How American Businesses Can Cash in on the Pokémon Go Craze

The rate at which Pokémon Go has been spreading can only be described as terrific. In less than a week, the game had been downloaded twice as many times as Tinder. It has more hits than Snapchat, and is almost eclipsing Twitter. More people are spending their time journeying while searching for Pokémon. Actually, getting sore legs as a result of walking for endless hours has become a meme of its own.

A smart entrepreneur should device means of cashing in on this popularity. As more Pokémon Go gamers travel through towns looking for Pokémon, local restaurants, stores and movie theatres need to capitalize on this wonderful business opportunity. The creation of strategic marketing campaigns can equally help entrepreneurs to make money out of this craze. Here are some ideas that can help you cash in on the game.

Establish Whether Your Enterprise is a Poke Stop

Pokémon Go is different from other games in the sense that players do not have to stay in their rooms playing it. It runs on a real-time display of the world as it is. Players have to walk around to collect rewards. This is done at Poke Stops. Players often battle each other at Gyms. In this regard, you need to figure out whether your enterprise is close to a Gym or Poke Stop. The Ingress app can help you acquire this info. If your business is close to such location, you need to market it. This will greatly improve your sales.

Go After Players

Going over to locations that Pokémon Go players roam to, can help boost your sales. You need to ensure that your business also takes part in the Pokémon Go craze. If you sale fashion items for instance, load your van with the latest brands and head to Gyms and Poke Stops. Restaurant owners should consider setting up mobile barbeques in such areas. Such actions can help turn around the fortunes of your business.

Use Social Media

This is the most powerful communication platform at the moment. Once you establish that your business is close to a Poke Stop or Gym, promote this via social media. This will increase traffic to your locality, something that will have an immediate impact on your business. Market your geographical area as the go-to Pokémon Go hotspot. This article was originally posted on Business Insider.

How Talk Fusion is Changing How Businesses Use Email

Email can be a powerful tool. But many businesses don’t use it. That means they are leaving a lot of money and potential customers on the table. According to recent studies, if you include a video in your emails, you can achieve 1.4 times as much revenue. You can also enjoy an increased open rate of up to 20% with a CTR (Click-through Rate) increase of up to 300%. That’s a major ROI for such an investment.

Aside from the sheer numbers, videos in email can also help you express your unique brand identity better than mere text or images. One of the innovative companies in this area is Talk Fusion. This company is based out of Florida and ranks as the #8 biggest video content service provider anywhere online around the globe. The company has been offering video services since 2007.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion when he noticed the frustration of simply trying to add a small video to a quick email he was going to send his friend. AOL (America Online) was his email provider at the time and they told him that this was not possible. As a career problem solver, Reina would not accept failure and he sprung into action. He hired his friend, an IT specialist, to help him build technology that would allow him to send such a video in an email.

Now, Talk Fusion enjoys millions of users all around the world. With Talk Fusion, you can embed videos right into the emails. You simply log in to the online portal and upload the video of your choice. Then, from the same portal you can send your email and even customize it. There are templates available if you are in a rush.

Because it is so easy to use, the service has grown quickly. It also offers live video chats, video messaging, and video newsletters. The cost is also much more affordable than other alternatives. The company also believes in supporting good community causes and animal charities. They are a member of the respected DSA (Direct Selling Association) and follow the ethical guidelines very seriously.


Handy Makes Customers Happy

House cleaning is a job that most people do not like, but they do it because they have to. There are some people, however, that are fond of cleaning. They may like to do it well enough to do it for a living. That is what makes a company like Handy work. There are people out there that are really putting forth the effort to clean homes diligently because they like to do it. This makes the customer happy, and it also makes Handy founder Oisin Hanrahan happy as well.

The foundation of Handy is based firmly on two things: customer demand and employee job satisfaction. These are two factors that are directly related, and so far it has been a good relationship between customers and contracted workers. The homeowner that wants to get comfortable with a single company will see that Handy is the best solution. That is what is going to take this company to the next level.

The founder of the company realizes that there is power in customer loyalty so it has tried to build a business that caters to just about all customer needs. This is a hard thing to do if you do not have the money to do it, but Handy has made a lot of money. The company has the ability to pay people well, and there are no geographical limitations for scoping out contractors. This has made it easier for Handy to build a big presence in the metropolitan cities.

Many people in Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Seattle have contractors that are capable of getting the job done. These contractors in the big cities can also pick up business on the outskirts of many of these major metro areas. This will give Handy a lot of growth opportunities worldwide.

The Amazing Tale of Handy

Handy reflects such a simple concept, things appear as if the business was envisioned overnight. An interview with co-founder Oisin Hanrahan reveals many years passed before Handy launched. Even more years after the launch were required for the venture to be a success. And what a thrilling success Handy turned out to be. The home services company is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Each week, well over $1 million in bookings is generated by the company’s app.

Handy provides a basic service to those in need. Anyone who wishes to hire a freelance house cleaner or repair person can do so with a few clicks. A freelancer in need of work simply has to affiliate with Handy to receive bookings. In the simplest of terms, things really are all that simple.

Hanrahan came up with the idea for Handy while working in real estate in Hungary. Over the years, he expanded on the idea of a home services booking agency by adding an in-demand procurement angle. With the help of friends from Harvard Business School, the Handy app launched in a modest manner. The success has been anything but modest. Handy is now a massive multi-national company.

One reason for the success is the complexity involved with becoming an affiliated freelancers. Customers just have to download the app, and book services. Things are a bit more involved for the freelancers. A rigorous screening process is necessary to be approved, and this is a good thing. By making sure only the best freelancers are affiliated, Handy boosts the chances customers are thrilled with services. Quality work means good reviews and repeat customer. Freelancers benefit since they are able to command higher prices.

Overall, a lot of brilliance went into the development of Handy. Such brilliance is the reason why the company is so successful.

Handy Makes Affordable Home Services Quick And Easy To Arrange

If you are in need of home services such as cleaning, plumbers or handy men, you can schedule them within 60 seconds at the Handy website. While there, you can also download the Handy app to your smart phone and even make arrangements on the go. Handy is a platform that connects people with independent service professionals and also offer a 100% money back guarantee. Through Handy you can book home cleaners and other professionals at a moments notice whenever you’re in need of cleaning, painting, help moving or service contractors such as electricians, plumbers and handymen. Handy will have them arrive at your door fully equipped to do the job.

It all started in 2012 when two bright innovative young men, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, roommates at Harvard Business School, looked around their own apartment and were inspired to solve the home services problems that many busy professionals experience. They began solving problems that included finding trustworthy service people, negotiating prices and payments, and even started cleaning houses and going along with professionals on the job to learn its nuances. Although Handy started with cleaning service, the goal from the beginning was to provide a variety of home services. The now CEO Oisin Hanrahan, and COO, Umang Dua, both has experienced successes in prior businesses, and finding the balance to keep both customers and service professionals happy was the key to the growth of Handy. Their platform allows customers to search to see the available openings for service professionals and the service professionals can see what jobs are available in different locations as well as how much money they will make. Service professionals must go through national and county background checks as part of the screening process and only about 3% of applicants are accepted, which makes it harder to get in to than Harvard, according to Hanrahan. Yet supplying trained, skilled professionals is equally or more important than getting customers. In fact, 80% of Handy’s customers are repeat business and 80% of new customers are recommended word of mouth.

In October 2014, after 2 years, Handy started booking $1 million per week, perhaps due in part to acquiring San Francisco based Exec and expanding to the West Coast. It now operates in 28 cities and plan to further expand to double that number in the next 12 months Hanrahan said in November 2015. They have also expanded to selling and scheduling furniture assembly. There is the question of if Handy will be able to obtain market share with such low prices. The founders admit that they are still working out kinks as there service grows but it seems to be a huge success from all accounts. To find out more, to schedule services or to apply to provide services as a professional, visit

Shopping Just Got Easier!

A process called Deep Learning is making it possible to search the internet with images and not just text anymore reports MIT Technology Review. A company called Shoes(dot)Com is using this technology to offer consumers a more exciting shopping experience than could be offered with text searches. Amazon has tried to use this technology with their Fire smart phone, but with some breakthroughs in AI from Stanford, Google and Slyce, the technology is workable for retailers and consumers.

The new image recognition technology is revolutionizing shopping, and it’s not coming in the future it’s here now. Take a picture of your friend’s sneakers with your mobile device, and upload it into an app. The app searches the databases of retailers like Neiman Marcus, and instantly return items that match the picture with all the details included. Pinterest is attaching visual search buttons to its pictures allowing users to buy items that interest them, but with the applications available from Slyce, even coupons and discounts are automatically applied to visual search purchases.

Slyce offers a new feature too. A virtual shopping assistant named Scout helps you track down the item you want through thousands of shopping sites to find you the best price and closest match to your search. Scout rarely fails to bring not only the correct item, but the best price to you. Scout not only accepts pictures you scan in to him, but he also accepts text searches too. Slyce has developed powerful algorithms to offer this service to its retailers and subscribers.

Scout works along with SnipSnap, Slyce’s coupon and discount searching application to bring the consumer the best price and best discounts available. Slyce’s applications work on any platform including iOS,and Slyce services over five million users. Nordstrom, Neiman-Marcus, and Macys are applying Slyce’s innovations to their existing databases and e-services. Slyce offers several applications to aid consumers in their searches, and its funding comes from the retail side of the applications.

Marrying AI to image recognition software that already existed, Slyce was able to introduce working applications like SnipSnap, Scout, Craves and Pounce. Each application integrates with retailer services to bring consumers features that were only dreamed of last year. The CEO of Shoes(dot)Com, Roger Hardy says the proof is there that these new visual filters bring an increase in sales, and he is considering expanding the service to include other products. Read the entire article about the new AI at MIT Technology Review.

Sharing Content Has Never Been Easier Thanks To Flipora

Want To Share Easily With Others?

There’s something rewarding about sharing your interests with your friends. It brings a smile to their faces. They get to see what you’re interested in and the things you do with your time. Sharing content with other people brings a sense of ease to our days because we suddenly have something to talk about. Since you are reading the content I sent to you, you now have a similar understanding as I do. We have something in common. Even if we have never met before, when you read what I am looking at on my screen we suddenly fall into the same wave length of thought. It could even go as far as to effect our universal consciousness. Just as the media has done for years, the things we read and share truly effect other people. The only difference is that we can now choose what information appears on the screens of our friends and family members by sharing it with them.

How Do We Share Information?

The internet has been around for several decades, so sharing information is not a new thing at all. In fact, people have been sharing information even before the internet. When someone would have a good story or piece of important information they would share it with others. This was the case even before the newspaper or the printing press. It is overwhelmingly easy to share information now. The technology mankind has created is geared towards rapidly sharing new and exciting information. There are new websites and content created constantly to fuel our obsession with information. We have entered a true age of information being a super highway to the mind through the use of modern technology.

It is easy to use. In fact, sharing information today is as simple as the click of a few buttons. If you are on a smart phone, then you won’t even have to click. With apps for the iPhone, like Flipora, information passes easily from one mobile device to another without any time lost in the process. We used to have to generate long and tedious emails that looked bland and stiff. Now, Flipora is available to help users stay connected to eachother, share interesting websites and get involved in content that they may have missed otherwise. Thanks to Flipora, the world is a more connected place.

Skout Is What I Used To Advertise My Website About Babies

I have a baby that’s six months old, and from the day he was born I took many videos of him. I have at least 100 videos compiled, and many of the videos I put up on my website. I like to video my son when he does things that are fun, cute, or something I can use to inform others about their children. I’ve created a website that is specifically geared towards babies, and I don’t sell anything on the site, but I make money by placing ads on my site. I have chosen to use the Skout network as a way to advertise my website.

The biggest reason why I love using the Skout network is because there are so many people available on the network, and a lot of the women have children. I found so many women on the Skout network with children that I wanted to feature on my website, so I’m overwhelmed at the moment. The membership on my website has jumped up to one million people since I opened it. The first month after I opened my website, I barely got anyone looking at the videos, and then one of my videos went viral on a social media site, and that’s what piqued other people’s interest in my website.

I then started advertising my website on the Skout network and telling other people about it, and then I started to see a lot of people go over to my website. Each of my videos will get many views throughout the day, and I get a lot of questions as well. I’m at the point where I need to hire a couple people to work on my website, just so I can have more free time with my son. Skout has been a big help when it comes to hiring people to work with me.

I’m surprised to know that I can use Skout as a way to advertise my website as well as finding someone to work on my website. There are so many fun people on the Skout network on zendesk. I find the people I’m looking for on Skout by conducting a search or by talking to people in general. One of my friends, in particular, on the Skout network, I found by using the “shake to chat” feature, which is one of my favorite features on the Skout network. I use my smartphone a lot, so using shake to chat was a great feature that I loved on the Skout application.

I would produce videos of my son through my smartphone, and I could easily upload the video directly to my website or to social media right from my phone. I would then go to the Skout network and let people know that I put up a new video, and everything has been working out just fine. Those who want my opinion about running a website may find what I have to say interesting, but I would suggest that they use Skout to advertise any website.

Six Gifts Los Angeles Skout Users Can Give in Person

Skout, the world’s largest location-based social networking app that helps users meet new and old friends, announced that Los Angeles has the most generous college-age adults (age 18-24) in the U.S.

In Skout, users can use points to purchase virtual gifts and give them to potential friends as a way to break the ice. Gifts can be used to reward a friend, bond over common interests, cheer someone up, flirt with a potential love interest and more.

Angelenos who use Skout on instagram shares more virtual gifts with friends than any college-age adults in Boston, Miami, Chicago and Dallas combined. Perhaps these gifts can inspire users to give in person. Skouters can use this as an opportunity to discuss their interests. Users can build great friendships or develop romantic relationships.

Here is a list of gifts Angelenos can give to one another during their meet and greets.

Share a Cup of Joe
Coffee (or tea) is one of the most affordable and tastiest gift users can give to one another. Skouters can meet at a popular café or teahouse and share a pot of coffee or tea.

Buy or Split Lunch
There are plenty of delicious restaurants Angelenos can go to eat and discuss their interests. Skouters can take turns paying for lunch or they can split the bill.

Visit a Botanical Gardens
Skouters can meet at any of the beautiful botanical gardens in the Los Angeles area. Skouters can offer to pay for the admission ticket and view Southern California’s most beautiful flora and fauna.

Give Flowers
Skouters can give flowers to friends or potential love interests on a date. Flowers are an affordable way for Skouters to make a good impression and express their generosity. Perhaps Skouters can give each other flowers on International Online Friendship Day. This day is celebrated on February 4.

Give a Box of Chocolates
A box of chocolates is a surefire way to impress a date. Skouters can surprise their potential love interest with a box of chocolates and indulge their partner’s sweet tooth.

Give a Basket of Healthy Snacks
Angelenos are known for their commitment in eating healthy and being active. Los Angeles Skout users will appreciate a basket full of healthy snacks. Skouters can fill their basket with fruits, vegetables, protein bars, mixed nuts and more.

Have Fun and Be Safe
Skout is a great way for Angelenos to make new friends, have fun and meet offline. It’s exciting to meet someone for the first time and present them with a gift. However, always use some common sense and meet your new friend in a safe public location.

Have fun Los Angeles Skouters and don’t forget your gift.