Premium Dog Food Breaks Through

Is the whole idea of quality pet food going to the dogs? In a sense, yes it is, as recent developments in this highly competitive business are stimulating huge growth in the area of yes, quality food for pets, especially dogs.

Premium dog food is becoming a huge growth industry as sales are expected to reach $27.3 billion this year. A recent article in the outlines the amazing increase in sales in this business, as pet owners ante up to buy their dogs the very best in dog chow.

Major players like Beneful and upstarts like Purina, Fresh Pet and Blue Buffalo Co. are all investing heavily in the idea that dog owners will do just about anything for their canine companions when it comes to giving them quality.

Beneful has long been known as a company that cares about giving dogs healthy, quality ingredients in its kibble and canned food offerings. Beneful uses fresh salmon and chicken as major ingredients in its food, and its consumer base is wagging its tail in appreciation. According to leaders in the premium dog food industry, it’s all about delivering good taste and quality.

Healthy and Natural Wins Out

Much of the healthy dog food movement seems inspired by the “healthy and natural” movement in human food choices. Many pet owners seem to feel that their dogs deserve to eat well, just as they do, and paying extra for good food seems worth it in the long run.

As other major players in the pet food industry, like Colgate-Palmolive (which now has a weight loss dog food) and Nestle’s Purina (which now has a website that allows customized pet food choices) step up their commitment to premium offerings, this industry looks to be seeing sales increasing ever more. All of which means we’ll be seeing more tails wagging happily in the days to come.



Brazil’s Growing Economy Is Leading To Growth In Real Estate

For decades, no one considered Brazil as a potential economic superpower. However, the tide has turned. Large multinational companies have begun to see Brazil as a new manufacturing hub. In fact, Brazil produces a large amount of goods that are sold elsewhere in the world. There are a lot of Brazilian goods that are sold in wealthy countries around the world.

Of course, construction companies need to come in to set up the factories. They need to build Brazil’s many new office buildings, storage centers for raw materials, and other necessary structures for Brazil’s new and growing industries. Working on the projects tends to yield significant profits for construction companies, due to the large size of the buildings being constructed.

All this industry gives a lot of people high paying jobs. When a person finds themselves with a higher paying job, it typically is among the top priorities to find better housing. People who are looking for better housing often need construction companies to have their new and improved homes built. This puts money into the hands of construction companies.

Construcap is a construction company in Brazil that is responsible for setting up the infrastructure of Brazil’s industries. They also do work on residential projects. These projects provide Brazilian citizens with the new and improved residences they are looking for. From all of these projects, Construcap is able to make a very large profit. Construcap can be expected to make even larger profits in coming years, because Brazil has been forecasted to keep growing economically.

Construcap is no stranger to the Brazilian construction industry. Actually, they are among the most well established construction companies in Brazil. Construcap also boasts an extremely large number of employees. In fact, the number of employees is in excess of 10,000. They also are an extremely longstanding company, and they show no signs of slowing down. Construcap has been in business for more than 70 years, as they date back to 1944.

With their decades of experience in the construction industry, Construcap has built some very successful projects. In fact, Construcap has even worked on major forms of state contracted infrastructure, such as highways. Construcap is viewed as a very skilled and reputable construction firm. They are truly among the best in Brazil’s construction industry. Furthermore, they do work at a variety of levels. It isn’t just major projects that they work on. Instead, Constru does work ranging from plumbing to constructing major highways to building your new house.

George Soros Putin

I was reading the article recap including Forbes billionaire George Soros. The United States and the European Union do not believe that President Putin is trying to help as he claims. Putin has cut off supply lines and leaves the United States with little to do about the war. It is very evident that Putin is trying to ruin and tear down the European Union. He hopes that Syrian refugees will continue to flood the EU. I believe this is inhumane and should be stopped. With over 20,000 Syrian refugees outside of Jordan, It appears less than hopeful that everyone will survive.
According to CBS News, the Syrian refugees are trapped between the Turkish military and the Russian airstrikes that are pounding Syria. I think the civilians are paying the price. They are getting caught in the crossfire and being hit by bombs and gunfire. Across the border into Turkey, I learn that the shelling and airstrikes are hitting children. Children are unable to get out of the crossfire. They are losing limbs as well as their lives. I have to say, “ Please let the refugee children out”. The United Nations fears that more than 300,000 refugees will be cut off. Over 40,000 already are starving to death. Not enough food and water is available to these refugees. The war is senseless.

What can the US do to stop the war? The United States is trying to broker a cease-fire. They ask for a stop of the attacks in the Syrian area. Putin has cut off supply lines and leaves US little leverage to do anything. People such as Putin could put a stop to this. I believe they are no more than terrorists themselves when they are killing innocent children. Isis is overtaking borders and putting more fear around the Syrian borders. There is hope that Russian planes will cease bombing Southern Syria and causing the refugees to go to the desert. If only Isis would cease or the United States or the European Union could put a stop to the Isis threats. The world would be heading in the right direction.

George Soros has his own opinions on the global economy and our political stance. There is an increased terrorism with a few borders hopefully opening for refugees. Soros knows how it is to be a refugee in a new area. He once was a refugee teen in England. He can see the possible improvements and possibility of improvement in the global economy in the future. Soros made his billions at an early age. He is now worth billions. George Soros article in the Project Syndicate will surely give many people things to think about. I believe that the world would be a better place if they could stop the fighting, work together, and put an end to terrorism.

How Charles Koch Feels About Trump

Charles Koch has been very successful with the company he inherited from his late father. Koch Industries is involved in scores of different business endeavors. As many know, the Koch brothers (Charles has a sibling named David) are very active in Republican Party politics. Recently, Charles Koch let it be emphatically known he does not support the insurgent candidacy of Donald Trump. How far Charles and David Koch choose to go in their opposition has yet to be revealed.

Charles Koch considers Trump bad for the GOP, the country, and the world. So, no one should be taken aback by Koch’s comments about opposing the real estate magnate/reality TV star. Trump rather bold campaign is in opposition to Koch’s beliefs and ideologies.

Both Koch brothers are closer to libertarian than conservative. This is why Charles Koch leans liberal on social issues, and he heavily promotes free market principles. Failing to gain any popular traction promoting the Libertarian Party, Koch choose to try and influence the GOP. He has become a driving financial force for fundraising and donations.

The rise of Trump tremendously alarms both Koch brothers. No real decision, however, has been made regarding the way to deal with Trump’s candidacy.

As anyone who has even marginally followed Trump’s campaign knows, Trump is not exactly shy about launching bombastic attacks against any perceived slights. One reason the Kochs have not launched any serious public attacks on Trump is they do not want to get dragged into a public spat.

Interestingly, Charles Koch and Trump have both known each other for some time. Koch was less-than-receptive towards a discussing the election with Trump when Koch was meeting with candidates over donor issues. Koch has no intention of directing any money towards the Trump campaign. It does not seem as if any major GOP or libertarian donors are supporting Trump.

The public revelations about sentiments on Trump come after shortly after Charles Koch went on a media tour to promote his new book. The book gives insight into Koch’s theories and advice on solid management principles. Koch is a lot less private these days. He does much more media appearances than in the past.

Weisfogel Helps People With Sleep Issues and Dental Issues

People with sleep apnea have lots of issue possibilities with their life. Some may have problems with diabetes and others with high blood pressure. All of the body parts require oxygen constantly. When a person is diagnosed with sleep apnea it is probably because they went to a sleep study. The sleep study is a result of symptoms the doctor has picked up on. People that are overweight may need to undergo a sleep study, as a requirement to go through with a bypass surgery. Most weight loss surgeons ask their patients to do a few challenges to see if they are serious about the surgery.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the doctors that may contribute to the diagnosis of sleep apnea. He may realize that a person is having issues sleeping when he sees how their teeth are set. A person may have a tongue that drops into the throat causing snoring. Avi Weisfogel helps people by setting up appliances like dental appliances and maybe the sleep study he thinks a person may need. He also works with the people to make to make sure if they need sleep guards or c-pap. He makes sure the people see the right specialists for their needs.

Avi Weisfogel established a business called Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He received his education from Rutgers University and then NY College of Dentistry. With a BA in Psychology and Biology, he is able to put two and two together when he needs to diagnose something. He has a history of earning several awards and working with several different agencies to provide care to the people of New York and New Jersey.

Providing other dental professionals with dental coaching is one thing that Dentist Avi Weisfogel is doing. He is also doing lectures and is the co-founder of Healthy Heart Sleep. People that have slept issues may end up having other issues such as heart disease and diabetes. With oxygen issues, diabetes, weight gain and heart problems are normal. Dental problems and sleep problems go together a lot. A good explanation for this is the tongue falling back into a person’s throat and blocking the windpipe. People that are interested in having dental exams and some dental things done may go through Operation Smile for a free or discount in dental care. Weisfogel is working to help people by volunteering his time with the non-profit agency and by helping set up the Go fund me for Operation Smile.

Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his GoFundMe Campaign.
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Keith Mann is Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurship helps make America great. Every day, ordinary Americans start businesses, leading to jobs and innovation. Keith Mann is one of the great entrepreneurs of American history. He has founded several critical businesses, including Dynamic Search Partners. He has worked consistently to grow his business, and he has known great success. No one can question Keith’s commitment to success, and recently he decided to give back to the city that has given him so much.

Keith is a high profile name in the New York community. He has opened several businesses within the beautiful city. He loves giving back to this town. Lately, he has worked with Uncommon Schools to aid the educational goals of the city. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit that is committed to running unique Charter schools throughout the Brooklyn area. The students in these schools work hard to achieve their dream, and Keith wanted to give these students one more way to achieve their goals.
Many kids need a scholarship to attend school, so Keith Mann has decided to found an official scholarship for students at high schools in the Uncommon Schools system. He just announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship will be awarded to future business leaders within the Uncommon Schools high school system. Each year, one lucky student will receive this award, granting them a $5,000 a year scholarship. This is a major scholarship for any student, but the low-income kids found at Opportunity Schools will surely appreciate this scholarship.
The people at Uncommon Schools have praised Keith Mann for his commitment to education. They are proud of the entrepreneurial spirit found within the Uncommon Schools system, and they hope that their students grow to be successful business leaders. Keith Mann is working to build their future.
Entrepreneurship is changing the future of America. Keith Mann is at the forefront of this movement, and his scholarship will help build the movement. Hopefully, Mann will change the world for years to come.

Handy Makes Affordable Home Services Quick And Easy To Arrange

If you are in need of home services such as cleaning, plumbers or handy men, you can schedule them within 60 seconds at the Handy website. While there, you can also download the Handy app to your smart phone and even make arrangements on the go. Handy is a platform that connects people with independent service professionals and also offer a 100% money back guarantee. Through Handy you can book home cleaners and other professionals at a moments notice whenever you’re in need of cleaning, painting, help moving or service contractors such as electricians, plumbers and handymen. Handy will have them arrive at your door fully equipped to do the job.

It all started in 2012 when two bright innovative young men, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, roommates at Harvard Business School, looked around their own apartment and were inspired to solve the home services problems that many busy professionals experience. They began solving problems that included finding trustworthy service people, negotiating prices and payments, and even started cleaning houses and going along with professionals on the job to learn its nuances. Although Handy started with cleaning service, the goal from the beginning was to provide a variety of home services. The now CEO Oisin Hanrahan, and COO, Umang Dua, both has experienced successes in prior businesses, and finding the balance to keep both customers and service professionals happy was the key to the growth of Handy. Their platform allows customers to search to see the available openings for service professionals and the service professionals can see what jobs are available in different locations as well as how much money they will make. Service professionals must go through national and county background checks as part of the screening process and only about 3% of applicants are accepted, which makes it harder to get in to than Harvard, according to Hanrahan. Yet supplying trained, skilled professionals is equally or more important than getting customers. In fact, 80% of Handy’s customers are repeat business and 80% of new customers are recommended word of mouth.

In October 2014, after 2 years, Handy started booking $1 million per week, perhaps due in part to acquiring San Francisco based Exec and expanding to the West Coast. It now operates in 28 cities and plan to further expand to double that number in the next 12 months Hanrahan said in November 2015. They have also expanded to selling and scheduling furniture assembly. There is the question of if Handy will be able to obtain market share with such low prices. The founders admit that they are still working out kinks as there service grows but it seems to be a huge success from all accounts. To find out more, to schedule services or to apply to provide services as a professional, visit

Changing Holdings At The Highland Capital Management Fund

Octa Finance recently released an article that analyzed the 13F filing of Highland Capital Management in the third quarter of 2015. The biggest stocks that the fund sold out completely include McKesson Corp, Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs and Disney Walt Co. The biggest positions that the fund gained included Amazon Com Inc, Jarden Corp and Anacor Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The fund changed some of its positioning in the various sectors. It changed from having 40 percent of its investment in health care to only have 20 percent. It also significantly decreased its position in finance, from 56 percent to 18 percent. The biggest growth was seen in the information technology sector as the fund upped its investment from 16 percent to 18 percent.

The firm reduced its position in several stocks, including Ishares Tr, American Airls Group Inc and American Express Co. However, even though it reduced its position, Ishares Tr and American Airls Group Inc ended up still being 2 of the firms top 3 holdings, along with Salesforce Com Inc. The fund also purchase some new stocks, 69 in total. These included stocks such as Amazon Com Inc, Intra Cellular Therapies Inc and Eagle Pharmaceuticals.

The fund’s 13F revealed that the value of the portfolio is 3.42 billion dollars. This number is down from the second quarter, when it was 4.91 billion dollars. However, this only accounts for the equity exposure of the firm and is just 22.73 percent of the firm’s total assets.

The President of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. Jim founded the fund in 1993 after he finished a successful run as the Chief Investment Office of a Protective Life GIC subsidiary. Currently Jim is using his experience to help the fund stay on the forefront of hedge funds. They do this by specializing in areas like developing solutions that are credit oriented for their world wide client base of retail and institutional investors. Highland Capital also creates a unique niche for itself by developing the market for Collateralized Loan Obligation.

Dondero has also worked as a corporate bond analyst, a portfolio manager and an analyst for American Express and Morgan Guaranty training program. With over 30 years of experience in the financial world, Dondero is leading his fund toward success.

For those who are interested in reading the full article, please go here:

Brian Torchin Strives to Make Patient Experiences Better

Going to the chiropractor is something that most people think of as no big deal. However, others do not feel that way at all. The truth is, some people have serious reservations about going to any chiropractor’s office. In most cases, it is because they have already had an unpleasant experience in at least one office before and they don’t want to have another one. This is where men like Brian Torchin come in. He spent years owning and operating his own family oriented chiropractor’s office. Eventually, he started to realize the importance of helping other offices follow the same business model as his own when it comes to things like patient satisfaction. He also decided that it was time to take charge and put offices of his own in several locations.

Today, he is the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. As such, he deals with placing chiropractic offices all across the United States, as well as Asia and Europe. His goal is to ensure that patients have a pleasant experience wherever they might be and that they get the help they need without feeling intimidated or experiencing so much pain that they choose to write off going to the chiropractor for the rest of their lives.

To that end, he works hard to help all offices realize what it takes for patients to have a good experience. On Twitter Brian emphasizes the importance of allowing patients to be seen properly, be treated with respect and to give patients an opportunity to tell their story without intimidating them or minimizing their feelings. From a practical aspect, he strives to help patients feel better because of their visit as opposed to feeling additional levels of pain that only serve to make them have doubts about ever returning. indicates that he also works with staffing issues. One of the main reasons that offices get behind and then rush people through is because they don’t have enough staff to do the job properly. This can have an adverse impact on the practice and on every patient that they see. As such, he works to provide professional staff members for offices that are in need of his services.

Because of all of these reasons, Brian Torchin has become a force to be reckoned with in the chiropractic world. He understands the importance of patient satisfaction because he has been running an office of his own for years. Because of that fact, his ideas typically work better than someone who simply sits in an office and makes decisions about something they have never actually done.

Thor Halvorssen And Why He Founded HRF

What is the Human Rights Foundation? As its name suggests, the Human Rights Foundation, or HRF, is a foundation that stands for human rights and tries to preserve human rights as best as it can. There are many human rights violators and violations on the face of this planet, which is why the Human Rights Foundation was started.

The Human Rights Foundation adheres to the principles put forth by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which was created in 1976. It believes that every human being has the right to worship the way he or she chooses and has the right to practice his or her lifestyle as he or she sees fit without any restrictions placed on him or her by other people. The Human Rights Foundation does everything it can to ensure that people do indeed have the ability to live freely.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. Born to a Norwegian and Venezuelan background, he founded the Human Rights Foundation after his mother was shot in Venezuela in 2004. He is described by the New York Times as the champion of the underdog. Indeed, even as a young man in 1989 in London, he championed and protested against the apartheid that was then practiced by the government of South Africa.

Thor Halvorssen is by no means a stranger to oppressed peoples and oppressive governments. He has had his fair share of losses caused by dictatorships. His own father was savagely beaten and tortured in 1993 while being locked up in a Venezuelan jail for political reasons. His father was a high-ranking diplomat who had ambassador status. His cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, also a Venezuelan politician, was similarly arrested by the Venezuelan government. His mother was shot by Venezuelan police, as mentioned above, and this shootout was broadcast live over television.

All these occurrences caused Thor to becomes a champion for human rights.