VTA Publications And Jim Hunt Has Instructions That Should Be Read And Followed Carefully

When it comes to the financial markets that one is going to be trading in, it is important to find some kind of sound strategy or system that could be used to good advantage. This can most likely be done through looking up information or learning from people that are successful on prnewswire.co.uk. However, in order for one to be effective at working with a good system, he has to make sure that he is following the directions carefully. Otherwise, Jim Hunt VTA Publications is risking a major loss in his system. For those that do read the instructions closely, they will find themselves making tons of profits over time.

One of the best places to get financial advice is from Jim Hunt VTA Publications. Jim Hunt is the owner of the site. He has published a lot of writings that go into the methods that one can use to actually profit from the investments they make. One thing that a lot of the more seasoned investors know is that it is actually very easy to lose money with the wrong system. Also, it can be very tricky to find something that is going to work well for them through every market condition. However, it is probably not wise to try every market condition on vtapublications.co.uk. One of the most important factors to profits is patience.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications himself has learned to patient and disciplined when it comes to making investments. People who are hasty about their investments tend to lose a lot of money in their attempts. This is one of the reasons that they are better off looking for advice from companies such as VTA Publications at http://www.slideshare.net/JimHunt45. For one thing, it takes a lot of time to become a millionaire. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of time to make a few thousands bucks from the market.

JeanMarie Guenot, Exceptional President and CEO of a Biotechnology Conglomerate

Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, is an innovative company that is happy to be led by its President and CEO, Dr. JeanMarie Guenot, due to her extensive experience, her passion for her life’s work, and her determination to help the developer of immune therapies for the treatment of cancer in its quest to eradicate blood cancers and restore cellular balance.


It is Amphivena’s belief that when blood forms, functions, and circulates properly, the body’s immune system will destroy tumors and their precursors. Their committed goal is to give patients suffering from hematologic malignancies such as leukemia the best available treatment options.


Dr. JeanMarie Guenot acquired her Ph.D at the University of California, San Francisco, one of the world’s leading universities in health sciences, and her MBA from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She has 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and in building and rebuilding companies.


As her Facebook page indicates, Jeanmarie’s scientific career began as the preclinical R&D principal scientist at Hoffmann-La Roche, where she helped to develop drugs for oncology, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, and inflammation. In addition, through her own company, Guenot LLC, she provides specialized consultation services for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies relative to commercial planning, project and finance management, venture capital, mergers, and acquisitions.


Before Amphivena, Dr. Guenot served in various companies in different roles included being the business consultant for Hoffmann in Shangai and Basel for one year and the vice-president of Corporate and Business Development at PDL BioPharma, which led to a successful deal between PDL and Hoffmann-La Roche and PDL.


As an acknowledgment of her efforts, she received the Deal of Distinction Award in 2006 from the Licensing Executive Society and the Innovative Bio-Partnering Award from BioBusiness Network in 2005.  Read more about her accomplishments on Jeanmarie Guenot’s LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanmarie-guenot-4a140617

A Look At The Charitable And Leadership History Of Betsy DeVos

Elizabeth Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman, proven leader, politician, activist, innovator, and philanthropist. Presently, she is the Secretary of Education in the United States and a member of the Republican Party. Betsy served as a Republican Committeewoman in Michigan. Between 1996 and 2000, she was the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. I believe that her achievements resulted in her reelection to continue advocating for the party’s agenda in Michigan. She has been a supporter of the chartered Detroit school system. In addition, Betsy has been the chairwoman of the board of Action Institute and School Choice Alliance. Betsy also heads the PAC known as All Children Matter. She is married to Dick DeVos who was the chief executive officer of Amway, a multi-level marketing company. Together, they have four grown-up children. Read more on Los Angeles Times

Betsy went to Holland Christian School. Later, she enrolled in the Calvin College in Michigan where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. From her childhood, she has been a member of the Christian Reformed Church as well as an elder and member of Mars Hill Church, which is located in Grand Rapids. I think that her Christian background has contributed immensely to her good morals, honesty, integrity and hard work. Moreover, Betsy has served as a local area delegate for the Republican Party in Michigan where she has been elected since 1986 for 16 successive two-year terms. For many years, her family has been actively involved in Republican politics by sponsoring the party’ agenda and initiatives. Since 1989, they have donated over 17 million dollars to committees and different Republican candidates. Republicans promote a governing philosophy that upholds and values traditional American ethics. Betsy and her husband founded Windquest Group in 1989, a privately owned operating company that invests in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

As a philanthropist, Betsy DeVos co-chairs a family foundation based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The entity has donated funds to different organizations in Michigan, including an Aviation Academy in West Michigan, which she founded in 2010. The family foundation also sponsors two private Christian Schools that are run by Potter’s House and offers significant support to the Education Freedom Fund, which provides needy children with scholarships to attend private schools. Moreover, Betsy’s organization has supported the Foundation for Education Excellence and the Federation for Children in America. Betsy chairs the American Federation for Children, which is an ally of the Alliance for School Choice. Donations made by the DeVos Family Foundation are not only restricted to supporting school choice, but they also focus on arts and health care. The foundation is a major supporter of a yearly art competition known as ArtPrize, which takes place in Grand Rapids. They also support the Helen DeVos Hospital for Children, a pediatric oncology center. I think that their donations have had much impact in the society. Other organizations that have benefited from the foundation include Institute for Justice, Pregnancy Resource Center Michigan, Baptists for Life as well as Individual Rights Center, and Action Institute.

Read: http://nypost.com/2017/01/30/why-we-need-an-outsider-like-betsy-devos-as-education-secretary/

Discover The Benefits Of Becoming A Part Of A Leading Financial Institution

NexBank is a very popular financial institution based in Dallas, Texas. A recent PRN Newswire article has reported their recent $24 million dollar capital raise that will be used for corporate purposes. It has created a positive response among their shareholders and will be an addition to their common equity capital. John Holt is the CEO and President of NexBank and says, the additional funds will also assist the growth strategies proposed by his executives. Their 2016, (6) month financial outlook consisted of $38.2 million and constitutes and increase of 36%.

NexBank Features

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Free online bill pay

– Institutional/personal/business accounts

– Easily switch money between accounts online

– Anywhere access to your account

and more…

NexBank serves their customers with three core services that include commercial, industrial, and investment banking. They are backed with $4.6 billion dollars in assets and their shareholders are proud of their success. Their executive management team has a strong commitment to serving their customers. Their experienced leadership professionals are creating innovative new ways to help their clients maximize their money.

They have many features that are not offered by other financial institutions including their college savings program that allows students and their parents to save on college expenses and tuition. NexBank has successfully merged with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. They offer their clients the option of choosing from 1,600+ college savings programs. They also have a homeowner program that is available through their mortgage account services. As a first time homeowner, you can get lower interest rates and an affordable monthly mortgage that will allow you to realize your dreams of home ownership. Become a NexBank customer today by visiting their exclusive online website.

Meet Andrea McWilliams; A Highly Successful Lobbyist and Political Fundraiser

When one discusses Texas political consulting and lobbying, there are few names more synonymous with the subject than Andrea McWilliams. She currently is one of the top lobbyists in Texas, working alongside her husband at McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, a firm they co-founded. Interestingly, they represent both Republican and Democrats in their fundraising and lobbying work, ensuing their clients policy spans across the aisle. She has been widely featured by national and international media including CNN, USA Today, FOX News, BBC and the Wall Street Journal.

Working with government has always been a calling for Andrea McWilliams, who was named as a Chief of Staff at the young age of just 21 years old. She is highly influential in many Texas political circles and that success led to the Austin Business Journal naming her as the top lobbyist in Texas.

One of her greatest successes came in the 81st Legislative Session, when Andrea McWilliams successfully passed $100 million incentives for clean coal. The incentives will push Texas to have the globe’s most highly advanced clean coal power plant that is capable of capturing carbon. She has also been widely acknowledges for a key role in saving a $3 billion cancer research package, that may have been dead in the water without her skill set.

Andrea is also a longtime philanthropist, known for serving on boards of many notable non-profits including the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, the Waterloo President’s Council, HeartGift, Pioneer Farms, Austin Children in Crisis, Texas Lyceum and Rise Across Texas Challenge, just to name a few. Her career success and dedication to giving back have earned her a multitude of awards and recognition. Among those, Andrea McWilliams has been named as a recipient of the Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power,” the “Austin Under 40” Award and was named the “Woman of Distinction” by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

Vincent Parascandola Is A Highly Acclaimed Finance Professional

Vincent Parascandola works with Axa Advisors, LLC. This is a company which is working primarily with High Net Worth Individuals. He is operating out of New York presently.

He is working with AXA Advisors as their Senior Executive Vice President. He is looking into a lot of responsibilities over there. These include sales and recruiting besides management development. Vincent Parascandola is responsible for retention along with enhancement of productivity. He is into developing new talents and enhancing the skills of the experienced financial professionals.

With over 25 years of relevant experience in this industry, Vincent Parascandola is the best person for this job. His career began in 1987 when he joined Prudential. He joined there as an agent. His caliber and skills became evident very early in his career. This is why he was named as the National Rookie of the Year. It was in 1990 that he decided to move on. He started working with MONY Life Insurance Company. He was holding a number of profiles here. These were at local as well as regional levels. He reached management positions here before he moved on in 2004 and joined AXA Advisors.

Mr. Parascandola joined The Advantage Group as its President. This company is a subsidiary of AXA Equitable. This firm has been created in order to attract as well as retain seasoned as well as talented financial professionals. He used to manage the New York branch of this company earlier. He had nearly 400 professionals from the field of finance working under him. This helped to build up his leadership skills and gave a new dimension to his expertise.

The leadership skills of Vincent Parascandola have led to him earning a lot of management awards. The GAMA’s Career Development as well as Master Agency Awards is few of them. He is known for his speaking skills too. He is asked to speak at a number of conferences. Vincent Parascandola has the membership of GAMA. He has a Bachelor’s degree that he earned from Pace University, New York. He had even visited the University for giving a commencement speech there.


Goettl Expands into Las Vegas

Two more HVAC companies, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air, have merged with Goettl Air this month. This merger has given Goettl 20 more employees and more opportunities in the residential HVAC market in the area. Goettl has been acquiring other companies in the Las Vegas area with the intention of expanding into Southwestern Nevada. Las Vegas Air will help with the residential HVAC client increase while Paradise Air will help with the rental home HVAC client increase.

Stephen Gamst, an owner of Las Vegas Air, was happy about the merger. He feels that Goodrich will help his employees and the market. The merger will allow them to open the services available in the market. Plumbing services will now be available as well as other properties will be serviced by them, such as multi-family homes, commercial sector, and strip malls. The Sunny Plumber and Desert Valley Mechanical are two other companies acquired by them.

Goettl Air is a company that has been in business for over 70 years and is accustomed to dealing with the harsher weather of the Nevada area. Goodrich acquired the company and started an endowment to help veterans and others in the field go to school and acquire tools to start work. The company was named the best HVAC company in Arizona. Goettl returned to Las Vegas in 2016 after leaving in 2008 under the management of Goodrich. Goodrich has been actively expanding the company in the Las Vegas Market to expand the clientele and services.


How Lori A. Senegal has penetrated the Global Advertising Market

Lori Senecal is an experienced professional who has been working in the advertising sector for a couple of years. She is presently the global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC, which is renowned marketing firm that operates across the planet. Senacal has been holding the position since March 9, 2015. She works in close collaboration with Chuck Potter, who is a co-founder and chairperson of the enterprise. Her excellent knowledge of the sector has significantly assisted in the growth of the company in various locations of the world. Lori also works hard to make sure that all departments of the firm coordinated so that its performance is efficient across the globe. She had been hired by MDC Partners where she served as CEO and president before being offered her current position at CP&B. The marketing expert also worked for Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners as its CEO.

Senacal was one of the major players in the creation of excellent strategies that are used in the operations of McCann Worldgroup, reveals salary.com. The organization offered her various to positions, which include being the chief innovation officer, and she was later appointed to serve as its global director of content integration. She helped the company in managing various undertakings, and they include strategic planning, international accounts, and creativity. McCann-Erickson Worldwide also hired her to work at its flagship division that is headquartered in New York. The firm is among the branches of McCann Worldgroup.

Lori made significant contributions to the formation a young-adult marketing enterprise, which is known as TAG Ideation. She has exceptional expertise and experience in examining data and running international accounts. Several corporations that offer their services in different parts of the globe have hired her to handle their foreign accounts. Some of these firms are Coca-Cola, Xbox, Weight Watchers, Nabisco, Spint, Nestle, InBev, and Applebees. In 2008, Senecal was appointed by the McCann Ericson to serve as the president of its division that is located in New York. She was also hired by the DDB Worldwide Communications Group, where she served as the chief marketing officer as from October 2005. Senecal once worked for TAG as the co-managing director.

The primary role of the advertising professional at CP&B is to oversee its global operations. According to Campaign Live, the company currently runs nine offices that are based in different countries. Lori works hard to ensure that all the global units operate in harmony. She has significantly assisted the firm in evolving its business and culture.



Jason Hope – Scottsdale Entrepreneur, Futurist, And Philanthropist

Jason Hope is an Internet entrepreneur. Recently, he donated half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. The SENS foundation is renowned for research centered abound treating age-related diseases. The world’s scientific community recognizes the importance of biotechnologies that address rejuvenation.

Hope’s $500,000 donation helps SENS to continue to pioneer their research. Diseases associated with aging include diabetes, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer’s to name several. The foundation’s work can help shape the healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, and investor who is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a passion for giving back to the world and working to make his community a better place for everyone. His educational background serves him well. He received an undergraduate degree in finance from ASU. He received his master’s degree from the W.P Carey School of Business. Peer into the life of any successful entrepreneur and realize they had to “skill up” to move up in the world. Such people, like Hope, are truly in step with the life of their times.

Hope understands technology and has a passion for making predictions where technology leads. He also believes the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a major role in how future societies exist. Hope offers help to high school and college students looking to get their technology ideas heard. He promises to review each submittal and decide awards on a case-by-case basis. Hope will award grants from $500 to $5000. Jason Hope also encourages interested parties to submit solid idea plans. Not everyone will receive a grant.

The Bible and the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles has been in operation since 1984. Prior to its establishment in California, the Kabbalah Centre was situated in New York City. While in New York City, what would become the Kabbalah Centre in California was called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. It was established in New York in 1965.

What would develop into the Kabbalah Centre in the United States was founded by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. The U.S. derivations of the Kabbalah Centre were outgrowths of the Yeshivah Kol Yehuda in Israel. The Yeshivah Kol Yehuda was founded in 1925.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches that some biblical passages are deemed to be codes to life. These passages are to be understood as part of universal laws. The Zohar and Kabbalah writings and study are designed to unravel. This practice has gone on for generations.

These particular biblical passages are designed to explain the interplay and interconnectedness between the greater universe and the relationship of human beings to the universe.

Through the years, the Kabbalah Centre published a series of texts addressing the different books of the Bible, together with Kabbalistic commentaries. These are widely used in the instruction provided by the Kabbalah Centre. Many of these texts were written by one of the founders of the Kabbalah Centre in the United States.

Instruction from the Kabbalah Centre occurs not only at its primary location in Los Angeles, but also in some 50 other major cities located around the world. In addition, the Kabbalah Centre has a multitude of study groups active internationally. Finally, a person is able to access Kabbalah Centre courses, including those addressing the Kabbalah and the Bible, via the Internet. The number of Kabbalah Centre branches and study groups continue to increase with each passing year.