Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics Grows the Company to a Target of Acquisition

A quick look at the geographical location of Seattle Genetics does not leave the viewer with an impression that the company deals in genetics treatment and scientific research. In the building however, is a green sculpture that takes a triangular shape. The sculpture is composed of Lego bricks in a simplified model that emulates a human antibody. Human antibodies define the main project of Seattle’s operation. That is what Seattle Genetics has for years, been manipulating and studying since 1998 when the company was established. The Lego bricks in this scenario indicate that the power of the firm’s antibodies is a reflection of their ability to link up to a therapy. Through the link, the antibody offers a toxic payload in cancer cells with the aim to destroy the cell from the inner surface.


The antibody strategy could propel Seattle Genetics into leading organizations that attract huge investors. In fact, many investors hope Seattle Genetics can become a main pharmaceutical company in the biotech community. This is because the society has progressively searched for one of a kind for ages. With its ability to boast in the market with the worth of approximately $10 billion and an employee base of 900, Seattle Genetics ranks top in the biotech field of Washington District.


Seattle Genetics prides itself in having grand ambitions to join the handful of organizations that pass the test of times through big Pharma by investing heavily in research as well as marketing. Most importantly, the company is focused on enlarging its employee base by more than 200 in 2017. In areas of partnership and growth, Seattle Genetics introduced a drug called Adcetris. This has been the primary success story of the company for years. It is a drug that treats Hodgkin Lymphoma. This is a cancer that invades the lymph system by vastly spreading into the entire body.

Clay’s Profile and Input

Behind the continuous growth of Seattle Genetics is the visionary Clay Siegall who has been the chief executive officer for years. According to him, Seattle Genetics is vastly emerging into a global as well as a multiproduct company that specializes in oncology. Clay is sure that the company has generated a long list of pipelined drugs that have played a key role in providing treatment to many people. Under Clay’s leadership, Seattle Genetics is set to soar higher thanks to its commitment to deliver excellent results.