Conquering the American Real Estate Market, by Nick Vertucci

The hitches that rocked the US housing sector sometime back, did little to quench the insatiable investor appetite for the lucrative US real estate markets. It takes a trained eye and an analytical mind, however, to make it big in the American realtor niche. One small slip or misread of the directions in which the housing markets are headed and, you as an investor, get obliterated. Nick, having spent his entire career as a realtor, knew all too well the challenges investors faced trying to make a break in this particular niche. Nick Vertucci set up a training academy to prepare the new realtors on what to expect in the real world scenario. Most importantly, the right strategies and moves to help propel them to financial freedom.


NVREA’s Course


The Real Estate Academy, NVREA operates on a 3-step training syllabus developed by Nick Vertucci. The first stage is the Get In! Here, students learn how to find and score the most promising real estate deals. Mr. Vertucci uses the course to instill the essential culture of always buying cheap and selling the highest. Then, students proceed to the Get Out! Section of the course. Here, they learn the basics of converting a real estate property into a commercial entity. Improvements and repairs may be required to spruce up the value of the acquired properties before disposing them. The last stage is the Get Paid! Step whereby the students learn how to cash in on their properties at a massive profit.



Success at NVREA


Thanks to Nick Vertucci’s Midas touch, many young professionals have realized their wildest financial dreams. The testimonials shared by NVREAL’s past and present students are overwhelmingly positive and unbelievable. Visit the academy’s official website and watch the dozens of videos and worded testimonials attesting to the remarkable job done by the real estate institution. Chances are, after watching how realtors have made fortunes after completing the course by NVREA, you’ll be so impressed you’ll want to sign up.


Nick Vertucci


The veteran entrepreneur vividly recalls how he lived out of his old van at 18. Later, he got lucky and found a well-paying gig as a computer parts and accessories retailer. In early 2000, however, the tech bubble saw most of his wealth disappear, almost overnight. Soon, he was facing a ton debts. His reprieve came when a close friend recommended a real estate training seminar. That realtor’s workshop forever changed Mr. Vertucci’s life, for the better. And, that’s the moment, Nick’s golden realtor career began.

Nick Vertucci: From Homeless to Real Estate Millionaire

Real Estate, while potentially highly profitable, is a hard career to get started in. It can be really tough for individuals who have no form of training in the field. This is because it’s tough to learn from your own mistakes when each one is so costly. Many aspiring real estate professionals wind up quitting and moving on before their career really has gotten started. The best thing for people looking to get into real estate is to seek education.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is a great choice to receive formal training. Its founder, Nick Vertucci, is a successful real estate investor who’s made millions of dollars in the industry. His academy teaches everyday people how to succeed using the proven system that has made him a very wealthy man. At the academy you will be taught hands on. This hands on experience will allow you to make your own mistakes and learn how to correct them before severe damage is done. Each instructor is a part of Nick’s team of established investors and private lenders. Nick also travels the country offering free gems of knowledge to anyone attending his live workshops. He shows face to face how you can make money with no real estate experience, no cash reserves, and no formal training.

About Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate investor and founder if the Nick Vertucci Real Estate academy. Nick started from very humble beginnings. At the age of 18 he was homeless. Once he got his finances in order he founded a business selling computer parts. Things were going well until the dot com crash in 2000 that lead to him losing everything. It was a valuable lesson for Nick in the importance in investing in the future. He got into real estate when he decided to attend a three day real estate seminar. After listening to the speaker he knew he had what it took to be successful in real estate. Because of this experience he has a passion to teach others how to become successful.

David Giertz Helps Remind People That Everything Should Be Planned For

David Giertz is the former president of one of the biggest insurance providers. So when Giertz offers some advice, people listen. He recently used that authority to remind people about the importance of social security. It’s a vitally important part of people’s lives. However, it’s not brought up nearly enough. Either when talking to clients or as a response to their own concerns. It’s understandable when looking at the complexity of the social security system. Social security currently has around 2,700 associated rules which need to be considered when working with it. However, Giertz stresses that it’s a conversation which needs to happen. Clients who feel they’re not being given the full overview of their finances will move on to other financial advisors.


Giertz is obviously in a position to predict how various financial interactions will go. One of his most notable successes came about when he was leading the Financial Institutions Bank channel. During that period he was able to grow the revenue from $1.5 billion to $8 billion. Financial gain at such a huge level requires an extensive understanding of financial trends. But even more than that, it requires someone who really understands how the public as a whole relates to money.


This is one of the benefits of having been in practice for so long. Giertz has spent over thirty years in a leadership role within the financial service industry. During this time his primary focus has involved innovative strategies. He’s continually gone above and beyond to see what assumptions might need real testing. The results speak for themselves. His methodology has continually pushed him to the top of every position he’s held. For example, he vastly surpassed expectations when working at Nationwide Financial. That period showed him driving up profits from $11 billion to $17.8 billion. He’s continually pushed for innovative new ideas within the industry. And just as often those ideas have made sizable profits for the people involved.

The Changing Face of Housing with the Help of Nick Vertucci

California is facing a crisis in housing. Many people cannot qualify for a loan in order to purchase their dream home. Others are unable to afford the ever-climbing monthly rental expense. This is particularly true in the markets of San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. These cities have seen housing costs rise by as much as 75% during the last five years.


This housing nightmare is resulting in people being forced to take drastic actions, if they want to continue living in this popular state. For example, many more people are living in motor homea or vans. Others are purchasing mobile homes as an alternative to their dream home. On the extreme end, thousands of people are homeless and living on the streets or in their car. Nick Vertucci believes something has to give. He says there must be a serious correction in the near future.


When the bust, in the year of 2000, hit, Nick Vertucci lost everything. He was practically broke. He was forced to start over again in order to support his three daughters. Vertucci became a true example to his daughters. During the next few years he learned by trial and error, hard work and education. All of this resulted in Nick Vertucci building a multi-million dollar business. He successfully turned numerous real estate investments into large profits. Earlier this year he started the NV Real Estate Academy. This is his attempt to teach others how to take control of their financial future and enjoy a life of prosperity.


Vertucci decided when he became a millionaire he would teach his program to others. He became a millionaire. He then started to create his goals: help people get out of debt, make massive amounts of money; change their financial future for good. He said he has discovered that most people demonstrate the desire as well as the drive. However, Nick Vertucci says what they don’t have is the “know-how.” He says that is why he is here – his goal is to teach you what you need to know when you attend NV Real Estate Academy.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Helpful Advice For Young Investors

Igor Cornelsen, who is well sought after for his financial advice, has some great tips for young people looking to go into investing. These tips were posted on his popular blog. First of all, don’t be one of those people who fail to invest when they are young. When you are just starting a career, it may seem difficult or a nuisance to invest. You are thinking of trips and other things you want to spend money on. However, you should be smart and start thinking about saving for a rainy day and making start investments.


In fact, more than half of all Americans under the age of thirty have not set aside even one cent for retirement! That means that so many people are losing out on a great opportunity to invest. Do not be one of them.


Let’s get into some other common issues young investors face. One of them is pushing off investing until they feel the time is right. They want stocks to be very low while they have lots of money to spend at the same time. The problem is that you may end up pushing off investing forever until it is too late. You should not wait for the time that is one hundred percent perfect. Stocks always have some risk in them. The way to success is choosing the stocks with the least risk and diversifying your portfolio so that you have financial stability. Sometimes, young people will stop buying stocks when they reach a certain point. This is another mistake. You should always buy stocks.


Igor Cornelsen has managed some of the biggest investment banks in the world. He is one of the most prominent investors in Brazil. He has many years of experience and success in the banking and investing industry. He goes through Bainbridge Group.


Igor Cornelsen, Teaches Investors The Power Of Choice

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment advisor, he teaches people how to profit from the stock market. As a businessman, Cornelsen founded the firm, Bainbridge Investments, Incorporated. Throughout his career he has stressed to his clients the importance of beginning investing as soon as possible. This is a method he feels will ensure individual long term wealth. Before he developed his career in the investment industry, Igor Cornelsen was a prominent banker.


His background in the Brazilian banking supplied him with ample experience to assist others in making the best investment choices. Although he retired from the industry in 2010; Cornelsen puts his knowledge of investing and banking to great use as an expert advisor. He advises clients about which options are best based on his experience working with banks.


Cornelsen said investing in the Brazilian stock market is one way to maintain a financially diverse portfolio. As commodities come and go, knowing which options are stable can inspire confidence as an investment strategies. He teaches people to have faith that they can create long term wealth. Igor Cornelsen feels that the government should help investors feel secure about their investments.


Bainbridge Investments, focuses on helping individuals find capital partners. Cornelsen assist clients in finding perfect banking partners to secure financing. And he also advises them on other options, such as private capital markets, based on their debt-to-capital ratios. As someone who has been a part of an industry for a number of decades, Cornelsen has compiled a considerable amount of information about investment banking, stock options and goal setting for short and long term wealth.


Of course, as a South American native, his main area of expertise remains the Brazilian investment banking industry. Cornelsen steers investors away from bad stock choices. He feels that some stock are doomed to lose money and with the proper analysis, investors can learn to distinguish between a trending stock and a decreasing one. In the United States, he has worked as an investment advisor for the Burger King Corporation.


Cornelsen splits his time between living in South Florida and his home country, Brazil.


The Brazilian Government in Partnership with BNDES

The Brazilian government announced it was partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to focus on sanitation. The president of Trata Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens highlighted some important facts about the partnership. He believes that sanitation services will improve as a result of better management, foundation improvements and access to better resources. As an infrastructure project their coorperation should result in a marked decrease in the levels of waste.


Currently, 90% of basic sanitation is performed by public power. Seventy percent of the population is serviced by the state-run organizations. It is believed that a partnership between public and private industry can improve sanitation even faster than one sector acting alone. Government has the experience to bring essential knowledge to the table for the two sources to offer even better services working together.


Based on surveys that reveal the true nature of the problems, the loss of water by government run companies is a primary reason for financial setbacks. The bank should be able to assess the needs of each region and help develop an action plan to correct the problem. Private enterprise has more substantial resources than the government of Brazil along with their access to advanced technologies. This will prove to be crucial in preventing water waste. Especially going forward, when they introduce the prospect of raising money to finance the building of new sewage networks. Investors will more readily put money in ventures backed by organizations of their stature.


This in turn will reflect positively on the financial position of public institutions.

In the past not enough due diligence was practiced by public officials before a utility company began operating. There was generally a failure to insure that there was an alignment between efficient operation and servicing the needs of the people. These needs often took a back seat in favor of getting the utility operating and the people consistently lost and the utility company didn’t always receive the promised concessions. With the new partnership, contracts will be drafted and inspections will be made, making sure the services promised will continue to be delivered. Governors will need to review promised concessions against what is actually being provided going forward.


Felipe Montoro Jens On A Mission To Succeed

Felipe Montoro Jens has always excelled in his work. His company in Brazil provides various services in several areas. The range extends from energy and goes up to construction.



Currently, Felipe Montoro Jens is serving on the Board of Directors of his company. His expertise in engineering makes him head that section of the company. It is one of the biggest producers of fuel in Brazil. It is using high-grade engineering technology to harness the potential of all the resources that are being used.



He is quite keen to expand his company’s reach. This is why Felipe Montoro Jens has entered into partnerships with several international organizations. In fact, Felipe Montoro Jens handles such contracts personally. Today the company has partners that are based in America, and Africa, besides The Middle East along with Asia. This way Felipe Montoro Jens has made efforts to ensure that his company is successful in all its endeavors.



Felipe Montoro Jens is well-known for his expertise in the fields of engineering and in business administration too. He has managed a unique combination of both these skills in order to lead his company and take it in a direction that can offer sustainable growth. This is why his company is considered as a leader in the engineering industry in Brazil today. In addition, it holds a strong position of being among the prominent companies in international engineering area too. In addition to the engineering section of his company, Felipe Montoro Jens provides his expertise in the other departments of his company also.



All these efforts by Felipe Montoro Jens have reaped a lot of results. Today his company enjoys a lot of success in Brazil, and on the international scene too. People know him and respect his views and opinions on a number of subjects.



Igor Cornelsen Provides Solid Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen has been in the investing world for a long time, and he has made sure that he has passed down the information that he has been given to others that were trying to invest. Brazil is where Igor Cornelsen has spent most of his time so he has a lot of advice to give to those investors that are interesting in a portfolio with international investment opportunities.


The great thing about this is that Igor Cornelsen is giving investors exposure to whole new environment. It is highly unlikely that the average investor would branch out to Brazilian investments if they had not received information from Cornelsen. There are a lot of people that are interested in building a better portfolio, and it is easier to create one when you know what is out there.


Investing can be very tedious, but the right investment plan is definitely worth it. There are stocks, mutual funds and index funds. People can spread out their investments, and this is what Igor recommends for the long-term investor. When people put their time and energy into researching investments they can acquire portfolio plans that help them maximize their returns on investment.


The biggest thing that an investor can do to build their portfolios is start early. The investor that puts aside some money early on will benefit from the compound interest. That investor is one that will be able to see the benefits of compound interest.


Investors need to know that compound interest is important, but they also need to realize that diversity in their Investments is even more important. The investor that takes the time to spread out funds in their accounts will gain a greater amount of clarity on what they need to invest in.


When investors take the time and effort to put their investments in different places they can maximize their return. They will definitely benefit from the diversity of different areas of the investment spectrum. There are going to be times where some of the investments will take a loss, but diversity gives you a chance to bounce back.


Advocate, Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf Continues High Company Standards

Environmental advocate, entrepreneur, and business owner, Flavio Maluf juggles several different hats. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1961, Flavio spent his youth learning about eco-green, and sustainable home goods. His family owned and operated Eucatex S.A. Industria, the first such Brazilian-based company to manufacture these products. Today, Flavio Maluf is Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex. Under his 15-year leadership, the company has rapidly expanded, opening additional Brazilian-based plants, and shipping products to more than 40 countries. This has also translated into more green-job creation in Brazil.


Among his achievements, Flavio Maluf also has steered Eucatex in a 44.8 percent growth in earnings. Over the last decade, environmental concerns have become increasingly important for consumers’ purchasing decisions. Flavio takes into account these concerns and trends, and supports his customers by meeting expectations. This includes procurement of raw materials from sustainable sources, the development of products with a higher proportion of renewable materials, and the environmental impact of the business. Flavio’s environmental advocacy shows in his company standards. His high standard of environmental and health protection is one of his benchmarks. He has given a higher profile to the environmental and health needs and the impact in Brazil. Thus one of the reasons Flavio is a respected businessman.


When manufacturing Eucatex products, Flavio is focused on how products affect the environment throughout their entire life cycle, from raw material extraction, through production, to disposal. The product standards of Eucatex have had positive effects that have defined the company name. They hold green label certification, they are ISO 14001 certified, the company is one of the top producers of MDP products in Brazil, and Flavio has been honored with numerous awards.


Prior to his role as CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf began his career in their trade area, then forging ahead to the industrial division. He became President of Eucatex in 1997, and then Chief Executive Officer in 2005.