How Amicus Therapeutics Managed to Gain Critical Acclaim in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Amicus Therapeutics is a New Jersey-based publicly-traded company. The company used the trading symbol “FOLD” on the NASDAQ stock exchange platform in 2005. The symbol was changed to “AMTX” a year later since the company rebranded. Before it went public, Amicus Therapeutics relied on funds from venture capital companies like New Enterprises Associates, Canaan Partners, and Radius Partners.

Organizational Structure

Amicus Therapeutics focuses on lysosomal storage diseases, which are also regarded as rare and orphan diseases. In 2014, Amicus was reported to be the only firm in the pharmaceutical industry to have the largest portfolio of small molecule chaperones. This is because the company relies on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy to develop enzyme related therapies.

Amicus Therapeutics is known for its chaperone therapy for Fabry disease. The company also signed a partnership deal with JCR Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline for three years investigate alpha-galactosidase. Amicus relies on outside manufacturing contracts since it lacks a manufacturing plant. The firm also opened a research site in San Diego in 2008 to amplify the operations of its New Jersey office. Learn more about Amicus Therapeutics at Seeking Alpha.

Financial Support

In 2010, The Michael J. Fox Foundation made a contribution of $500,000 as a grant for studies to be conducted by Amicus Therapeutics. The grant enabled Amicus Therapeutics and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA to conduct several studies.

Leadership Team

Amicus Therapeutics attributes most of its excellence in the pharmaceutical industry to its leadership team. John F. Crowley has held the position of CEO at Amicus Therapeutics since 2005. Crowley also took over as board chairperson of Amicus from Donald Hayden in 2010. David Hayden became the company’s lead independent director despite being succeeded in his previous pocket position. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at

Bradley L. Campbell serves in the capacity of the chief operating officer while William D. Baird III serves in the capacity of chief financial officer at Amicus. David Lockhart joined the company as chief scientific officer in 2010. Brandon Wustman was also appointed to serve as the director of explorative biology at Amicus in that year.