Amazing Secrets Behind Dan Newlin’s Success

Dan Newlin is a leading attorney within Florida, who has managed to succeed in his pursuit for justice. He has been especially instrumental when acting to help victims of accident/injuries, who seek the right for compensation. Although most insurance companies have presented complicated terms that are meant to deny victims of accidents/ injuries their right share of compensation, Dan Newlin has always chipped in to help many of his clients access compensation in the right proportion and without unnecessary delays. His effort and skills have been noted among many professionals, thereby earning respect and recognition.

Starting his career at a young age of 20 years, Dan Newlin explored different scenarios that would help him earn more experience. He completed a degree in Law from the Florida College of Law in the year 2000 and was able to join the Florida Police Force, where he would begin his career. After almost one year in the force, he was identified among the most dedicated professionals and as a result, he was offered a higher post, which would see him head different departments. He worked with the investigations department among others and within less than two years, he managed to apprehend more than one hundred individuals. He was awarded severally, something that offered him motivation to pursue higher ambitions. All the cases he presided over were handled with fairness to ensure justice prevailed and the necessary information that was needed was always collected in time.

When he gained sufficient experience after working with the police force for some time, Dan Newlin started his own law firm that would help him address several issues within the confines of injury/accident cases. He then hired well trained professionals who have experience in the field and regular training has been conducted to keep his team updated. He also has worked with retired attorneys to get more ideas that will help keep the firm relevant and able to handle all types of cases. To make service delivery and access easier, Dan Newlin has invested in modern technology, especially with the introduction of the code alert that clients can use to get information about services they need. The company has also invested in online systems that help them to collect feedback from clients so they can improve on their operations.

To date, his firm has acquired more than $120 million worth of claims for most of their clients. This has been possible with the effort and dedication that has been put to ensure the firm delivers according to the needs of their clients. They have also ensured there are no loopholes that can encourage the growth and penetration of corruption. This has earned Dan Newlin a great reputation and respect for the good work he has invested in.

Why You Need To Choose US Money Reserve

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Over the years, the key U.S. Cash Reserve vault facility has provided its customers million of coins, with the value of half billion dollars in retail esteem. It is forever our objective to build long haul and commonly useful associations with each of our customers. We caution our customers of the most critical U.S. Government provided Gold, Silver and Platinum Coin discharges whenever they are accessible. You can contact us and talk with one of our senior gold pros who comprehend the valuable metals advertises and will give you customized portfolio suggestions given your particular needs.

Highland Capital Management Increases Stake in Underperforming Healthcare Firm

Highland Capital Management recently increased its total stake in the company K2m Group Holdings (NASDAQ:KTWO) by a whopping 653.43%. This is according to its recent Q3 2015 SEC’s regulatory filing. The company purchased 596,684 shares of K2m Holdings despite the 20.72% stock decline as stock markets rallied. The hedge fund, currently run by James Dondero, held about 688,000 shares of K2m Group Holdings valued at $12.80 million. Its previous share holding stood at 91,316 shares. Highland Capital has been steadily investing in the healthcare company for many months and is expecting the share price of the company, worth $807.77 million, to rise. The company stock fell by 1.08% to close at $19.27. It has steadily underperformed since mid April 2015.

In return, the company decreased its stake in another company Bank Amer Corp by an equivalent 669,739 shares. Its new holding in the firm now stands at 6.061 shares worth $94,000. It also reduced its stake in another company, American Airls Group, to 1.44 million shares as well as Nxp Semiconductors N V.

James Dondero, president of Highland Capital Management graduated from University of Virginia’s McIntyre School of Commerce he got the highest honors. He did a dual major in Finance and Accounting. He currently is a certified in both public and management accounting, CPA and CMA respectively. He is also a CFA designee.

Jim previously worked in credit investment in the 80’s. His vast experience in the financial market began at a training program in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty. Later he joined American Express as one of its corporate bond analysts. He managed a $1 billion portfolio before moving on to protective life’s subsidiary GIC. Here he managed the firm from its infancy and saw it mature to over $2 billion in holdings.

In 1993, Jim co-founded a hedge fund, Highland Capital Management, which has helped develop alternative credit solutions and investment opportunities. It pioneered Collateralized Loan Obligations and to date, and continues to provide solutions for both retail and institutional investors globally. It recently hired a new President of Institutional Products and currently manages $15.04 billion in assets and another $3.43 billion in US Long portfolio.

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My Dog Loves Beneful Wet Dog Food

My dog did not like dry dog food at all for whatever reason so I decided to switch my dog to wet dog food. When I went to the pet store to get dog food for him I looked through almost every brand there was and was not satisfied with any of them or what they said on the package until I saw Beneful. I remembered that my grandma told me that she uses Beneful wet dog food for her pug. There was a lot of different wet dog food options to choose from just when looking at the Beneful wet dog food. Beneful has Chopped Blends, Stews, Medleys, a beef entree, and a Roasted Chicken Recipe. Beneful Chopped Blends wet dog food comes in many different flavors such as beef, chicken, salmon, turkey, and lamb. Beneful Medley wet dog food types are Tuscan Style, Romana Style, Mediterranean Style, Simmered Chicken, Beef and Chicken, and Roasted Turkey. Beneful Stew wet dog food has three different flavors Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, and Savory Rice and Lamb Stew. Knowing the Beneful has so many different types and flavors of wet dog food puts me at ease because I know that if my dog does not like the taste or texture of one of the foods there are many other to choose from. For now I choose Beneful Beef Stew because I know how much my dog enjoys my home cooked human beef stew so I knew he would most likely love Beneful Beef Stew. I was right about him loving his new dog food. I am so pleased with the outcome of feeding my dog Beneful from Amazon. My friend was so surprised at the fact that my dog liked his food so much that she went and bought Beneful for her dog that is a beagle. If anyone ever asks me what kind of food I would recommend for dogs I will be sure to say that Beneful wet dog food is the best.

The Role of Good Leadership in Financial Institutions

Modern economic endeavors require some sense of direction for them to thrive financially. This initiative is a product of proficient service delivery as well as good relations amongst customers and service providers. The aspect of skill in any business enterprise outlines how competent individuals can utilize knowledge amassed in schools for efficiency. According to ancient philosophies, knowledge facilitates problem solving processes hence the attainment of rational outcomes.

Highland capital is an enterprise that relied on this virtue over the years and their outcomes were successful. James Dondero founded this business enterprise with an ultimate objective of overseeing credit investments in the country. As a founder, he became the president hence had the ability to engage various stake holders of K2M Group Holdings in participatory decision making processes. He usually went by the alias Jim and preferred peaceful coexist amongst employees.

This financial institution also has sufficient personnel who are in the frontline of assessing the preferences and inclination regarding particular services as recorded by clients. This approach enables the personnel to embed work ethics as well as legislative matters amidst their daily endeavors. Jim typically oversees the administrative functions of Highland Capital and regularly engages the employees in consultative meetings meant to boost the earnings of the company. According to typical planning procedures, stakeholder participation is important in the operation of modern economic activities.

K2M Group Holdings on the other hand is a subsidiary of one of the stakes held by Highland Capital Investments. They act as a regulatory institution focused in monitoring the financial outcomes of business premises while offering recommendable measures. This firm actually specializes in medical devices that serve diverse roles in the medicine sector today. They also oversee the developing, designing and commercializing of these products on worldwide basis. For example, most surgeons in the country utilize surgical appliances developed by this firm in their operation. Jim actually bought some shares of this medicinal firm as an approach to increase earnings for his company. According to stock exchange bureaus, shares increase based on profits made by financial institutions.

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Eric Pulier, Technology Entrepeneur and Philanthropist

The growth of technology in business has been rapid over the last 25 years. This growth is due to the efforts of a handful of entrepreneurs who have founded the companies and developed the software that have made our digital world a reality. One such entrepreneur is Eric Pulier, who began programming when he was in the fourth grade. By high school, he was creating his first enterprise, a database computer company.

He left New Jersey for Harvard in 1984 where he majored in English & American Literature while also taking classes in Computer Science at neighboring MIT. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988. In addition to his founding of technology companies and his philanthropy, he is an author and a sought-after speaker for both technology and philanthropic conferences.

After graduation, he moved from the East to the West Coast. The first of his post-graduate companies founded was People Doing Things (PDT), a technology company dealing with health care and education. His next founded Digital Evolution in 1994, an interactive agency, which merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. In 2001, he founded SOA Software, which became Akana, where he was the CEO.

Other technology companies founded in his high-impact career include Media Platform, Inc. Desktone, Inc in 2007 and ServiceMesh in 2008, later acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation in 2013. He became the founder and Executive Director of Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council in 2010. His latest venture is becoming CEO of Stemulis, in May of 2015.

While pursuing his technology endeavors founding 15 companies, he began a life of giving to those with desperate needs that technology can serve. One of those endeavors was to build Starbright World, which links 75 hospitals allowing chronically ill children to use social media using dedicated video conferencing. He worked with Chairman Stephen Speilberg, to create this network allowing the kids to connect with other children in a real-time game-like mode. Another of his projects, Starlight Diabetes, allows the child to experience a trip through their body to see what is happening with sugar and their blood and how their diet affects their health. He serves on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation, which sponsors competitions to encourage innovation and technology to battle mankind’s problems. He is also on the board for Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with life-threatening or chronic illnesses.

Eric Pulier has received many honors for his work. President Clinton’s Inaugural Committee selected him to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C, “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” In 2010, he was honored in New York City at the US Doctors for Africa benefit for his innovation in technology for healthcare in Africa.

The Power Of A Bank

Ricardo Guimarães painted a brighter future for BMG Bank when he decided to become the president and CEO of the bank during 2007. In the following World Finance interview, he addresses several trending topics regarding the development of BMG and how it currently operates.

The overall growth of Brazil, decline of inflation throughout the city, and better life conditions have contributed to the significance of the BMG. Achievements in credit expository, equity amount and proportion of cosigned credit from BMG in the total market are highly notable. Credit expository percentages are accounted from 27% of GDP in 2004, to 47% of GDP in 2010. Likewise, a transition from 20% to 60% of personal credit in cosigned credit (%6 billion to $85 billion) and an increase from $325 million to 1.4 billion in equity occurred during the 6 year period.

In addition, the following statistics of BMG include the following:

1. 80% of market share in the cosigned credit marketplace, nationwide.
2. Relatively big distribution channels throughout the bank and access to international market.
3. Home to approximately 5 million clients and 50,000 agents.

Several acquisitions and deals also contributed to the success of BMG. For instance, the acquisition of GE Money and purchase of stocks from Securadoor allowed the company to expand its territory. In other words, the company obtained better interaction between clients and prospects. This outcome led to better ways of approaching them, innovations of new ideas, and better contacts.

Guimarães illustrated the multiple facets of BMG’s marketing strategy when he emphasized the importance of sports to promote the company. While sponsoring multiple sports activities (soccer, basketball, etc.), BMG informs individuals that sports is a way of showing personal and social growth.

Social integration- of clients, employees, and partners- influences our society to work collaboratively and create a mainstream of majority and minority groups. Activities in BMG that value culture, entertainment, health, and education, plays a major role in this movement.

Guimarães, during his interview, reminds everyone that BMG is credible and primarily focused on providing the cheapest alternative to personal credit throughout Brazil as well as many places in the world. With this in mind, he doesn’t deny the fact that the company is apart of a humanitarian effort to improve society as a whole.

Finance Tips: How Young Professionals Can Save Money

Whether it is a company or personal finances, finance management is an art and not everyone is adept at it. Brian Bonar has revolutionized the industry with his work on Trucept Inc. Why? Because he has good knowledge of finance, got formal education in the field, and followed up that education with practical experience in a number of companies and organizations. However, unless someone is looking for a career in finance they don’t need to do all this. All that is needed is some basic management at the home level.

Here are some tips young professionals can use to save money –

Start Thinking About The Future – Saving money is a habit but in order to get motivated and include that habit in the daily budget, it is important to understand the future goals. Some professionals want to start their own company in the future. Others want to do their job and continue in the company but wish to save enough to get a car or a house. This is why it is important to pen every future plan down and divide it into two parts – short term and long term. The short term plan could be a vehicle or a vacation. The long term plan could be about a house or an entrepreneurial venture.

Create a Budget – When a young professional creates a household budget, they should make an attempt to save as much as possible. Young professionals can even strive to save over the 20% saving mark that most people use. This is because they are making money right now and savings would come easily. Creating a budget is a simple process but trying to stick to it is hard. For this, Brian Bonar offers a simple tip – stick your budget on the fridge or any area that is visible at all times. It would serve as a reminder.

Talk To a Finance Professional – Finance professionals can offer great tips to young professionals about how to save money, which securities to invest in, the risk attached with different investment options, and so on. Because these finance professionals are experts at investing, they would have a good idea about what works and what doesn’t work. The first consultation is usually complementary and young professionals should list down their assets, liabilities and future plans for the finance professional so that the best decision can be made.

The only thing left to do after all this is to invest the money. A lot of young professionals also hire the services of finance managers to take care of their funds. These managers can offer a peace of mind to young professionals and take away the headache of investing and decisions.

Defining the Person George Soros

How do you define a man who is one of the richest people in the present day world? You could say they were just lucky or you could look at their life and the efforts they put toward achieving their fortunes. George Soros is one of these people who you could say was just lucky or you could say he worked hard to achieve his dreams.

George Soros was born in the year 1930 in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. He grew up surrounded by the ravages, death and fear of World War II and the Nazi occupation. He managed to live through the war and moved to England in 1947. His education background is at the London School of Economics where he graduated. George Soros went on to move to the United States of America where he achieved his fortunes. He founded an international investment fund and continued on to manage it. His current job titles are: Chairman of Soros Fund Management, Chairman of the Open Society Foundations and Founder and Advisor of the Quantum Fund.

While George Soros had the option to only focus on making money, he had given back numerous times on He started being a philanthropist in the year 1979 by giving money to black students in South Africa to attend the Cape Town University. His philanthropist work is through the Open Society Foundations ( About $835 million was spent in 2011 for philanthropy efforts in one hundred countries around the globe.

The liberal businessman has also contributed to the Democratic fight against unfair voting laws enforced by controlling Republican state governments. The laws are stricter voter identification laws that have resulted in young people, minorities and the poor to not turn up to vote. The goal of the contribution is to see the laws be removed so anyone can vote without being intimidated by the strict voter identification laws.

George Soros is also a writer who has also written a number of books. One of his more recent books that was published in 2014 is: “The Tragedy of the European Union”. He’s also had numerous articles published that concern society, political and economic issues.

Madison Street Capital Executive Among List Of Honorees.

Innovation is a core ingredient in business today. As such, innovators are rewarded and receive recognition. Anthony Marsala represents one of the young innovators in the investment banking industry.
His contribution to the industry comes in the form of his pioneering influence in emerging economies of previously overlooked continents like Africa and Asia. Anthony Marsala’s innovations also include the establishment of Madison Street Capital where he oversees market penetration and expansion.
He possesses lots of experience performing business analysis and evaluation, corporate litigation and financing as wells as mergers, acquisitions and transfer of ownership. His experience spans across several industrial sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.
This year, Anthony Marsala’s contribution has been recognized under the 40 under forty awards. This news was revealed through the Chicago Tribune . According to the organizers, there’s need to pay respect to upcoming industry leaders with monumental achievements in the industry. It’s also important to mentor the future leaders in the accounting, financial, consulting and advisory services within the banking sector.
Marsala and his fellow award winners set to benefit from massive publicity when they feature on high-profile magazines and publications. For Anthony Marsala, though, the award means much to his team of experts. It further compounds his influence in the business circles. Despite his relatively young age, he has pioneered the change in perspective of investment bankers. With the financial sector in developed economies crippling, emerging economies enjoy growth and the services of investment banks become necessary inputs.

Madison Street Capital continues to take advantage by offering top quality services. The firm invests heavily in technology, staff training, and customer service. Under Mr. Marsala’s leadership, it also invests much into the growing investment banking field and local communities. The firm relies on its client-centered service to create a platform for more business.
Unlike with other players in the industry, Anthony Marsala’s firm takes the time to educate, interact and exchange ideas with customers. Such interactions facilitate understanding between the parties involved. Collaborative effort aids the solution forming process. Madison Street Capital guides their clientele throughout the stages of business transactions.
It means a lot to Anthony Marsala and his Madison Street capital empire to be recognized. The future of the firm could not be brighter. It is expected the firm will enjoy an influx of business. The influence Mr. Marsala enjoys could also see him take stewardship of the entire industry.