Lime Crime is a Uniquely Tailored to Doe Deere’s Unicorn Fan Base

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. Deere launched the company because she, like most women couldn’t find makeup that she thought matched who she was as an individual. Doe Deere has a very big, and bright personality. She wanted bright and bold colors to use for her makeup, which she couldn’t seem to find on the market. This gave her the initiative to create her own line of cosmetics. The first product that was introduced to the world in 2009 was the Unicorn Lipsticks. These lipsticks come in a variety of bold lip colors that come packaged with a sparkly unicorn placed on it. This was something new and exciting. The Unicorn Lipsticks did very well on the market, which made Lime Crime a household name.


Later in 2012, Lime Crime introduced its Velvetines line. This line consisted of matte liquid lipsticks that came in over twenty-five shades. The product is cruelty-free and comes in a clear tube with a red twist off top. The shades varied from bright and bold, to soft and neutral. This line hit the market and took off. There is a shade for the women who like to go bold, those who are subtle, as well as those who are dark and goth-like. No matter what look you are going for there is a shade for it. Their Velvetine line was available in over 20 stores as well as online. It tops the market as the most requested lipstick. Its formula is a liquid lipstick that dries matte. The long lasting ability is what makes the lipstick a success. Women love their lipstick, but what’s better than lipstick? One that is beautiful and last all day without reapplying.


The Velvetines are still a success til this very day. Women are in love with the different hues as well as its long-lasting ability. The liquid lipsticks have been in popular demand for the past five years. It’s smooth, full coverage formula seems to be women’s dream come true. The colors are perfect and do not smudge after drying. Doe Deere truly made a name for herself when she created this cosmetic line.

Transform Your Mane with Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dyes

Few trends have taken over as many pop culture realms as the unicorn. Food, booze, fashion, home decor, DIYs, the list goes on long enough to suggest the unicorn trend is not going away anytime soon. Their bright colors are perfect for summer vibes, and a gorgeous update to your own mane may be the best way to get ahead of the trend.


Enter Lime Crime and their new Unicorn Hair collection. Vibrant? Yup. Pretty? Yup. The packaging itself is branded in a reflective holographic magical font, dazzling from the get go. Dubbed their semi-permanent fantasy hair color, these dyes are available in thirteen fantastical hues. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case, go for it.


These dyes have been in development for over three years in the hands of Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere. Deere’s creations are near to her heart, as she wanted to be able to use them herself! This line was created with the company’s standards in mind as well. Lime Crime’s commitment to cruelty-free products is evident in this Unicorn Hair collection. Not only are they cruelty free, but also complete with all vegan ingredients as well. Rest assured, no bunnies, puppies, or mythical beasts were harmed in the creation of these awesome dyes.


New to the wonderful world of colorful hair? No worries, as Lime Crime explains these colors are made for salon gurus to newbies alike. All of the colors come in both Full Coverage or Tint formula options, the former containing a higher pigment load then the latter. Lime Crime’s website lists a ton of helpful information on choosing your color, formula, quantity, and what your base hair should look like to yield the best result. The best part is, each jar of dye is set an affordable $16.


Look, obviously you can’t turn yourself into an actual unicorn,(yet) but transforming your hair color into a rainbow lollipop masterpiece is a definitely a close second.

Lime Crime Hair Dye Helps Users Land a Unique Look

Being a unicorn has been all the craze lately! People are wearing unicorn colors, sporting unicorn decals, drinking unicorn colored drinks, and more! It has a lot to do with the fact that people just want to look and feel magical. Now, there’s a brand who is joining the unicorn trend and it’s easy to see why!


There’s a makeup line called Lime Crime and it has long been known for its unique style and choice of coloring for products. Many have even referred to the makeup as magical and called the leader a unicorn. That’s because this line of products is all about the bright colors! From lips to eyes and everything in between, Lime Crime has men and women covered.


Now, they are expanding into hair with their new unicorn hair dye. The unicorn hair dye is the perfect compliment to all their other products because it’s just as bright and colorful as the others. According to Elle, the new line of unicorn hair dye features 13 wild shades. These colors include pinks, purples, blues, and more!


The unicorn hair dyes are made from vegan ingredients just like the rest of their products. The unicorn hair dye is also a lot healthier for hair than many other products out there. That’s because the dyes don’t have ammonia or bleach which break down hair and cause extensive damage. There’s also options when it comes to the hair dye! People can purchase tints which last for up to 10 washes or full coverage which last up to 12 washes. The colors aren’t permanent which gives users the option to experiment with different colors.


The Unicorn Hair Dye is also super affordable. It’s only %16 for a jar of dye which is a 4th of what you’d pay in the salon. The color looks just as good as what it would if you got it professionally done. Overall Lime Crime is continuing the love of bright colors by offering hair dye. It helps all of those out there create a look that’s entirely their own. Bright colors are all the rage and it’s time that people start having options to embrace them.




Lime Crime Is Unicorn Friendly

Unicorns seem to have taken over everything from shirts and coffee mugs to drinks and food. Now you can add hair styles to the list thanks to Lime Crime! They made it possible to turn your hair into magical unicorn colors.


With 13 vibrant shades to pick from, you can have one solid color or mix it up and make your own style. Each color has a unique name such as Bunny (pink), Pony (purple), and Leeloo (red) just to name a few. One jar will cost $16 and that will get you about 7 fl oz.


Sticking with the Lime Crime style, these products are vegan friendly and cruelty free! They are also ammonia and bleach free. The colors are semi-permanent and gentle on your hair. The tint colors can last about 8 to 10 washes while the full coverage colors can last about 10 to 12 washes. The bold unicorn inspired colors are also hyper-performance and will fade gracefully. They won’t dull and look boring.


The company has plans to expand this line in the future so people can try more colors. They offer tips and tricks to get the best results from the colors on the company website under the list of unicorn colors. Fun colored hair is becoming a new trend and this company has created many fun colored make up products for a long time.


To keep the fun colors going, you can find make up products that are also vegan friendly and cruelty free to go with the unicorn color. They have products such as lipsticks and eye shadows that are bold enough to make any new look stand out in a crowd.


Lime Crime got popular for being bold with colors and making statements. The new unicorn hair is no different. With so many colors to pick from, once one is done a new one is already waiting!

Lime Crime Unleases New Colorful Unicorn Hair Dye

Entrepreneur Doe Deere’s innovative cosmetics brand Lime Crime cosmetics now offers Unicorn Hair, semi-permanent fantasy hair color. The company has been working on the hair color for three years. Made from vegan ingredients, the dyes don’t contain any ammonia or bleach. Each of the colors comes in both full coverage as well as tint formulas. When people color their hair using the tints, the color remains in the hair through 8-10 washes. People who choose to use the full coverage can expect it to last between 10-12 washes. Plus, the jars of dye are affordably priced.


Doe Deere’s goal was to create a high-quality hair color that would look great, last long and fade gracefully. And with Unicorn Hair she has done just that. The product is made using pure vegan ingredients and is never tested on animals. Plus it’s gentle on your hair and comes in 13 different shades with more on the way. This semi-permanent hair color is professional grade yet easy to use. The company’s new line of hair color performs well and looks great. It’s perfect for people of any age who want to add a little color and unique style to their lives.


This conditioning hair dye is vibrant, long-lasting and gives users the choice between two formulas. Made with vegetable glycerin, the gentle, deposit-only dye won’t damage your hair. It can even be used on bleached or unbleached hair. Because it doesn’t contain bleach, it won’t remove the color you currently have in your hair. Instead it will add a new colorful layer and help give you a unique look. The condition of your hair, the depth of the shade, how often you wash your hair and whether or not you use a gentle shampoos will all play a role in how long the color lasts. However, it’s designed to look great even as it fades.


The new Lime Crime Unicorn hair is designed to be used right out of the jar and comes with everything you need. Plus you can mix and match the colors to create a look that’s distinctly your own.

Lime Crime Adds Unicorn Hair Dyes To Their Bold Beauty Lineup

For the adventurous in spirit, Lime Crime has launched a new line of Unicorn Hair Dyes. These bold, unicorn inspired hues come in 13 vibrant and aptly named colors. The Unicorn Hair Dye product line has been in process for three years, and for good reason. The semi-permanent hair dye delivers fantastic shades while containing no ammonia or bleach. All 13 shades are also made with vegan ingredients.

“What is Unicorn hair?” you might ask. Developed by the revolutionary beauty line Lime Crime, Unicorn themed products promote individuality with a rebellious kick. The web based beauty line’s hair dyes complement their adventurous lipstick line of crazy colors with a grunge element. You can select between hues with names like “dirty mermaid” and “anime” in order to create an enviable color straight from the bottle, or mix and match to make your own hues. Either way, your hair is sure to attract attention in any of these fantasy inspired colors.

Besides color, you can also choose from two formulas. For the brave unicorn lovers with blonde or bleached hair, full coverage delivers a bold and saturated color with its high pigmentation. Those who want a more subtle, but still unicorn themed hair color can choose a tint and expect a lovely pastel instead.

Lime Crime’s earth friendly founder, Doe Deere, didn’t have to look far when developing the Unicorn hair dye line. The “Unicorn Queen” is no stranger to vibrantly colored hair, and used her own locks as inspiration when developing the PETA approved, cruelty-free dyes.

Some users might be concerned about how these colors will look once applied. While the Unicorn Hair Dyes do not contain bleach, they show up best on bleached hair. But if you hair is dark and you aren’t willing to bleach, don’t dismay. The Unicorn full saturation hues will still show up as tints if you choose to use them without lightening your hair first. And of course, since Unicorn Hair Dyes are semi-permanent they are designed to fade over time with each hair wash. Use gentle products in order to lengthen the dye’s life span.

Wearing Lime Crime Makeup Is Absolutely Sublime

There are so many cosmetics out there to choose from, that it can get dizzying trying to find something unique, quality made and anything but boring. For so many decades, the huge makeup companies tried forcing women to wear what they decided was popular, appropriate and perfect.


Doe Deere wasn’t buying any of it, and the Russian born beauty decided to challenge the beauty status quo. In 2008, she introduced the world to Lime Crime makeup. The catchy name had stuck, was easy to remember, and the cosmetics were out of this universe.


Today, the momentum continues to grow, and the brand is sitting pretty at the top of the social media heap. Doe Deere built her makeup brand on e-commerce, and the company’s three million Instagram followers can’t seem to get enough of the bad a** makeup.


Lime Crime is extremely popular because it delivers an edge, sexiness and a modern approach to beauty. The color palettes are incredible and not anything you could ever dream of wearing. Alien green, metallic gold, squash and peacock blue are just a handful of the bizarre-o shades of their liquid matte lipsticks.


Doe Deere is hot on the beauty trends and creates her own because she wears these bold, in-your-face cosmetics, so if the product isn’t living up to the hype, she tosses it out and starts again.


Glitter, iridescence and adornment are all part of being a unicorn, the fantastical creature that Doe Deere has based her makeup brand upon. Her eye shadows are playful and bright, and the Venus palettes have become cult faves.


When you put on bold Lime Crime makeup, you are suddenly transformed, heads will turn and the makeup provides a keen sense of empowerment. Doe Deere wants her fans to appreciate their uniqueness. Her company’s mission is providing cosmetics that are freeing with zero apologies. She believes it’s time for young women and men everywhere to begin re-defining what is beautiful.


That’s why the brand has soared to new heights. The makeup is not traditional or boring. The palettes are not beige-y and proper. Thank goodness.

Shimmering Colors Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a company that has beautiful colors with all of the products that it delivers. There are pinks and reds with the lipsticks and wild and vibrant colors, like green and blue, when it comes to the eye shadow that is sold. The formula that is used with the products is so thin that as soon as you swipe it on the lips or the eyelids, the makeup is dry. This is one of the things that I enjoy about the cosmetics from this company as I can get up in the morning and get ready in no time without worrying about spending a lot of time doing my makeup.


The lipstick is easy to layer when it comes to several colors on the lips at one time. When I use the Diamond Crushers, I enjoy seeing the sparkle that it gives to my lips. The finish is matte, but there is a gloss appearance as well. The Velvetine lipstick is perhaps one of my favorite items in the Lime Crime line of products. The colors are deep and rich, giving depth to my lips instead of a simple lipstick that tends to clump together at times. I’ve tried several shades, such as beet and red velvet. I enjoy the red shades a bit more than I do the others, but the Velvetines are all beautiful in the way that they glide over the lips.


Another product that I enjoy from Lime Crime is the fingernail polish. I haven’t seen as many new shades as I once did when I discovered the company, but I do have a few colors left that I like using. The polish coats my fingers well and doesn’t ooze off the sides of the nails. There are several colors that I like, but green and blue are my favorite as they make my fingers look beautiful.

Obsession Alert: Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime

If you haven’t had a reason to go full-unicorn this summer, now you do. Lime Crime, a beauty brand who already has a colorful history, has just gotten even brighter. Known for their lip color and highlights, they have now launched 13 shades of rainbow-toned semi-permanent hair dyes to fit your mystical lifestyle. They’re calling it ‘Unicorn Hair’ and we see why. With three years in the making, Lime Crime mixologists have perfected the formula for the most coveted hues ranging from neon peach to deep blues, to strawberry jam reds.


What’s great about Unicorn Hair Dye is that it is Vegan & Cruelty-Free and do not have ammonia, peroxide or bleach in its ingredients while still achieving a long-lasting, vibrant hair color. Each color offers both full coverage for the bold and expressive uni’s, and tinted dyes if you are going for that peek-a-boo sun activated look.


The jars of high-pigmented goodness costs about $16 and lasts for up to an impressive 12 washes. Check out the Lime Crime website for tips on wash and upkeep to get the most out of your look. The founder, Doe Deere, has been rocking these multihued looks for years, so it is safe to say they are the experts when it comes to coloring. If you stalk their instagram page (like us), you’ll spot beauty influencers like Keari Huxtable and Rachel Yarmosh dishing out some serious steez in their Unicorn Hair dye. It doesn’t stop there, their 3million followers get a full feed of how-to videos, matching hair dyes with lip color and nails, and a diverse collection for all skin tones.


At $16 a pop, safe ingredients and unique colors, you’ll have just what you need to get into full unicorn transformation – and don’t worry, they promise that no unicorns were harmed during the making of this product!



Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye Just in Time For Summer

So it is almost my favorite time of the year, as anyone who knows me will easily tell you, summer. Summer means finally getting to say goodbye to the rain and the horrible mess that happens every time I get caught in it with my freshly dyed hair. Coming into your office leeching purple onto your blouse is not a look I am bold enough to pull off apparently.


So to celebrate the one time a year where I can freely show my colored hair without worry, I often buy my few months supply of colors I am going to try and get ready to rock some purple braids. But this year I have even more to celebrate as Lime Crime finally has released their line of hair dyes! Though I have been hearing about the new line of products from Lime Crime for quite some time, only increasing my excitement to finally use them, the day had finally come that I could try it out for myself.


Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye for Unicorns Like Me


Coloring my hair weird and unusual colors has always been a part of my individual style for as long as I can remember, my first dye job was at 12 and used my favorite flavor of Kool-Aid as a base, so to finally get to try out the leader of flamboyant and self-expressing beauty products was certainly worth the excitement.


Though there are enough colors and hues to keep my hair looking amazingly unique for way longer than one season, I decided to give the Salad and Anime Unicorn dyes a shot first. Right off the bat, I realized they were not like the other dyes I often use, there was no heavy chemical scent and the colors were true to the bottle. After my first wash I loved my hair, the Anime and Salad blended well together to leave a multi-hued rainbow hanging around my ears and neck. After the fifth wash, I bought the rest of the line.