Igor Cornelsen, Teaches Investors The Power Of Choice

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment advisor, he teaches people how to profit from the stock market. As a businessman, Cornelsen founded the firm, Bainbridge Investments, Incorporated. Throughout his career he has stressed to his clients the importance of beginning investing as soon as possible. This is a method he feels will ensure individual long term wealth. Before he developed his career in the investment industry, Igor Cornelsen was a prominent banker.


His background in the Brazilian banking supplied him with ample experience to assist others in making the best investment choices. Although he retired from the industry in 2010; Cornelsen puts his knowledge of investing and banking to great use as an expert advisor. He advises clients about which options are best based on his experience working with banks.


Cornelsen said investing in the Brazilian stock market is one way to maintain a financially diverse portfolio. As commodities come and go, knowing which options are stable can inspire confidence as an investment strategies. He teaches people to have faith that they can create long term wealth. Igor Cornelsen feels that the government should help investors feel secure about their investments.


Bainbridge Investments, focuses on helping individuals find capital partners. Cornelsen assist clients in finding perfect banking partners to secure financing. And he also advises them on other options, such as private capital markets, based on their debt-to-capital ratios. As someone who has been a part of an industry for a number of decades, Cornelsen has compiled a considerable amount of information about investment banking, stock options and goal setting for short and long term wealth.


Of course, as a South American native, his main area of expertise remains the Brazilian investment banking industry. Cornelsen steers investors away from bad stock choices. He feels that some stock are doomed to lose money and with the proper analysis, investors can learn to distinguish between a trending stock and a decreasing one. In the United States, he has worked as an investment advisor for the Burger King Corporation.


Cornelsen splits his time between living in South Florida and his home country, Brazil. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/igorcornelsen


Mark Auterson: The Proven King of Investment Management

Investment management is the professional management of various assets, such as bonds, shares, and real estate, for the purpose of meeting specific investment objectives that will benefit investors. These investors can be individuals or companies, such as pension funds, charities, and corporations. Furthermore, investment management services’ provisions include asset selection, stock selection, financial statement analysis aspects, implementation planning, and continual investment monitoring.

The top 10 investment management firms of the world, according to the 2015 total assets under management (AUM) are as follows: BlackRock of the US, The Vanguard Group of the US, UBS of Switzerland, State Street Global Advisors of the US, Fidelity Investments of the US, Allianz of Germany, J.P. Morgan Asset Management of the US, BNY Mellon Investment Management of the US, PIMCO of the US, and the Crédit Agricole Group of France. They are the most successful due to them having the largest worth of assets under management.

About Matthew Autterson

Mark Auterson, CPA/PFS, CFP, is an experienced investment management professional who has over 20 years of experience in this sector and in accounting. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Buena Vista University in accounting and a minor in finance. Mark Auterson was a practicing CPA and worked as an adjunct professor at the North Iowa Area Community College in financial management. After those positions, he was a registered representative for Royal Alliance and American Express. And then, Mark Auterson served as vice president for a $750 million registered investment advisor located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After acquiring these vast experiences, Mark Auterson found the WIN Wealth Management in which he is the principal wealth advisor. He assists clients by aligning their investment strategy with their financial goals. He advises them about estate planning and tax issues. Mark Auterson also work fervently for clients with portfolio analysis service, 401(k) plan offering, and more.


MB2 Dental Revolutionizing the World of Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the brilliant mind behind MB2 Dental, one of the most successful dental support organizations in the US. He serves as the CEO of the organization. Dr. Villanueva still works as a dentist although he is mostly involved in the leadership of the organization. The company now has over 500 employees and supports more than 70 dental practitioners in 6 states in the US. For him, it is not just about profit margins as it is with most dental practices. This is what has enabled the organization to grow and build such a solid client base. Dr. Villanueva holds a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology from the University of Florida. Learn more about Dr. Chris Villanueva on sharecare.com.

Innovative Dentistry Practice Model

Since time immemorial, dentistry has been practiced in either one of two ways. The most common is corporate dentistry where a group of practitioners come together to provide dentistry services in order to benefit from economies of scale and to avoid having to buy expensive equipment as all these can be found at the facility. The other is private practice where an individual starts their own clinic, employs their own support staff, and buys their own equipment. Many dentists prefer private practice because of the autonomy it comes with. However, it is very expensive.

Through MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva enables dentists to experience the best of both worlds. The company is owned by the dentists and through it, they are able to help each other grow their private practices. Things such as payroll, HR and legal issues are handled by experts in each of these areas, enabling the dentists to focus on their practices. The company keeps up with new practices and trends in dentistry, always providing its clients with nothing but the best. The result is a happy and satisfied clientele and even happier practitioners with very fulfilling careers. This new model of dentistry practice is proving to be much better than the conventional models in terms of efficiency, and customer and practitioner satisfaction.

Know more: http://mb2dental.com/staff-member/dr-chris-steven-villanueva/


Dr. Villanueva’s secret to success is choosing a competent team to work with and delegating tasks so that everyone devotes enough time and effort to exactly what they should be doing. This enables him to focus on the important task of strategy setting without worrying about whether his employees are doing their job right. With Dr. Villanueva’s commitment to excellence and focus on both practitioners and patients satisfaction, MB2 Dental is definitely going places. Visit epodcastnetwork.com to know more.

A Lesson In Perseverance – Anthony Petrello, CEO Of Nabors Industries, Ltd.

If there are any lessons to be learned about hard work and determination, you will find that Anthony Petrello, the CEO of drilling powerhouse Nabors Industries, Ltd., is a shining example. He is a Newark, New Jersey native that goes by the nickname Tony, who has become the President, Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer for one of the largest drilling entities in the world today.

As of 2013, Tony Petrello had been listed as being the highest paid CEO, with compensation earnings totaling $68.2 million for just the 2012 financial year alone. When you look at the road that was traveled by this savvy executive, he can certainly be looked upon as an inspiration for anyone who wants to hit on a career path that will set them above the rest.

Anthony Petrello graduated with a JD (Juris Doctor) from Harvard Law School, while also having both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in the field of mathematics through Yale University. It was not until 1991 that he joined Nabors Industries, Ltd, where before that he was working as the managing partner at Baker & Mackenzie out of their New York office dating back to 1986. His specialties while working at the law firm included international arbitration and corporate tax law.

Nabors Industries, Ltd. Career Development

Once Tony Petrello resigned from the law practice in 1991, he made a move to Houston where he joined up with Nabor Industries, Ltd. as their Chief Operating Officer. He was elected to the Board Of Directors and then acceded to be on the Executive Committee of the Board within the very same year. Later on, he moved to the position of Deputy Chairman of the company.

As of 2012, and after succeeding Eugene Isenberg, Anthony Petrello was the President, CEO and the Chairman of the Board while also being the Chairman of the Executive Committee. Some of the other positions that he is known for includes being the former Director of Stewart & Stevenson, and the Director of Texas Hospital.

While at Nabors Industries, Ltd., Petrello is in charge of all of the strategic planning and general operations. He has a vast amount of knowledge in this area that has enabled him to enjoy incredible success in this competitive oil market. Nabors is an oilfield service company fully involved in contract drilling, and it has one of the largest drilling rig collections in the entire world, including 500 drilling rigs that are located throughout 25 different countries. They have been specialists in the area of specialty rigs, rig equipment, drilling software and technology and the world of land, offshore and directional drilling.

A humanitarian, Tony Petrello was noted for donating $5 million in 2006 to research for children afflicted with neurological disorders. Along with a great deal of family support, both Petrello and his wife made a commitment to raising $7 million in support of the worthy cause. Their involvement stems from their own daughter Carena being born with periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL, at 24 weeks.

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Investment Banking with Matthew Autterson in the Denver Area

Investment management is the term given for the management of any assets a person may have, bonds, securities, and shares or any other type of asset, real estate included. An investment manager will help the investor to meet specified goals for his or her benefit.

Not only private citizens but institutions such as pension funds charities, educational establishments, and insurance companies also invest their capital. They can do this by either direct investment via investment contracts or use the more common collective investment schemes which are mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.

The term asset management refers to the management of collective investments and the fund management refers to all other forms of institutional investment management including private investors. There is also “Private Banking” where the investment managers specialise in discretionary or advisory management and are done on behalf of, usually wealthy private investors.

Some of the top investment management firms in the country are Ameriprise Financial, Charles Schwab & Co., Raymond James, Morgan Stanley, and Ameritrade. These are just a few of the many reliable investment management firms.

If you live in the Denver area, Matthew Autterson and independent investment management professional and has been in the industry for 26 years,the last 8 years with Win Wealth Management Inc.

Mathew Autterson has earned his PFS, personal financial specialist which requires them to become a CPA first, and CFP, certified financial planner. The CFP have more extensive training and education than regular financial planners.

Matthew Autterson and Win Wealth Management will be able to advise on financial planning, Portfolio Management for both small business and individuals. They also help with pension planning by assisting in the development of a pension plan that will provide the most to its participants and the beneficiaries.

Matthew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University and has the expertise to put people on the right track with their investments.


Timothy Armour’s Expert Opinion On Sound Long-term Investment Options

Investments are crucial drivers of the financial success of everyone, including entrepreneurs and professionals. Luckily, investment opportunities run far and wide to accommodate every interested party. For this reason, it is prudent for an investor to analyze and evaluate the current state of the investment market to ensure he or she makes a sound decision.

Evaluation of ever promising investment may over-weigh the investor due to his other commitments. At this juncture, the professional services of an investment analyst are required. The expert does all the work for the investor other than providing the finances. This, in turn, simplifies the investor’s task and all he gets to do is continuously monitor his funds in the investment and seeking advice from the expert as he or she awaits lucrative returns. Timothy Armour is one such specialist in the finance field, and the world knows it.

Timothy Armour is a renowned analyst in investments and finance. For this reason, he was called upon by CNBC to give a professional opinion on Warren Buffett’s decision to invest a tune of one million dollars in an S&P 500 passive index fund. Mr. Buffett claimed that investing in a passive fund is by far more lucrative than committing your funds to a hedge fund. Well, you may be wondering how true it is yet hedge funds are most popular? Tim has an answer for you.

For starters, Timothy Armour is in full support of Warren. He concurs with him that many of these funds are not only mediocre in performance but also way too expensive for investment. More so, these same institutions shortchange investors in their returns. He is also in agreement that investors should commit their finances to the low cost and simple long-term investments.

Timothy Armour articulates that Mr. Buffett’s investment approach has been a success and solely relies on the keen scrutinizing of investment funds and also building a long-term portfolio. As a result, he has appealed to the investors in America to invest and maintain the investment through saving for retirement.

As is the duty of any specialist, Tim Armour also offers his advice on product labels. He urges consumers to be keen on the many labels on the provision by the industries. He says that returns on long-term investments of funds are low due to the exorbitant management fees and their increased trading activities.

Moreover, he explains that the opportunity costs and volatility risks of passive index investments are either underestimated or unknown. For this reason, they deliver solid long-term returns on investments due to the associated low costs compared to other conventional funds.

However, passive index investments have their cons. These investments offer no guarantee against down markets. They expose investors to 100% volatility and loss in the case of adverse market changes. As for the average fund, they are not as lucrative but they have their exceptions. Active funds have more returns in the long-run with more wealth accumulation.

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Capital Group, under the leadership of Tim Armour, is in a strategic partnership with Samsung to develop active investment strategies for investors in Korea. The alliance aims at offering retirement solutions and asset allocation products to enhance investors’ capability.

Tim Armour holds a degree in Economics. His experience in investments is broad. Armour’s career commenced in the early 1980s as a participant with Capital Group and later on became the company’s investment analyst. Currently, he is the CEO, Chairman, and the firm’s Equity Portfolio Manager.

Extensive research by investment analysts has assisted many investors in making the right decisions in investments. Tim Armour gives you the advice to invest in low expense and high manager ownership firms. These institutions are bound to manage your finances in a better manner considering that the managers have a stake in their total investments.

Source:  http://citywireselector.com/manager/timothy-d-armour/d24059

Ricardo Tosto Receives Public Recognition for Being the Best Brazilian Lawyer

Law is a prominent professional in Brazil. With an easy to navigate the legal system, most people hardly require extensive professional assistance. The Brazilian constitution is equally easy to understand as it holds the entire basis for practicing law in the system. With its implementation in 1988, many students in Brazil have shifted their interests to law. Usually, lawyers in Brazil begin their studies at about the age of 24. The course at law school takes five to six years including internship. All certified lawyers who have passed the bar exam in Brazil receive legal certification to practice law. In 2011, Brazil had approximately 676,854 lawyers in the market. Currently, there are more than 100,000 lawyers who have not received legal certification. After the bar exams, law students have the authority to work in any legal firm or corporation in Brazil. Following receipt of the licenses, lawyers are allowed to contract law, assist clients with class actions and help in pursuing justice.


When it comes to the population of lawyers across Brazil, most large firms have approximately 500 lawyers. Most of these companies receive full-service attendance from lawyers. For a country smaller than the United States of America, it is overly populated with excellent legal services. Some of the best and best services law companies include Pinheiro Neto in addition to TozziniFreire. Most law firms that have a specialization in one particular area have less than 60 lawyers. Following the statics provided by the legal system, top Brazilian lawyer firms hardly hire over 500 licensed lawyers. It, therefore, means that there are many students compared to actual lawyers in Brazil.


Ricardo Tosto is a professional lawyer hailing from Brazil. He is a partner and founding associate of Leite, as well as Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo Tosto specializes in credit recovery, banking, acquisition as well as business restructuring. Ricardo Tosto has initially worked as a law adviser in the human resource department at Grupo Rede. Following his impressive performance in law, Ricardo Tosto received public recognition from Who’s Who Legal nominations. He received the recognition for being one of the best performing legal lawyers in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto remains a force to reckon with in the Brazilian law industry.

Tips To Succeed In Acting from Nine9

Nine9 is known for helping all kinds of people in the acting industry get in the right direction. Nine9 has created a wide range of solutions for their actors. The truth is that Nine9 is very powerful with what they do, and the following tips come from their experts in the industry.The first thing to do is to get involved with efficient acting classes. Being trained and developing your craft will help you hone your gift. When you get auditions, land roles, and get new opportunities, you will find yourself accomplishing so much because the acting classes prepared you for the roles.

Nine9 recommends getting headshots. They have an incredible list of photographers who can help craft your best possible headshot. They know how to utilize the right lighting and backgrounds to help you get headshots that work. Most people don’t realize how scarily important your headshots are in the eyes of casting directors. They look at headshots before you even walk in the room, and if you have one that’s memorable, it may remind them that you’re somebody worth it.

The most important thing to do is to simply get the help you need. Having an agent is a great way to receive guidance. However, landing an agent is not an overnight process. Nine9 is here to help open doors for you. They have talent specialists who work together to help ensure that you learn what you need so you can succeed. They have incredible amounts of casting directors who use their site to scout for brand new talent. With their large list of talent who have already seen results with their help, there is no doubt that they can help you out. When you use the tips above and work with Nine9, there is no doubt you can land roles.

Renown Health Opens South Reno Location

Renown Health is opening a new family practice clinic in South Reno’s Summit Mall this spring. The facility will provide a laboratory and primary medical services, and more services will likely be added in the future. Renown Medical Group director Dr. McCormack stated during a phone interview with NNBW that the new clinic is designed to be more comfortable and inviting for patients. He shares that the Renown team wanted the new facility to look like a living room, so that patients will feel at home.

The clinic space is also equipped to offer additional services and amenities, such as a conference room where medical staff and patients can meet to discuss diagnoses and treatment plans.

Additional services were discussed by the Renown group, but Dr. McCormack states that the team will likely wait to see how the healthcare market is changing before adding new features. The doctor also shared that she knows there is so uncertainty in healthcare due to the impact of President Trump’s administrative proposals and his desire to eliminate Obamacare.

The new South Reno clinic has a staff of 11, and Renown is considering adding another primary care physician and a practitioner. The clinic is 100,000 square feet and takes up three vacant storefronts, including the space that was once home to menswear retailer Jos. A Bank. The store has since relocated to the Meadowood Mall. The contractor for the project was Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. The company is based in Carson City. Design and architecture for the new clinic was done by Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design, and Forbes Engineering took care of the structural engineering. All plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering was performed by MSA Engineering Consultants. All the company who contributed to the South Reno Renown Clinic project are based in Reno.

Dr. McCormack is very happy with the completion of the South Reno clinic, and states that Renown has been looking for ways to make a huge impact in the community by providing a quality primary health clinic. She shares that as more people move to the area, they are settling in Spanish Springs or South Reno, which means the new Renown clinic is in an ideal location.

With the addition of the South Reno clinic, Renown now has 12 primary care clinics in Carson City, Fallon, Reno-Sparks and Fernley. A new location has also recently opened in the Caughlin Ranch area.

The Brazilian Government in Partnership with BNDES

The Brazilian government announced it was partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to focus on sanitation. The president of Trata Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens highlighted some important facts about the partnership. He believes that sanitation services will improve as a result of better management, foundation improvements and access to better resources. As an infrastructure project their coorperation should result in a marked decrease in the levels of waste.


Currently, 90% of basic sanitation is performed by public power. Seventy percent of the population is serviced by the state-run organizations. It is believed that a partnership between public and private industry can improve sanitation even faster than one sector acting alone. Government has the experience to bring essential knowledge to the table for the two sources to offer even better services working together.


Based on surveys that reveal the true nature of the problems, the loss of water by government run companies is a primary reason for financial setbacks. The bank should be able to assess the needs of each region and help develop an action plan to correct the problem. Private enterprise has more substantial resources than the government of Brazil along with their access to advanced technologies. This will prove to be crucial in preventing water waste. Especially going forward, when they introduce the prospect of raising money to finance the building of new sewage networks. Investors will more readily put money in ventures backed by organizations of their stature.


This in turn will reflect positively on the financial position of public institutions.

In the past not enough due diligence was practiced by public officials before a utility company began operating. There was generally a failure to insure that there was an alignment between efficient operation and servicing the needs of the people. These needs often took a back seat in favor of getting the utility operating and the people consistently lost and the utility company didn’t always receive the promised concessions. With the new partnership, contracts will be drafted and inspections will be made, making sure the services promised will continue to be delivered. Governors will need to review promised concessions against what is actually being provided going forward. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923