BNG and Its Investment Process

Article translated is the first one- diariodocamido.

BNG has started a joint venture in brazil with an Italian company and has started a streamline process of making its management more professional. The PentaguaGamires family will now be part of the shareholder council and provide room for market professionals, to enter. It is intended that the payroll deductable portfolio will be doubled and products that do not add to the Bank’s business will be eliminated.

The Board of Directors will now be run by Lopes Tapias, who has already worked at Unibanco and Bradesco. He has already be Chairman of the Brazilian Federation of Banks and Minister of Development and Foreign Trade.

Antonio Herman will hold the executive presidency, he also held Presidency of the ABBC among other Organizations. He lauded BNG’s track record over the recent years and wants this company to maintain its position. This is a laudible goal. The shareholders council has to approve the executive appointments and this will make the appointments official. There is no date for the seats to become effective, and

One strategy the company will pursue is a larger payroll portfolio with an objective to get more space into the market. They will also work through a joint venture- BMG will distribute an offer market consigned loans. The partnership should be advantages for the bank, and Herman believes this will be the case. The bank will help manage the portfolio and this could be great for both companies. The corporation also bought GE money in Brazil and this was a purchase creating space in the market. The financial institutions acted strongly in this field and this benefited the balance sheet, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

The mining bank’s profit in this area will also be beneficial and help the company achive its aims.

The Bank’s credit portfolio is limited and this means other avenues have been explored. Ricardo Gimares, is a Brazilian Executive and President of BNG who has a long association and history of success in Brazilian business. He worked at Unibanco and Bradesco previously, and Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.

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