Beneful Dog Treats For Any Type Of Dog Even The Picky One’s has many different kinds of dog treats. They even have dog treats for dogs of all sizes. Two kind’s of their treats are offered in either mini, small/medium, and large sizes to ensure that many different breeds of dogs are able to enjoy their amazing snacks. Every other type of dog treat they make is small enough for every dog to be able to digest them. The two kind’s of dog treats that are Beneful offered in various sizes are also made to aid in keeping plaque off of your dog’s teeth and to help keep their teeth clean. These two different types of dog treats are called healthy smile dental ridges and healthy smile dental twists. Along with those two types of treats, there are 4 other kinds of dog treats which are baked delights heartfuls, hugs, snackers, and stars. There are two different flavors of baked delights stars. The two flavors of baked delights stars available are bacon with cheese and chicken with cheese. The other 3 kinds of dog treats each only come in one flavor. Baked delights hugs are beef and cheese flavored. Heartfuls are apple filling with real bacon flavored and snackers are peanut butter with cheese flavored. Each of the different types of dog treats comes in a different shape also. Heartfuls are shaped like hearts, hugs are like little rolls with the flavoring in the middle, snackers come with different shapes in a bag and are colorful, and stars are shaped like stars. As for dental ridges and dental twists the different between the two is that dental twists have parsley and peanut butter flavor in them whereas dental ridges have parsley and meat flavor in them. So no matter how picky your dog is when it comes to dog treats it is almost guaranteed your dog will at least like one flavor of treats that Nestle PurinaStore Beneful makes and sells on Amazon.



Premium Dog Food Breaks Through

Is the whole idea of quality pet food going to the dogs? In a sense, yes it is, as recent developments in this highly competitive business are stimulating huge growth in the area of yes, quality food for pets, especially dogs.

Premium dog food is becoming a huge growth industry as sales are expected to reach $27.3 billion this year. A recent article in the outlines the amazing increase in sales in this business, as pet owners ante up to buy their dogs the very best in dog chow.

Major players like Beneful and upstarts like Purina, Fresh Pet and Blue Buffalo Co. are all investing heavily in the idea that dog owners will do just about anything for their canine companions when it comes to giving them quality.

Beneful has long been known as a company that cares about giving dogs healthy, quality ingredients in its kibble and canned food offerings. Beneful uses fresh salmon and chicken as major ingredients in its food, and its consumer base is wagging its tail in appreciation. According to leaders in the premium dog food industry, it’s all about delivering good taste and quality.

Healthy and Natural Wins Out

Much of the healthy dog food movement seems inspired by the “healthy and natural” movement in human food choices. Many pet owners seem to feel that their dogs deserve to eat well, just as they do, and paying extra for good food seems worth it in the long run.

As other major players in the pet food industry, like Colgate-Palmolive (which now has a weight loss dog food) and Nestle’s Purina (which now has a website that allows customized pet food choices) step up their commitment to premium offerings, this industry looks to be seeing sales increasing ever more. All of which means we’ll be seeing more tails wagging happily in the days to come.



Beneful Premium Food Looks Good For The Dogs

You have to take good care of your dog because it shows the dog that you love it. Would you want your owner to take time to research what you eat and buy the right foods for you to eat? Of course you would. It shows that you care, and it will help your dog live a better life. Quality of life is important to all living creatures, so you should consider taking as good care of your dog as you would for your family. I’m not trying to make you feel guilty because I have made the mistake of buying cheap foods in the past, but I suggest that you take another look at what else is in the pet food aisle.

You should find foods that are premium brands because they use real ingredients to make their foods. Who knows what the cheap companies use in their foods. I found this article the other day that talks a great deal about what goes into the dog foods that premium brands make for dogs. It’s worth knowing that you are spending money on the right products because you’re not eating, but you want your dog to stay healthy. You should always look at the ingredients in the foods that you buy.

I started looking at the ingredients on the labels of dog foods, and I found that Beneful on youtube says that they use real chicken in their dry dog food. This is why I buy Beneful for my dog. I want him to have the energy to play, and Beneful gives him what he needs.

Beneful has 20 kinds of wet food. They call it Chopped Blends, and your dog will thank you for it. Beneful’s Chopped Blendsis my dog’s favorite meal. He likes the kind with salmon in it. It also has other real ingredients in it. Beneful has real vegetables and rice. It really looks like it would be good for him to eat.

I liked the article from the Daily Herald, so I encourage others to read it. You can read the article by going here.

The Dog Food Competition Is Heating Up

The dog food competition is heating up because there are so many vendors that are experimenting with the concept of healthy dog food. Many companies are trying to gain the business of dog owners by providing new options for pets. A lot of companies are giving into paying more to produce the food for dogs because they know that the return on investment is high. I can saying that it definitely is a game changer for companies that have not got on the healthy pet food bandwagon yet. Many companies are experimenting with freshly cooked meats when they produce dog food. FreshPet,for example, is one of the companies that I have tried in last several years. My dogs were excited to try this type of dog food. Beneful is another brand it also plays a great part in the new wave of healthy dog food innovations that are out there. This company has been creating healthy choices for dogs for a long time, but their competition is growing because Beneful is popular. Lots of other dog food vendors are fighting for the type of customer base that a large company like Beneful has created. Companies like Beneful have been able to grow over the years because this company has created a lot of variety. This premium dog food that is on the market today is growing and consumers that have a plethora of healthy choices will continue to patronize the well-known dog food many factors like Beneful. There are even companies that produce organic dog foods. This is a new concept in food in general because there are lots of new organic foods that are designed for human consumption as well. It makes sense that dog who companies are also experimenting with organic foods in the dog world. Beneful has competition because there is such a huge surge in this type of food. There are things like dog treats and vegetable blends that are becoming important to consumers. They are getting info from veterinarians that are letting them know that their dogs can live much longer with proper nutrition.

Healthy Food Choices for Canine Companions

Dogs are more like children to many people, their pets a beloved extension of their family. Understandably, most want to give their furry little ones a treat from time to time, but worry about what is healthy for their canine companions. The good news is a number of human foods are good for dogs and come with several nutritional benefits like what Beneful has. Granted, one should always research a food before offering it to a dog as some human foods can prove fatal for canines. However, others are just as good for dogs as they are people.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins and fiber for people and dogs. Yes, much to the surprise of many folks, sweet potatoes are a healthy treat for canines. In fact, they are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, manganese, beta carotene and vitamin B6. Dogs will love the special treat, too, especially if the sweet potato is sliced and dehydrated.


Cats aren’t the only furry children who think milk products make for a very tasty treat, dogs just as fond of cheese, yogurt and milk. However, while one should probably avoid giving a dog milk, yogurt is great for canines. Preferably, one should select a sugar-free, fat-free and live active bacteria yogurt, especially when it’s not only a great source of calcium and protein but also acts as a probiotic.


Doctors have touted the benefits of eating fish for years, so it should come as no surprise fish is good for canines, as well. In fact, this succulent treat is an excellent source of protein and Omega 3s, the vitamin great for the coat, skin and brain. More to the point, Omega 3 serves to decrease inflammation, which is great for dogs suffering from any chronic canine condition such as arthritis.

Flax Seed

Fish isn’t the only human food that provides Omega 3 and protein for furry children. Flax seed is another great source, one that also provides manganese, pyridoxine, magnesium and far more. In short, flax seed is a powerhouse of nutritional value for canines and humans alike. All one has to do is grind up the flaxseed and mix it in with the dog good to add a nutty, crunchy surprise canines are sure to love.

Beneful Dog Food

Another great treat for dogs is Beneful, a dog food the employees proudly stand behind. In fact, they believe in Beneful so completely many swear they will not feed their canine companions anything else. There’s good reason for that considering Purina goes to great lengths to test every ingredient in Beneful to ensure the dog food is indeed beneficial. The truth is, Purina and their employees put a priority on the quality and safety of their dog good, Beneful. That alone speaks to the company’s dedication to the millions of canine children throughout the world.

Purina Dog Foods: Quality Food That Is Tasty and Affordable

Headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, the Ralston Purina Company has been making animal food since 1894. Creating many different products, Purina is well known for producing high quality food and health products for animals. Ralston Purina was founded by William H. Danforth. Some of the most popular products include: dog food, cat food, training pads, leashes, beds and cleaners.

William F. Danforth created the feed company named Purina Mills. This brand of food was commonly referred to as “Chow”. (Purina Dog Chow, Purina Rabbit Chow, Purina Monkey Chow, Purina Cat Chow, etc.) Ralston eventually began to also make Ralston Breakfast Cereals. Due to the success of the cereals, the company name was changed to the “Ralston-Purina Company”

Purina encompasses many different lines of products and brands, including:
Mighty Dog
Purina One
Purina Dog Chow
Purina Cat Chow
Purina Beyond
Fancy Feast
Tidy Cats
Whiskar Lickin’s
T Bonz
Waggin’ Train

In addition to the food products for dogs and cats, Purina also produces accessories for pets, such as: snacks and treats, training pads, beds, leashes and cleaning products.

One of the best selling lines of the Purina products is the Beneful line. This line has more of a focus on giving dogs the nutrients needed to lead a healthy and more active lifestyle. Balanced with real ingredients, high quality nutrition and great taste. Beneful is available in both wet and dry varieties, as well as treats/snacks. Dogs love the great taste and textures and owners love providing their furry companions with a wholesome, nutritious product.

Perhaps the factor that most will attribute to Purina’s line of dog foods is the combination of superior ingredients. The ingredient that is most important that is found in Purina dog food is fiber. Fiber is incredibly important in the role of digestion and it keeps the gastrointestinal tract of dogs functioning at it’s optimal performance. Fiber will help to relieve any constipation a dog may be experiencing. It also helps to keep the stool firm, in addition to promoting regular bowel movements.

Another important ingredient in Purina’s dog food is chicken meal. The chicken meal provides a great source of protein for dogs. Protein is essential for muscle growth, immune function and everything in-between. The chicken meal also offers dogs an excellent source of glucosamine.The glucosamine helps to maintain cartilage tissue, which helps dogs to have healthy joints and mobility.

Purina dog foods are made with the best ingredients to ensure dogs are able to maintain a healthy weight, with special emphasis on taking care of the digestion and joint mobility processes that are so important to dogs. The ingredients always go through a very thorough and strict list of quality standards, as well.