Equities Firsts Business Strategies

Equities First has acquired Meridian Equity Partners. This transaction took place in the United Kingdom. Equities First has seen a lot of expansion and consolidation in the past year. Already a leader in the global marketplace Equities First has offices located in Bangkok, London, Perth, Sydney, Indianapolis, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Their new acquisition has brought their service to a global level. There are seven offices designed to serve their clients in Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia. They are able to provide liquidity at an incredibly attractive level for their businesses, investors and executives.Equities First was founded in 2002 by Al Christy. The annual growth of the company over the past three years has been thirty per cent. The companies employees have shown an increase of fifty per cent since 2012. They specialize in non-recourse transactions where their borrowers are able to retain all of their appreciations in the shares.

The purpose of their expansion was to be able to provide their clients with liquidity opportunities as well as top notch client services. Equities First consistently invests in their operations due to the consistently rapid expansion. They have the teams located in London who are the best in their fields and provide excellent customer service. They have always aligned themselves with strategic partners including the biggest investment banks, custodian banks and law firms in the world.

The headquarters of Equities First is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are a private lender providing security based lending to investors who require funding. They have a process that is straightforward and allows their client to quickly access the liquidity they need at rates that are below the current market. The transactions are secured with publicly traded shares being used for collateral. Their clients are high worth individuals and global companies.

Equities First Holding; A Company determined to offer effective financial solutions.

Among other lending institutions, Equities First Holdings is viewed by many as the leading lending firm that offers financial solutions to other companies and individuals. During economic crises, the world has turned to be a place where securing fast capital is the goal. Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings has been able to provide a loan based on future performance and evaluation of the risks involved that are all associated with bonds, stocks, and treasuries. The firm’s headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana but has a satellite office in New York.

According to the company’s founder, Al Christy, Jr, the firm has been adopted by many people as a trusted entity that helps in giving quick working capital during economic crises. Most lending institutions have been seen to tighten their lending capabilities with the aim of putting off some clients. They also increase their interest rate with the same mission; putting off clients. Equities Firsts, on the other hand, is specialized in offering margin loans and stock-based loans at all times even during economic crises. Stock-based loans have been adopted by many individuals who require fast working capital. This is because the loans are depicted by a non-recourse feature that is seen to accept a borrower to detach him/herself from the lender.

Through this, the lender can decide to limit their account by deciding to liquidate the stocks the borrower had transferred to the lender and get back the money. The company’s niche approach of securities based lending only means that the customers have more suppleness for their every pursuit. One of the primary reasons as to why many individuals are turning to Equities First is the fact that their stock loans are non-purpose. This means that the borrower is given the mandate to invest in whatever he or she requires with no restrictions. With the loans and financial solutions the firm has worked on in their many transactions, a lot of lives and businesses have been saved.

Invest Wisely with Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most prosperous investment bankers of all time. Martin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a firm called Lustgarten Martin. This is a renowned investment banking firm that operates in the United States. Not only is this the best investment bank in Florida but also one of the best in the American banking history.


The company has received praises mainly due to the leadership skills offered by their mercurial founder. Martin has decades of experience in the investment industry. This has enabled him to have a profound knowledge and skills in this challenging industry. The company has reached its peak by safeguarding a good reputation with their existing clients and attracting more customers than any other investment bank.


One of the main reasons why Martin Lustgarten is the most sought after investment banker is his ability to communicate effectively and sway people. He has helped many clients raise funds for various business ventures and goes the extra mile of offering innovative financial advice.


Investment banks are different from the conventional commercial and retail banks. An investment bank is a financial entity that helps individuals and firms in raising capital through engaging in stock exchange. They help entrepreneurs and companies to find the most profitable investment plan as well as maintaining them in the long run.


You can say that investment banks act as a bridge between large entities and investors. Investment banks perform numerous functions such as underwriting, brokerage service for institutions and facilitating mergers and acquisition. Many firms and individual acquire the services of these investment banks to underwrite and issue these securities.


Investors acquire the services of investment banks as they specialize in the field of investing which enables them to provide valuable knowledge about fixed income commodities, equity security, market marking and trading of derivatives. One of the main services that investment banks provide is trading and promoting securities. These securities are then promoted by investment banks and the process is done through underwriting and research.


Investment banks provide a platform for potential investors to maintain and build their investments since they have a team of veteran and knowledgeable professionals who offer them valuable suggestions into the stock exchange.

The Experts of Investment Banking

Investment banking as a sector summons individuals, multinationals and governments by helping them make investment decisions. The investment banks, depending upon the scale of operation, underwrite the debt, finance and capital requirement by issuing fresh securities equity. They can do so in their own capacity or act as an agent for the same. If they are large operators, they would be able to facilitate a merger and acquisitions, sale or reorganisation of the entity and also other services like derivative trading, equity securities trading, fixed income instruments, currency services, commodities services and market determination.

Investment banks are different from commercial banks and retail banks since they do not accept deposits. This separation was asserted to separate the work coverage of investment banks from the rest. In the United States, the difference was maintained from 1933 to 1999 when the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed by Gramm Leach Bliley Act.

Investment banks provide both sell side and buy side operations. Sell-side operations include advice on Life Insurances, private equity, mutual funds and hedge funds. Buy side operations include taking care of selling securities, market determination and generation of securities.

Whether you are making investment plans, thinking of an exit in your business, been looking for fresh financial capital, undergoing a reorganisation of your corporation or looking to acquire an organisation or merge your entity with some other entity; there is only one name you can bank upon – Martin Lustgarten. Based out of Florida, this man has helped and convened many such successful projects for not only early stage investors, but also for big institutions, corporations, asset management companies and other business.

Martin Lustgarten regularly coaches his peer group on the way investment banking works. He sees the opportunity before it drops. Locate trends before they happen. Martin Lustgarten has made his wealth through his passion and smart work and promises the same when it comes to managing your wealth. He is a diverse person and is passionate about things that cannot be valued in terms of money. He collects watches of historical significance and trades them for significant profits.




How To Choose A Good Investment Banking Advisor

Choosing a financial services advisor or investment firm is certainly not something to be taken lightly. It is extremely important to consider reputation, experience and other factors as well. When you have a renowned professional providing the guidance you need, you can have confidence that you will attain the success you desire.

There are many ways to manage your money or invest wisely and investment banking is one of them. You simply need to do your home work and make sure you have the right professionals on your side.Investment banking has been creating vast fortunes for well-informed and ambitious individuals and companies. Those who have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t, are able to get into this lucrative field and amass a fortune in no time. Having access to the right resources and reliable advice is essential for success in any business or endeavor. If you want to avoid costly mistakes and improve your chances of success in any endeavor, it is imperative to consult with a professional.

Investment banking advisors are available but you must ensure that you go with someone who is highly dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction of the client. With the increased popularity of investment banking and the ease of venturing into the industry, numerous investors and entrepreneurs consider this filed as a viable investment option.

Martin Lustgarten has been rendering top notch advice and guidance for years and is one of the most respected professionals in the investment arena. He has clients from all walks of life and makes great effort to meet their needs. Martin works closely with each and every client to ensure the best possible service and their complete satisfaction.

As a well-renowned professional, Martin has access to industry connections and top notch resources, which enable him to provide the highest quality service to his clients around the world. Martin makes it a top priority to keep clients informed about the latest issues affecting investors and investment opportunities. And his clients praise him for the prompt service he renders to them.

Success of BMG By Marcio Alaor

Success is only able to be achieved by having a strong desire to be better and the will to be able to reach goals that may seem unattainable. Marcio Alaor has all of these things and has been successful as a result of these things. Not only has he been successful in his own life, but he has also been successful as the vice president of the BMG bank. He has brought a large amount of success to the bank as a result of the different things that he is able to do with the bank.

There have been many reasons that Marcio Alaor has been successful, but his blog shows the person who has been the biggest contributor to his success. Besides himself, Dr. Wilmar was one of the biggest people who helped Marcio Alaor become successful at the banking life and at his own life. He knows that without Dr. Wilmar, he would not have been able to be where he is at with BMG today. He also knows that he would not have the skills that he needed to be able to run the bank to make it a better place for the customers and the employees of the bank.

There were many reasons that he was successful, but Dr. Wilmar saw Marcio Alaor at one of the lowest points in his career. He was working shining shoes when he met Wilmar and became one of the hardest working shoe shiners in the company. He knew that if he had a strong work ethic, he would be able to get somewhere in his life. This led Dr. Wilmar to ask him to be an employee of the bank and kicked off the great career of Alaor.

There were many reasons that Marcio Alaor chose people to be employees of the bank, but he knew that drive and success were two of the biggest things that he was looking for when he was growing the bank. He wanted to make sure that the people he hired were dedicated to being better for the bank and wanted to make sure that they were going to be successful. When creating growth for the BMG bank, he looks only for people who have strong work ethic like him and makes sure that the people are dedicated to success. He also ensures that they have a strong drive to be able to be better.

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Source: Exame.com


Ricardo Annes Guimaraes became the president of the BMG bank in the year 2004 in a very favorable scenario for the Brazil country. He served as the owner of this bank by then and still served as the president. Mr. Ricardo Annes Guimaraes has been the pioneer and the chief executive officer since the year 2004. The BMG bank headquarters is situated at Alvares Cabral, Santo Agostinho Brazil.
Brazil was growing economically at a higher rate; inflation was on the control hence demand for credit came in. Credit offered by BMG bank rose to higher levels. In 2004, the exposure percentage was at 23% growth domestic product and nowadays has increased up to 47% growth domestic product. The concerned credit market in which BMG purposely focuses on had a total amounting up to 6 billion dollars that accounted for 20% of all personal loans in the country.

As of December 2010, the concerned quantity in the credit market was 85 million dollars of all personal credit and accounted an approximate of 60% in the BMG bank system. BMG equity was 325 million dollars in 2004. In December 2010, the consigned credit amount was 1.4 million dollars. There has been an adorable and impressive increase. The increase is due to dedication and teamwork spirit with the BMG staff.
Consigned credit market in Brazil has been the most likely and cheapest means in the credit market. Full exploitation of the credit market has been exploited, and it is due to this reason that BMG bank has been successful. BMG bank is the pioneer of the consigned credit market operation, and it will continue to be the leading market in Brazil due to its consideration in its operations.
BMG bank has 80% origination shares in the consigned credit market, competing with more than 60 banks in the segment. BMG bank offers one of the biggest distribution channels containing more than 50,000 agents working across the Brazil country.
BMG bank has an excellent access link to the national capital market through the use of bond issues. BMG bank acts as being attentive to new opportunities. BMG offers new acquisitions to its clients and attempts to introduce new products to the esteemed clients to attain their loyalties.
BMG tends to have a better way of approaching its customers, by adding them new deals and finding a way of providing better services to them.
In conclusion, BMG bank is the greatest bank offering sponsor deals in Brazil. For instance, it is currently sponsoring soccer teams such as other leagues in football, and also the famous Brazilian basketball team. The BMG bank has been an active bank offering credibility and efficiency to its clients for years now.