A Brief look at Charles Koch and his Famous Brothers

Charles Koch is a famous member of the Koch family which operates the second largest business within the United States. The Koch brothers consists of four siblings but only 2 of them operate Koch industries. Charles and David Koch operate the family’s business. The other two brothers, Fred and William, sold their share of the family’s company to their brothers decades ago.

Charles Koch’s life is firmly connected to his brothers. His father was Fred C. Koch. The elder Koch was a businessman and made the family’s fortune from processing gasoline. Their grandfather, Harry Koch, immigrated from Holland and settled into the United States late in the 19th century. The Koch’s grandfather had created a newspaper known as the Quanah Tribune-Chief and he also was a founding shareholder for Quanah, Acme and Pacific Railway. The Koch’s roots in business and financial fortune was established by Harry Koch.

Charles is the second eldest brother within his clan. He was born in 1935 within the city of Wichita, Kansas. Koch’s early childhood was not one of privilege, luxury or leisure. This young man was forced to work and live like a common person. Apparently, his father wanted to teach him the value of hard work, money and self-reliance.

Koch’s early childhood lessons paid off in life and he ended up receiving three degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All of degrees were in the field of engineering. Eventually. Koch went on to run his father’s refining company and from this business he had generated a net worth of $41.3 billion dollars in 2014. Currently, Charles is worth about $100 billion dollars when his enterprises and money is combined with his brother David.

The Koch Brothers immense wealth allows them to actively participate in politics from the lobbying end. They have been known to support Republican candidates who push for low taxes and moderately liberal regulations for businesses. The Koch Brothers also have PACs and super PACs that they use for political purposes as well. These two brothers have been quietly helping to shape the course of conservative politics for many years.

Charles Koch is investing in companies through their personal company known as 1888 Management LLC. This personal financial organization manages some of the brother’s wealth. Charles and David uses this company to buy parts of profitable businesses. These organizations help to generate more income for the Koch clan. The Koch brothers are well into their senior years but they are showing no signs of slowing down. They still are very influential and powerful men who are helping to shape American business and politics.

The Famous Recap of BMG President

Recently, an article featured on the website, Exame.com explored the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which delved further into the future of technology while highlighting the wise insight offered by Banco BMG vice president, Marcio Alaor.

Overall, it appears the event was a showcase for the ever evolving world of tech, now operating at a pace beyond many’s comprehension. At the CES, the Ehang 184 drone certainly raised some eyebrows, with it’s space for a passenger, all together indicating that a future with flying cars may already be here. Other electric vehicles were on display. Volkswagen and Chevrolet both offered looks and brand new environmentally sound hybrids. Ford assured everyone of their plan to have thirteen hybrid vehicles for sale come 2020.

Volkswagen offered a look at their ‘Kombi’ update, recreated as an electric prototype. Such stunning examples of groundbreaking car related tech presents a glimpse into a future that is sans gas stations entirely. It appears that at the event, Marcio Alaor was more then present. It is assuring to see such a strong figure on the front lines of tech development. Alaor seems to consistently have his ear to the pulse.
It is rather remarkable just how relevant Marcio Alaor BMG has remained. He has served the people of Brazil for over eighty five years. Ultimately, this people are whom Marcio Alaor credits for his success.

He seems them as peers. It has always been important for the executive to remain humble and a man of the people. Marcio Alaor understands the struggle of the working of man, and of what it’s like to experience impoverished conditions. As a child, he shined shoes for a living.

In other words, he is a man who has his finger on the pulse, in part, because over the past several years he has never forgotten where he came from and remained close to home, and to the heart of his nation.

One of Marcio Alaor’s most distinctive passions in expressed in the spread of information, thus his tech savvy. He hopes to use all of his skills, and everything he has learned in finance to better educate people around the globe, and how economics affect everyone on a day to day basis.

He is a champion of people and also of Brazilian culture. According to Below The Crowd newsman, Alaor is a true example of how an influential man should use his power.

Brad Reifler Announces An Easter Seals Partnership

Forefront Capital Advisors and Easter Seals Dixon Center, last month, announced a partnership to inspire and empower veterans and the military community. Forefront Capital CEO, Brad Reifler said to MSN “we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Easter Seals in pursuit of bringing meaningful solutions like education, and financial stability to military families.” This partnership also includes a $3 million dollar donation to fund veteran programs.

Easter Seals is a 100 year-old non-profit and charitable organization, founded in Ohio by Edgar Allen. Public support helps the organization expand programs for people with disabilities and other special needs. “Forefront Capital recognizes the power of life-changing opportunities like employment, education, and healthcare. My company is proud to honor this mission with Easter Seals, and we deeply believe this will create an on-going positive impact,” said Brad Reifler on Twitter. This joint initiative will also focus on military and veteran caregiver training and create frameworks for managing care at home.

For over three decades, Brad Reifler has been helping clients pursue and achieve long term financial goals. Since 1982, Reifler has been recognized for his financial investment expertise. This distinction is based on his career as a brilliant trader at Reifler Trading Company, which was bought out by Refco, and his stellar achievements at Pali Capital, which he founded in the late 1990’s. Serving close to 13 years as CEO at Pali Capital, Reifler secured profits for more than $200 million, and successfully expanded the company’s global reach to the UK and Australia.

Creating a Smart Investor Playbook

Working closely with clients, Brad helps develop customized strategies that consolidate asset appropriation, retirement planning, and overall financial management. His all-inclusive, client-focused approach to financial planning is an inherent safeguard to make sure that his recommended programs encompass the financial goals, time frames and risk tolerance for each one of his clients.

Today, Brad Reifler is CEO of Forefront Capital where he seeks a new outlet for middle-class investors. “I always wondered why everyone could not take full advantage of the countless financial investment opportunities,” says Reifler. He facilitated Forefront Income Trust to address the non-accredited investor, and the fund has hit the firm’s core audience – the other 99% that has otherwise been left out of an aggressive well-to-do market for the millionaire investors. Currently, Brad Reifler is paving a road map to riches with his Forefront Income Trust, and it’s become one of the best strategies from the investor playbook.  Check out what advice Brad has given through Reuters, that has helped countless investors.

The Amazing Tale of Handy

Handy reflects such a simple concept, things appear as if the business was envisioned overnight. An interview with co-founder Oisin Hanrahan reveals many years passed before Handy launched. Even more years after the launch were required for the venture to be a success. And what a thrilling success Handy turned out to be. The home services company is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Each week, well over $1 million in bookings is generated by the company’s app.

Handy provides a basic service to those in need. Anyone who wishes to hire a freelance house cleaner or repair person can do so with a few clicks. A freelancer in need of work simply has to affiliate with Handy to receive bookings. In the simplest of terms, things really are all that simple.

Hanrahan came up with the idea for Handy while working in real estate in Hungary. Over the years, he expanded on the idea of a home services booking agency by adding an in-demand procurement angle. With the help of friends from Harvard Business School, the Handy app launched in a modest manner. The success has been anything but modest. Handy is now a massive multi-national company.

One reason for the success is the complexity involved with becoming an affiliated freelancers. Customers just have to download the app, and book services. Things are a bit more involved for the freelancers. A rigorous screening process is necessary to be approved, and this is a good thing. By making sure only the best freelancers are affiliated, Handy boosts the chances customers are thrilled with services. Quality work means good reviews and repeat customer. Freelancers benefit since they are able to command higher prices.

Overall, a lot of brilliance went into the development of Handy. Such brilliance is the reason why the company is so successful.

Re/Max Effort to Penetrate the New York Real Estate Market

The New York City real estate industry hosts of a numerous number of brokerage firms with top-notch representatives. In New York, specifically, Manhattan has been characterized by a heavy presence of competition, which has made it difficult for companies like Re/Max to access the market.

In the recent past, Re/Max, a global real estate firm, proclaimed the acquisition of its former Master Franchise in New York in a bid to penetrate the market. It has also made other endeavors in terms of procuring back sixteen offices within the New York region from franchise proprietors. According to Linger, his company intends to expand its operations across the boroughs of New York.

True to the commitment of Re/Max, it has charged Terri Bohannon with the role of leading a new branding and marketing team to boost market penetration in New York. In addition, Re/Max has already made an effort to capture various markets in surrounding states of New York such as Pennsylvania, where it enjoys a 20 percent share of the market.

Although Re/Max has offices in Manhattan, it has not been able to maintain a strong market presence as expected. However, Linger Believes with the new management team and drive for success; the company will achieve its goals.

Anthony Franzese, the founder of Weichert Realtors in Brooklyn, said that companies that possess better marketing presence are capable of penetrating the real estate market in Manhattan than conventional companies. He also echoed that getting into such a market a firm requires vast knowledge about the market. The information was originally reported on Real Estate Weekly http://rew-online.com/2016/03/04/all-eyes-on-suburban-workhorse-as-it-makes-fresh-push-into-new-york/

Details Relating to Town Residential

Town Residential is a Manhattan-based brokerage firm in the residential real estate business. Town Residential has grown since its formation by Andrew Heiberger in 2010 to a top luxury real estate firm in New York. Its customer service is top-notch with a high level of experience and training that is unmatched.

Its successful operations and services have enabled own Residential to achieve great success in terms of top ranking awards in the real estate industry such as the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York. Town Residential focuses on leasing of property developments, luxury residential sales, and marketing.

Highland Capital Management Founder Looking Forward To Buying Argentina Off The Debt

Highland Capital Management LP has already announced its interest in the securities of Argentina once the country resumes in the market. Argentina has been banned since 2001 to participate in the European market after defaulting in payments to many of its creditors. The ban has been hindering the company to pay all its wealthy creditors like Paul Singer their due. But once the ban is lifted up by the court the country president says that they are selling their bonds from the government worth $12 billion to raise money and clear their debts. James Dondero, the founder of Highland Capital Management, has already committed the hedge fund to buying the Argentina’s security bonds.

This will be an addition to the $4 billion notes that the hedge fund already has from Argentina that is due in 2033. Despite it being risky Jim Dondero has admitted that the notes raised a great amount in 2015 that enabled the company to make partly up for the loss experienced by the decreased valuation of its holdings in the energy sectors. In addition, Jim has a positive view that once Argentina pays off its creditors, they are likely to go back and buy the bonds because the country will certainly regain back its influence in the stock market. This includes trading with Latin and other sovereign countries of America. Argentina also has a new president who will clear the mess one by its former president in collaboration with the finance minister.

Probably James Dondero is right on this account especially if he has already received positive returns from the Argentina notes his hedge fund has. As a financial credit analyst who has been in the field for more than 30 years, Jim knows the way to solve credit problems something he is showing with the Argentina precedent debt problem. Jim studied Bachelor of Science commerce and double majored in accounting and finance at Virginia University. He received honors the top most (beta, gamma, alpha, and Sigma) he is also certified by any financial bodies like CPA, CMA, and CFA.

In the 1980s, he raised the GIC subsidiary life protective insurance to making profits of $2 billion. While working in American Express Jim managed $1 billion for the firm; his investment strategies as a financial credit analyst are described as tough and strenuous. In return, he makes huge profits that have amounted to Highland Capital Management running $19 billion as a credit fund and its top 10 holdings performing exemplary well compared to other hedge funds.

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Three Reasons Why Madison Capital You Will Earn The Most Profits

Considering the performance of the US economy as disclosed by The World Bank late 2015, nothing should be left to chance when it comes to investments. The World Bank notes that the US had achieved an economic growth of 3.1% and projected that the economy could do better. Given these conditions, any investments done must be made prudently in order to achieve the highest returns. This condition applies necessarily to the investment of hedge funds across Illinois.

Hedge fund investments are investment vehicles, mostly conducted in limited liability partnerships which employ different hedge fund strategies in order to take advantage of available opportunities in the market with a view to earning the highest interests. Hedge funds invest in multiple securities and are, as such, capitally demanding. Owing to the fact that a lot of money is invested in hedge funds and that they are quite illiquid, there is need to have the most competent hedge fund managers or entities to do the investments for you. Madison Street Capital is the best hedge fund manager you can opt for.

There are several reasons why you should consider Madison Street Capital as your hedge fund managers:


Investments require expertise in not only identifying the best investment opportunities but also identifying the risks that one exposes themselves to and analyzing risks and returns. Madison Street Capital has competent officers who are not only learned but have been in practice for quite some time. Further, these officers have very influential and extensive professional relationships that assist to ensure that the research is extensively conducted so as to make investments in the most profitable ventures. Given its extensive wealth in labor, Madison Street Capital is one of the internationally recognized hedge fund investment firms. Therefore, placing your money under their management will get you definitely the highest returns possible.

Hedge fund investment strategy

In order to earn the most profits in hedge fund investments, strategy is very important. The best combination of securities has to be identified before investments are made. Madison Street Capital is known for their discreet investment strategies that have never failed even when other firms were recording mediocre returns. This firm has developed a history of excellence in the investment industry for the last half a decade.

Hedge fund trends

According to Madison Capital investment analysts have come up with the conclusion that more investments will be done this year. In their report published last year, 27% more hedge fund transactions were conducted in 2015 compared to 2014 globally. Those deals conducted in 2015 were a record 42 deals. In their report, Madison Street Capital identified key drivers that make the hedge fund industry stronger in 2016.

Do not waste your money while Madison Street can invest it for you. This article can be accessed on www.PR.com.

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Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah is a Man of Many Skills

Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah is a financial broker, entrepreneur, and philathropist. Born in London, he moved to Dubai after falling in love with the country while on a business trip. Sanjay Shah originally studied medicine before he became a accountant, a job that he held for several years before he decided he did not like the 9-5 lifestyle and founded his own brokerage firm, Solo Capital.
Sanjay Shah’s skills as an accountant and the experience he earned as part of several prestigious firms including investment firm Merril Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and ING, and the Dutch bank Rabobank. The skills and experience he gained while working with these firms allowed him to start his own brokerage firm with much success during the financial crisis of 2009.

Fatherhood led him to becoming a celebrated philathropist. Although he had participated in several chartitble endeavors, including sponsoring children in India through Phan International, it was after his third and youngest child was diagnosed with Autism that he was inspired what has become his largest charitable endevour to date. He founded Autism Rocks, a charity that raises funds for Autism reasearch by organizing concerts by celebrated rock stars such as Prince, and Elvis Costello.

Today, Sanjay Shah considers himself semi-retired as a trader and mostly focuses on his work with his charitble foundation, Austism Rocks. He also spends much of time with his family, including his three children and his wife. He is passionate about Autism research, and is very steadfast in his belief that research into Austism is not about finding a cure but about learning how the disease works, and how we can better teach children with Autism and their parents to interact with one another. To this end Autism Rocks funds a research organization, Autism Research Center, which is also known as ARC.

Shah founded Solo Capital in order to get away from the daily grind of office work and as CEO and founder of Solo Capital he has led this small international botique financial services company to great success. Based in London and regulated by the United Kingdom, the firm was founded in 2011 and specializes in consulting, professional sports investments and proprietary trading. It also has secondary offices in Dubai, where Sanjay Shah lives. The firm, under the direction of Sanhay Shah has climbed to a net worth of 14.5 million pounds as of March 2015, and has many satisfied clients.

Dog Food Might Well Be the Tastiest Treat at a Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is, obviously, a time of thanks. It’s a moment when one looks around and appreciates everything that’s great in his or her life. And part of that process is creating wonderful meals which are sure to tantalise and treat everyone in attendance. But a recent report by the Daily Herald suggests that there’s one member of the family who might not be too impressed with what the humans have put on the table. And that’s because he’s been having a Thanksgiving feast year round.

This might sound like hyperbole at first. But it perfectly echoes the sentiment reported on during a tour of a gourmet dog food facility. Two executives along for the tour couldn’t help but take a quick taste test of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe. And when doing so the comment that it tasted just like Thanksgiving echoed in the air. But this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. The new twitter trend in healthy dog food is focusing on using only the freshest ingredients. And fresh ingredients tends to come with one huge benefit. When food is made with the best ingredients it’ll typically come with some of the best tastes.

But some companies have known that simple fact for quite some time now. For example, the high quality dog food brand Purinastore’s Beneful has been playing by this rule since 2001. They initially began working with all natural ingredients due to a focus on health. After all, fresh ingredients also mean that all of the complex vitamins and minerals in the food will be perfectly intact and available. Beneful was focusing on creating dog food that would deliver the full nutritional benefits of healthy ingredients to a dog.

But Beneful quickly realized something equally important. Fresh ingredients aren’t just great for a dog’s physical health. They’re an important note to a dog’s spirit as well. Just as people feel happier when they’re eating delicious meals, so will dogs. And Beneful quickly began devising specific blends of fresh organic ingredients in order to make meals where both flavor and nutrition would compliment each other. And this is what has kept them on the cutting edge of dog food. In an age when people are just now discovering gourmet dog food, Beneful’s been at it for over a decade.