Equities Firsts Business Strategies

Equities First has acquired Meridian Equity Partners. This transaction took place in the United Kingdom. Equities First has seen a lot of expansion and consolidation in the past year. Already a leader in the global marketplace Equities First has offices located in Bangkok, London, Perth, Sydney, Indianapolis, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Their new acquisition has brought their service to a global level. There are seven offices designed to serve their clients in Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia. They are able to provide liquidity at an incredibly attractive level for their businesses, investors and executives.Equities First was founded in 2002 by Al Christy. The annual growth of the company over the past three years has been thirty per cent. The companies employees have shown an increase of fifty per cent since 2012. They specialize in non-recourse transactions where their borrowers are able to retain all of their appreciations in the shares.

The purpose of their expansion was to be able to provide their clients with liquidity opportunities as well as top notch client services. Equities First consistently invests in their operations due to the consistently rapid expansion. They have the teams located in London who are the best in their fields and provide excellent customer service. They have always aligned themselves with strategic partners including the biggest investment banks, custodian banks and law firms in the world.

The headquarters of Equities First is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are a private lender providing security based lending to investors who require funding. They have a process that is straightforward and allows their client to quickly access the liquidity they need at rates that are below the current market. The transactions are secured with publicly traded shares being used for collateral. Their clients are high worth individuals and global companies.

Equities First Holding; A Company determined to offer effective financial solutions.

Among other lending institutions, Equities First Holdings is viewed by many as the leading lending firm that offers financial solutions to other companies and individuals. During economic crises, the world has turned to be a place where securing fast capital is the goal. Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings has been able to provide a loan based on future performance and evaluation of the risks involved that are all associated with bonds, stocks, and treasuries. The firm’s headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana but has a satellite office in New York.

According to the company’s founder, Al Christy, Jr, the firm has been adopted by many people as a trusted entity that helps in giving quick working capital during economic crises. Most lending institutions have been seen to tighten their lending capabilities with the aim of putting off some clients. They also increase their interest rate with the same mission; putting off clients. Equities Firsts, on the other hand, is specialized in offering margin loans and stock-based loans at all times even during economic crises. Stock-based loans have been adopted by many individuals who require fast working capital. This is because the loans are depicted by a non-recourse feature that is seen to accept a borrower to detach him/herself from the lender.

Through this, the lender can decide to limit their account by deciding to liquidate the stocks the borrower had transferred to the lender and get back the money. The company’s niche approach of securities based lending only means that the customers have more suppleness for their every pursuit. One of the primary reasons as to why many individuals are turning to Equities First is the fact that their stock loans are non-purpose. This means that the borrower is given the mandate to invest in whatever he or she requires with no restrictions. With the loans and financial solutions the firm has worked on in their many transactions, a lot of lives and businesses have been saved.


Nexbank has most recently seen an increase in their assets and profits. The banking institution which was established in 1934 has continued to rise and its assets are worth $ 4 billion and 89 employees in 4 locations as of September of the year 2016. It is the 14th largest bank in Texas and serves very many people especially in Dallas. It has an A rating with money market 2× the national average. The company serves institutions and other private banking customers.



It is known for its product packages that offer people from different sectors a very good banking experience. It offers investment advice, lending, savings, mortgage as well as commercial banking services. Their interest rates are very convenient for both their lenders and investors. Most of their savings products have a known return interest rate so that the savers can know exactly what to expect after the maturity period of the savings certificate. The packages vary according to the ability of the individual savers and their desired level of liquidity. The bank understands that savings is the beginning of investment and growth so it helps its clients achieve their maximum growth potential.



The most appealing service by Nexbank is their online banking. It is now possible for customers to acquire banking services without having to take long hours at the bank. Through their mobile banking one can keep track of their account transactions by acquiring monthly statements, check balances, and transfer money into different accounts. Most importantly, one can make payment directly without having to first withdraw money or write checks through their pay bill. The bank is under great leadership lead by the director chairman James Dondero and his team of directors who ensure that quality services are provided by making sure that the employees are qualified and the company policies are favorable. It is their aim for the bank continues to offer leading financial services every year.