Dabie Tsai on the Future of Accounting

Dabie Tsai is a prominent leader in the accounting industry. As a former partner at KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms in the world, Dabie is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about accounting and finance. She recently discussed the future of accounting. With automation capabilities growing each year, some people worry that accountants will become obsolete.


Artificial Intelligence

When most people think of artificial intelligence, they assume that it means fewer people will have jobs. However, Dabie looks at artificial intelligence as a way to make people’s jobs easier and more advanced. She believes that artificial intelligence will play a significant role in the accounting industry in the foreseeable future. Computers can process data and identify issues much faster than humans. AI can help to pinpoint potential problems for accountants to solve.


Risk-Based Auditing

Tsai believes there is a drastic difference between traditional and risk-based auditing. With traditional auditing, an accountant balances the numbers in a financial ledger, and the financial reports are reviewed. The process is relatively black and white. With risk-based auditing, the process is more evolved. Risk-based auditing requires the auditor to identify and focus on areas of higher subjectivity, complexity, uncertainty, or in other words, risk.

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Neurocore; A New Approach Towards Wellness

The human brain is one of the most complicated organs in the body. The brain is the most resilient and adaptable body organ and is the source of emotions, thoughts, perception and behavior. Neurons make up the brain. These neurons use chemical signals in regulating the activity through the brain. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Although the brain is complex, scientists have been able to understand how it works through the use of technology such as EEG technology, neurofeedback and brain mapping. These studies have enabled the scientists to come up with different ways to enhance the functioning of the brain. Neurocore uses this knowledge to treat mental disorders such as ADHD, depression, Anxiety and ASD.

EEG or electroencephalogram is a test that uses electrodes to detect electrical activity in the brain. The electrodes are able to pick up the electrical impulses of the brain even though they are placed on the scalp. EEG is useful in the treatment and diagnosis of brain disorder and illnesses such as stroke, brain tumors, sleeping disorders and many others. Neurocore uses the more recent technology known as qEEG. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurofeedback is the practice of teaching the brain to self-regulate through the use of electrical measurements. It works as a reward system for the brain. The brain is able to function efficiently through the use of repetition, practice and having positive reinforcement. At Neurocore, this knowledge is used to train the brain to function at its level best and eliminate unwanted qualities.

Neurocore has been successful in using neuropathy as a cure for depression. This has been a new approach toward the treatment of depression. The conventional means for treating depression includes psychotherapy and taking antidepressants. Frederic Lemere compared the EEG’s of psychiatric patients with that of healthy individuals and he established the increase in alpha activity is directly linked to depression. This technology is applied by clinicians an scientist at Neurocore in offering a medication-free depression treatment program. Neurofeedback has been used in this program to train the brain how to overcome the symptoms of depression. Neuropathy has also been incorporated in the treatment of ADHD a common neurodevelopmental disorder for children.

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GoBuySide Recruitment Made Easy with the Best Professional Team Out There

GoBuySide is a global recruitment platform that specializes in helping the private equity firms, hedge funding firms, financial corporations, investment management firms, and more to find talent for their firms. GoBuySide has grown its business considerably in the last few years due to the increased demand in the finance sector for talent with specialized skills. Arjun Kapur is the founder as well as the managing director of GoBuySide and it is his years of experience in the recruitment industry that gave him the idea of founding a tech-based platform for niche-recruitment. GoBuySide has been able to develop proprietary technology in collaboration with the top tech and management experts to be able to search, source, and screen the finance and investment professionals from across the globe. Apart from screening, their sourcing team is also professional and make them the top choice for even those looking for higher opportunities when it comes to their career. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

Arjun Kapur in a recent interview discussed how and why he started GoBuySide, and why it has become essential for the companies to trust niche based recruitment solutions provider to find the right talent. Arjun Kapur said that the screening process developed by GoBuySide is unique and helps in finding the talent in the financial world that has the specific skill sets that the clients look for. Arjun Kapur also said that the conventional hiring methods were too broad and asymmetric to be able to deliver the specific needs of the investment management and financial corporations. GoBuySide is constantly evolving, and its network includes 10,000 firms globally. Arjun Kapur also said that he personally believes that to stay productive, the best way is to avoid distractions and stay away from the phone during work-time. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuySide has been growing ever since it was started because of their unique approach to recruitment. The company offers customized and unique services that allow their clients to keep up with their workforce needs. The company follows a flexible approach and do everything they can to find the best candidates for their clients not just locally but from around the world. The company aims to keep up with their work and help their clients in every way possible.

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Jojo Hedaya An Inspiration To Young Entrepreneurs


If there is anything that has been frustrating email users according to Jojo Hedaya is the presence of junk emails that have been feeling inboxes. More so it has become complicated to distinguish between emails that are important from those that are not. It is tiring and time-consuming going through the hundreds to thousands of junk mails. Sometimes one might miss out on essential emails or offers due to the high number of junk emails that may require a significant amount of time if one is to go through all of them.

If you are one of those people that have been continuously getting frustrated because of junk mail, then you need not to worry anymore because Unroll.me was created to solve such problems. Go To This Page for more information.

Unroll.me a brainchild of Jojo Hedaya and his longtime friend and business partner Josh Rosenwald was established out of the two friends personal frustrations. Jojo used to send countless emails to his friend Josh without any response. Josh, on the other hand, could not find Jojo’s email hence could not make any reply. The two out of their personal experiences co-founded Unroll.me that is an email organization tool.

According to Josh who serves as the firms CEO about 80 percent of emails in our inboxes are newsletters, subscriptions or updates. The two friends saw a gap in the ISP’s market for the provision of a better simple tool that will help sort, organize and arrange the different categories of emails in an orderly man.

Unroll.me has the “Roll-up” capability that can compile all your email subscriptions into a single email in a matter of seconds. Once assembled you can easily distinguish between important subscriptions and unsubscribe from those that you feel are just but filling your inbox. Besides the Rollup allows you to choose what time do you want subscriptions to enter your mailbox.

Jojo Hodaya was born and raised in New York. Although the two partners came from New York, they got to meet for the first time in a college in Israel. The two became friends and coincidentally share the same birth date.

Rakuten’s Slice later acquired the New York-based startup company that was founded in 2011 by Jojo Hedaya. Slice is an e-commerce technology company that develops shopping apps and tracks packages.


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Finance Genius- Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is a big name in the world of finance. He is a CEO and is popular because of his expertise and skills in the finance sector. The main reason behind his expertise is his years’ long experience surpassing more than thirty years. It is important to mention that he has achieved this status by working continuously for a long period of time. While giving an interview to a magazine, he stated that he was really serious about the productivity of his office. Therefore, he pays lot of focus on doing the right things. It is his daily habit to concentrate on the tasks that are important for his career. Burwell is also good at time management skills and he tries his best to fulfill his office chores in time.

When he was asked about the main areas of his interest, he stressed on the importance of making relationships. He emphasized the fact that one had to grow his network stronger and keep healthy contacts in order to stay strong. He also paid lot of importance to technology and tried to ensure that the right sort of technology is employed there. It is important to mention that Michael Burwell is an excellent teacher and mentor also. He ensures that the students he guides or tutors about various things pay heed to him. Therefore, he felt proud by the fact that his students and the people he has mentored are on big positions now.

Michael Burwell is also an excellent communicator and is proud of his achievements and negotiations. He has been working with Google and convinced them for a deal which they accepted. Thus, he also was able to sift through the challenges he faced at his firm. He has the ability to get up again when storms struck him. All these things make him look strong and a good finance manager. He is not always a workaholic person and he has been playing golf as well. He is engaged in a few philanthropic activities that include certain rehabilitation activities where he has been working as a Board of Director.


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