Wearing Lime Crime Makeup Is Absolutely Sublime

There are so many cosmetics out there to choose from, that it can get dizzying trying to find something unique, quality made and anything but boring. For so many decades, the huge makeup companies tried forcing women to wear what they decided was popular, appropriate and perfect.


Doe Deere wasn’t buying any of it, and the Russian born beauty decided to challenge the beauty status quo. In 2008, she introduced the world to Lime Crime makeup. The catchy name had stuck, was easy to remember, and the cosmetics were out of this universe.


Today, the momentum continues to grow, and the brand is sitting pretty at the top of the social media heap. Doe Deere built her makeup brand on e-commerce, and the company’s three million Instagram followers can’t seem to get enough of the bad a** makeup.


Lime Crime is extremely popular because it delivers an edge, sexiness and a modern approach to beauty. The color palettes are incredible and not anything you could ever dream of wearing. Alien green, metallic gold, squash and peacock blue are just a handful of the bizarre-o shades of their liquid matte lipsticks.


Doe Deere is hot on the beauty trends and creates her own because she wears these bold, in-your-face cosmetics, so if the product isn’t living up to the hype, she tosses it out and starts again.


Glitter, iridescence and adornment are all part of being a unicorn, the fantastical creature that Doe Deere has based her makeup brand upon. Her eye shadows are playful and bright, and the Venus palettes have become cult faves.


When you put on bold Lime Crime makeup, you are suddenly transformed, heads will turn and the makeup provides a keen sense of empowerment. Doe Deere wants her fans to appreciate their uniqueness. Her company’s mission is providing cosmetics that are freeing with zero apologies. She believes it’s time for young women and men everywhere to begin re-defining what is beautiful.


That’s why the brand has soared to new heights. The makeup is not traditional or boring. The palettes are not beige-y and proper. Thank goodness. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html

Shimmering Colors Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a company that has beautiful colors with all of the products that it delivers. There are pinks and reds with the lipsticks and wild and vibrant colors, like green and blue, when it comes to the eye shadow that is sold. The formula that is used with the products is so thin that as soon as you swipe it on the lips or the eyelids, the makeup is dry. This is one of the things that I enjoy about the cosmetics from this company as I can get up in the morning and get ready in no time without worrying about spending a lot of time doing my makeup.


The lipstick is easy to layer when it comes to several colors on the lips at one time. When I use the Diamond Crushers, I enjoy seeing the sparkle that it gives to my lips. The finish is matte, but there is a gloss appearance as well. The Velvetine lipstick is perhaps one of my favorite items in the Lime Crime line of products. The colors are deep and rich, giving depth to my lips instead of a simple lipstick that tends to clump together at times. I’ve tried several shades, such as beet and red velvet. I enjoy the red shades a bit more than I do the others, but the Velvetines are all beautiful in the way that they glide over the lips.


Another product that I enjoy from Lime Crime is the fingernail polish. I haven’t seen as many new shades as I once did when I discovered the company, but I do have a few colors left that I like using. The polish coats my fingers well and doesn’t ooze off the sides of the nails. There are several colors that I like, but green and blue are my favorite as they make my fingers look beautiful. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html

Obsession Alert: Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime

If you haven’t had a reason to go full-unicorn this summer, now you do. Lime Crime, a beauty brand who already has a colorful history, has just gotten even brighter. Known for their lip color and highlights, they have now launched 13 shades of rainbow-toned semi-permanent hair dyes to fit your mystical lifestyle. They’re calling it ‘Unicorn Hair’ and we see why. With three years in the making, Lime Crime mixologists have perfected the formula for the most coveted hues ranging from neon peach to deep blues, to strawberry jam reds.


What’s great about Unicorn Hair Dye is that it is Vegan & Cruelty-Free and do not have ammonia, peroxide or bleach in its ingredients while still achieving a long-lasting, vibrant hair color. Each color offers both full coverage for the bold and expressive uni’s, and tinted dyes if you are going for that peek-a-boo sun activated look.


The jars of high-pigmented goodness costs about $16 and lasts for up to an impressive 12 washes. Check out the Lime Crime website for tips on wash and upkeep to get the most out of your look. The founder, Doe Deere, has been rocking these multihued looks for years, so it is safe to say they are the experts when it comes to coloring. If you stalk their instagram page (like us), you’ll spot beauty influencers like Keari Huxtable and Rachel Yarmosh dishing out some serious steez in their Unicorn Hair dye. It doesn’t stop there, their 3million followers get a full feed of how-to videos, matching hair dyes with lip color and nails, and a diverse collection for all skin tones.


At $16 a pop, safe ingredients and unique colors, you’ll have just what you need to get into full unicorn transformation – and don’t worry, they promise that no unicorns were harmed during the making of this product!



Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye Just in Time For Summer

So it is almost my favorite time of the year, as anyone who knows me will easily tell you, summer. Summer means finally getting to say goodbye to the rain and the horrible mess that happens every time I get caught in it with my freshly dyed hair. Coming into your office leeching purple onto your blouse is not a look I am bold enough to pull off apparently.


So to celebrate the one time a year where I can freely show my colored hair without worry, I often buy my few months supply of colors I am going to try and get ready to rock some purple braids. But this year I have even more to celebrate as Lime Crime finally has released their line of hair dyes! Though I have been hearing about the new line of products from Lime Crime for quite some time, only increasing my excitement to finally use them, the day had finally come that I could try it out for myself.


Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye for Unicorns Like Me


Coloring my hair weird and unusual colors has always been a part of my individual style for as long as I can remember, my first dye job was at 12 and used my favorite flavor of Kool-Aid as a base, so to finally get to try out the leader of flamboyant and self-expressing beauty products was certainly worth the excitement.


Though there are enough colors and hues to keep my hair looking amazingly unique for way longer than one season, I decided to give the Salad and Anime Unicorn dyes a shot first. Right off the bat, I realized they were not like the other dyes I often use, there was no heavy chemical scent and the colors were true to the bottle. After my first wash I loved my hair, the Anime and Salad blended well together to leave a multi-hued rainbow hanging around my ears and neck. After the fifth wash, I bought the rest of the line. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en


Lime Crime: Gorgeous Colors For The Face And Now The Hair

Ever since Lime Crime makeup launched in 2008, it has created a huge buzz and many followers from around the globe. The bold, crazy colored makeup has become a cult favorite, and now Unicorn Hair has arrived.


It’s an exciting moment, especially for Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere. The fashionable businesswoman enjoys candy-colored tresses and has spent the last three years with her chemist developing the unique rainbow-hued hair dyes.


Unicorn Hair lets you try out the trendy pops of color that remain a hot hair accessory this season. In shades like orange, green, blue, grey, pink, red and others, the formula is gentle to hair in any condition or type and offers either Full Coverage or Tint. According to Doe Deere, the tints can last for 8-10 washes while the full coverage formulas last 10-12 washes. Each generous size bottle holds 7 ounces of dye and costs $16.


The dye is also vegan, cruelty-free and created from a vegetable dye. It’s safe, easy to apply, and the results are vivid gems of color that shine on and on. When the color gradually fades, it’s subtle and never harsh to strands.


When it comes to your hair, makeup and fashion style, Doe Deere believes that all harmonize wonderfully together. That is why she was intent on creating her fab new Unicorn Hair. She likes playing with vivid color from head to toe and was “dye-ing” to introduce her fans to the sexy hair color, do-it-yourself at home process.


The brand holds a major presence on social media, and fans enjoying checking out all the new products the brand keeps churning out. The beauty company is edgy and modern and anything but traditional. There are no rules when it comes to makeup and hair by Lime Crime, and that’s part of the brand’s mission, to let you define your own standard of what is beautiful.


You can check out the brand’s Instagram to see how fans create gorgeous images in the makeup and Unicorn Hair dye. The selfies are inspiring, and 2.9 million followers seem to agree.