Why Thor Halvorrsen Thinks Socialism Violates Human Rights

Representing the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen went on FOX News to talk about democratic socialism. While it seems to have taken the nation by storm, Thor finds this a little concerning. The people are simply not aware of the historic abuses of that economic policy and how it has violated basic human rights. Of course, he qualified that statement by pointing out that there do exist socialistic regimes that do not violate basic human rights. But adopting this system of government does pose a massive risk to the people and the future of the nation. He pointed out several reasons that even the most ardent democrat should oppose democratic socialism.

It Can Conceal Motives

Socialism is typically pitched as an economic policy that benefits the people as opposed to the old capitalistic policies that seemingly only benefit the rich. (Of course, this overlooks the fact that nations that allow free trade and an open market will typically see a lot of benefits, such as an increase in scarce and necessary products.) Halvorrsen argued that politicians can use this pitch to mask their true motive, which is to loot the economy for all it is worth. After all, taking money away from the rich and distributing it will put a lot of trust into the government. Who is to say that they would not betray that trust?

Even If It Is Not A Mask, It Is Too Easy To Seize Power

There is a reason that the United States has three branches of government that are run by elected officials. It serves as a bulwark against internal corruption. The people cast their ballot for who they want. If the wrong person gets into office, their power is mitigated by the other branches of government. A socialistic regime would not have those same safeguards. It would be far easier to corrupt a socialist government than it would be to corrupt a government such as the United States.

Halvorrsen recognizes these potential threats and wants to educate people about them. The fact that he is speaking for the Human Rights Foundation against socialism should cause a bit of reflection.

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The Enigmatic Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen was first noticed by news watchers as a person holding negative views against the socialist regime in Venezuela, his native country. He had criticized the Chavez and Maduro regimes and was placing blame for the Venezuelan economic condition solely on their socialist leadership and not on the devalued price of crude oil which the country uses as a basis for their economy. Adding another voice against an unpopular socialist government of a country with a deteriorating economy is an easy task.

Halvorssen is a man of the world not just Venezuela, his roots go back to Scandinavia as well as being entrenched within the former power structure of Venezuela, who were the natural opponents of the socialist governments of Chavez and Maduro. His parents had tremendous wealth and power in Venezuela and left Thor in a financially sound position in his young life. He, like many offspring who do not need to work to make a living, started a foundation. His foundation, The Human Rights Foundation, works to showcase oppressive regimes that allow little freedom of expression. His first targets were Venezuela and Cuba and thus angered many on the left side of the political spectrum. Republicans, always looking for personalities and foundations expressing right leaning advocacies, considered him an ally, and used him on a Fox News segment to take a shot at the Socialist candidacy of Bernie Sanders. The interview backfired horribly because Thor defended socialism when used in an open political society and even said that he gave the Sanders campaign a large financial contribution. This interview further added to the enigma that is Thor Halvorssen. His dedication to the principles of the classic liberal, John Stuart Mill, is not fully exposing this mysterious man to our eyes. Many are left regarding him as a handsome, well-spoken figure in the human rights arena, but he still remains a mystery.

We need to hear and read more about this man and a book, a manifesto, is in order to explain who is the true Thor Halvorssen.

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Thor Halvorssen and his Passion for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a famous human rights activist who is based in New York City. Thor was born and raised in Venezuela. Thor is an advocate of civil rights, public interests, human rights and democracy. The human activist started fighting for the rights of people when he was thirteen years old.

Thor is the founder and president of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a unique program that allows human rights activists from different parts of the world to come together every year. The program was established so that the activists can meet and discuss the various issues affecting them. The foundation is very similar to the Davos Gathering, but its greatest agenda is human rights.

Apart from being the founder of the successful organization, Thor is the president of the famous Human Rights Foundation that is headquartered in New York City. The powerful organization was founded several years ago to fight for the rights of people in different parts of the world. Under his leadership, the organization has helped many people get their freedom. The human rights activist is also the founder of the Moving Picture Institute.

Thor was born in 1976 by a father who was an ambassador of the anti-narcotic campaign in Venezuela. However, when the human activist was growing up, his parents had to endure several challenges. When Thor was still in the university, he was informed that his father had been taken to jail because of money laundering and fraud. He had to stay in prison for three months being tortured and beaten. Several years later, Thor’s father was also charged with terrorism. However, Amnesty International intervened, and he was released from prison after being innocent.

The fight for the rights of humans is believed to be deeply rooted in the Thor Family. Thor’s mother is believed to have been killed when attending a peaceful demonstration in her country. Most of the other protestors sustained several injuries, but Thor’s mother was not lucky. The acts of the police during the peaceful demonstration were recorded on camera and shown in most of the television stations. Although the people responsible were taken to court, they were only given three years in jail.

For Social network:facebook.com/thorhalvorssen/

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Dick DeVos highly recommended Dolci due to his track record of helping companies grow, and his alignment with The Stow Company’s business philosophy. The Windquest Group also owns Deliv, RPM Ventures, Boxed Water and OXX Products. Read more: Amway heir Dick and Betsy DeVos move into sprawling 22,000-square-foot mansion

Dick DeVos’s family is a business-oriented family with his father, Richard DeVos the patriarch and co-founder of Amway Corporation, and Dick’s brothers Daniel and Douglas also running their own companies. They all started off working under their father at Amway Corporation, and Dick started out as a lower level manager after getting his business degree from Northwood University.

But he became a company vice president before too long, and eventually became CEO in 1993. Dick helped open new markets and grew the company into 50 countries during his time, and in his last year alone it generated $4.5 billion in sales. Dick DeVos stepped down in 2002 and has since focused on running The Windquest Group.

Dick DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos and both of them have been longtime supporters of politically conservative causes. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, they’ve started education funding through scholarships and grants to private and charter schools.

They’ve supported private schools such as Potter’s House, and also started their own charter school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The DeVos’s have also been contributors to art exhibitions including ArtPrize, and the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. whose art institute is now named the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center.

Dick has also ran for public office several times as a Republican candidate including for the State Board of Education in 1990, and later as governor in 2006. Betsy is the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and now has been selected to be Secretary of Education in President-Elect Donald Trump’s new administration.

Dick authored a 1998 New York Times best-seller called Rediscovering American Values with a foreword from former President Gerald Ford. On his leisure time, Dick engages in local activities including the sail race from Chicago to Mackinac Island.

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Jason Hope Shows How It’s Done in Tech Entrepreneurship

Jason Hope Tech EntrepreneurJason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and technology oriented person. Jason has a passion for giving back to society especially his homeland, Arizona. He is a skilled futurist with a passion for technology and studies various trends and makes predictions of how things will be like in the future.

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