ice. Gifts can be used to reward a friend, bond over common interests, cheer someone up, flirt with a potential love interest and more.

Angelenos who use Skout on instagram shares more virtual gifts with friends than any college-age adults in Boston, Miami, Chicago and Dallas combined. Perhaps these gifts can inspire users to give in person. Skouters can use this as an opportunity to discuss their interests. Users can build great friendships or develop romantic relationships.

Here is a list of gifts Angelenos can give to one another during their meet and greets.

Share a Cup of Joe
Coffee (or tea) is one of the most affordable and tastiest gift users can give to one another. Skouters can meet at a popular café or teahouse and share a pot of coffee or tea.

Buy or Split Lunch
There are plenty of delicious restaurants Angelenos can go to eat and discuss their interests. Skouters can take turns paying for lunch or they can split the bill.

Visit a Botanical Gardens
Skouters can meet at any of the beautiful botanical gardens in the Los Angeles area. Skouters can offer to pay for the admission ticket and view Southern California’s most beautiful flora and fauna.

Give Flowers
Skouters can give flowers to friends or potential love interests on a date. Flowers are an affordable way for Skouters to make a good impression and express their generosity. Perhaps Skouters can give each other flowers on International Online Friendship Day. This day is celebrated on February 4.

Give a Box of Chocolates
A box of chocolates is a surefire way to impress a date. Skouters can surprise their potential love interest with a box of chocolates and indulge their partner’s sweet tooth.

Give a Basket of Healthy Snacks
Angelenos are known for their commitment in eating healthy and being active. Los Angeles Skout users will appreciate a basket full of healthy snacks. Skouters can fill their basket with fruits, vegetables, protein bars, mixed nuts and more.

Have Fun and Be Safe
Skout is a great way for Angelenos to make new friends, have fun and meet offline. It’s exciting to meet someone for the first time and present them with a gift. However, always use some common sense and meet your new friend in a safe public location.

Have fun Los Angeles Skouters and don’t forget your gift.

Darius Fisher to Speak At Impact15

Darius Fisher will speak at the Impact15. He is the president of Status Labs. Status Labs is a online reputation management firm and they also deal with public relations. Impact15 is a three-day conference.At their conference they will have a get together of some of the best and brightest in the online marketing industry. At Impact15 people will share ideas and digital solutions. The conference is held at Las Vegas and it will be on September 23-25. Fisher will give a presentation at Impact15. The presentation will be called “Why the First Page of Google Search is a New First Impression”. Being the President of Status Labs, Fisher knows all about the importance of keeping your personal information safe online.During his presentation he will talk about how vital it is to protect your digital presence. Online information isn’t like information that’s on paper. When you have a newspaper it can change every day. When you go on Google and check your search results none of your results change unless you do something about it.Fisher will share with the crowd some of his best practices and also SE0, content development tools, and public relations. Fisher believes that what people see online about you is really dependent on you. You can’t completely control everything , but what you do control will impact your online presence in a positive way. Your online presence is especially important when you are a executive or business owner.
Darius Fisher is not only the president of Status Labs he is also the co-founder of Status Labs. He came up with a vision to build a company that has partnerships with very influential people and agencies.Before co-founding Status Labs he was a political consultant and copywriter.
Status Labs is a very popular online reputation management .They are heavily involved in marketing and public relations. It is a firm that has offices in Austin, Sao Paulo, and New York. Their main goal is to help their clients to look their best. Looking your best in the Google search results is very important. They also help to grow sales through digital marketing and strategies. They have over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Their clients Fortune 500 brands, politicians, athletes and public figures.

A Clean House By Handy

Cleaning our homes is something that must be done. Although in today’s fast paced world we seldom have time for it. Dishes, laundry, sweeping and scrubbing are not high on the priority list on when we look for things to get done when we are not at the office.

There is a way that we can have a clean house without all the stress and time consuming duties that it entails. Handy is a company that can send a cleaning professional to your home and it will not break the bank. It is also easy and confidential to set up.

This company was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. It is refered to as the Uber of home cleaning and maintenance. Operating in 13 cities it has grown exponentially and seeks to open up for business in 4 more locations. Eventually this revolutionary way of getting handyman services, and cleaning help will reach from coast to coast.

House cleaning is simply not that big a thing for the busy professional. Work schedules are grueling time off is slim, and we fight simply to get a good night’s sleep. Who has time to clean their house?

Hiring someone from an independent company in your area will take more time than just cleaning the home. Interviewing, screening and hoping the person will actually show up takes too much time and energy. More than just doing the cleaning for yourself. Handy can solve all of these issues.

At Handy every single person who performs work for them is screened and interviewed. References are taken and every precaution is taken to assure that the people doing work for them are trustable, reliable, and honest.

Handy presently has a staff of more than 10,000 employees. Consider this, they only hire 3% of the people that they interview. Harder to get into than an Ivy League College. When you decide to find someone to help with getting those odd jobs done around the house, or even having it cleaned, why not let Handy give you a hand?

It is a simple app to download and even easier to navigate. Simply go to the home page and choose the job to be done or rooms to be cleaned. Then enter a zip code. You will then be asked where the job is and when it needs to be done. Finally a quote will be generated. Simply accept or decline it and the person will be sent at the time denoted (if you accept quote).

Paying is easy as well. Enter a card and it will automatically be charged for the services, taxes, and tip. Nothing is left to be done except to sit back and let the professionals do the job. How much easier could housecleaning be?

We all want a neat and tidy home. No one will deny this. It is just that we simply do not always have the time to do the scrubbing and cleaning that this entails. Handy is the answer to your cleaning issues.

The Aspire: Lux and Fabulous Living

The Aspire is the epitome of luxury living in New Brunswick. It is a 17 story building that is nearby the New Brunswick Train Station, which would give you immediate access to Manhattan and Philadephia. It features 238 spacious rooms that consist of one and two bedroom apartments. The rooms are decorated in a modern style. Residents have an array of floor plans and feature 9-10-foot ceilings. Some of these lavish apartments feature personal terraces and balconies.Living in this building, a resident can expect to have an excellent view of the downtown area. The rooms are deck out with large windows, beautiful hardwood floors, and beautiful carpet in all of the bedrooms.

Residents of these apartments can expect to live a lavish lifestyle.Another great location luxury of this building is that residents will have access to all of the vigorous restaurant and retail center in central New Jersey.Residents will also enjoy have a doorman on site for 24 hours. Residents will also be able to access the lobby quickly by having direct elevator service through from the garage. Residents can enjoy a kitchen that is beautifully designed with quartz countertops and glass tiles backsplash. The building also has all of the latest stainless steel appliances, such as in home Bosh washers and dryers.

The building baths is designed with porcelain floor tiles and ceramic wall tile that surrounds the tubs and showers. When it is time to relax, a resident can enjoy cable television and high-speed internet. As a bonus, a resident can enjoy state of the art gas powered that will help resident save money on their gas bill.The Aspire feature an amazingly design lounge area that features a catering kitchen dining table that seats 12, various flat screen TV’s, widespread outdoor terrace with plush seating and WiFi.Residents can also enjoy a 24-hour state of the art fitness center.

So who were the brains of this fabulous residence? That would be the Boraie Development team. They have worked hard for many years enchanting neighborhoods in New Jersey. The company often specialize in working in urban areas. The also develop in property management services that include things like maintenance and accounting.

The company also plays a significant role in regentrifying the City of New Brunswick.They have also worked with major celebrities like Shaquille O Neal. When they had partner with Mr. Oneal, they were able to create commercial and residential real estate in the area of Newark and other parts of New Jersey.Boraie Development strives to cover all of the New Jersey urban area with the best and fabulous buildings.