Cancer Treatment Centers of America Raises Awareness with Pacira Through the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative

Markets Insider’s article provided by PR Newswire, details the latest collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Pacira Pharmaceutical, Inc. called the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative. The Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative was created to reduce the possibility of opioid dependence for cancer patients, who often had multiple exposures to narcotics as post-surgical pain management treatment. The initiative seeks to educate patients and oncologists both on the responsible use of opioids while simultaneously providing information on opioid alternatives. The initiative seeks to improve the pain management options.As Neil Seeley, the Chief of the Division of Anesthesia at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, reveals, narcotics have traditionally been at the heart of pain treatment for post-surgical pain management.

Clinicians believed it was safe and would not cause dependence, which they are discovering is not necessarily true for all patients. The collaboration reveals the risks of extended narcotic use, helping to highlight the opioid alternatives for pain management while relegating opioids to a supportive role. The goals of the Opioid Risk Initiative include educating cancer patients about the effective opioid alternatives and responsible use, to educate the medical community about the alternatives while enhancing the recovery process and relieving potential opioid misuse and addition, and creating a procedure of non-opioid pain support protocols.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a fully accredited national network of hospitals which specialize in cancer treatment. Each patient is provided with an expert team of doctors and clinicians to help provide support and information on the diagnosis and treatment needs. The integrative treatment plan is created through precision medicine, tailored specifically to the needs of the patient. Cancer Treatment Centers of America goes beyond just diagnosis and treatment, they also provide a collaborative approach through innovative treatment options and therapies. They use a multidisciplinary team to create an integrated treatment plan to help each patient maintain their energy, manage side effects and pain, and remain strong emotionally and physically throughout treatment and recovery.

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