Developing a Business in Brazil with Roberto Santiago

Brazilian Culture with Roberto Santiago

If you are thinking of going to Brazil, think of Roberto Santiago. Roberto has lived in Brazil since he was born and has no intention to relocate. He owns a blog where he posts all the right things and features about Brazil. In case you want to visit Brazil someday, go to his blog to learn more about Brazil. From the passion for food in Brazil to the entertainment, he can vouch for his country any day. He adores the serving styles like Rodizio where everyone can eat any food. Feijoada is the staple food of Brazil and Caipirinha is the national drink. Most eateries in Brazil always serve pao de queso meaning cheddar bread before the steak. The serving is traditional nourishment for breakfast. Another serving prominent in Northern Brazil and Salvador is Bobo de Camaro, made of fresh shrimp and dunked in coconut rupee. Brazil is well known for its espresso as it is the biggest maker.

Roberto Santiago Shopping Built in Joao Pessoa

We are all aware how important shopping malls are to us. From restocking our homes, offices and workplaces, we need shopping stores in our neighborhoods and towns. That is why the Brazilians are excited. Brazil is full of cheering news about a new shopping mall called Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping around Joao Pessoa. With it, Joao is becoming Brazilian’s favorite place for hanging out. The permission to erect a shopping mall and social amenities from the State of Brazil came as good news to the investors in Brazil with the worth of the mall being approximate $60 million. The development of the shopping mall at the centre of the city is a huge venture for the town as it is receiving an enormous positive feedback from the population. With that, more people from the nation are relocating into the city. The development of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is an astonishing open door for economic experts with the aim to invest resources in the development of shopping centers, recreational places in addition to private offices. Joao Pessoa has a vivacious social schedule.

Entertainment Centre

Brazil participates in hosting big occasions including voyages. With most enterprises investigators looking forward to investing 5% of all shares to the development of land in Brazil, all eyes are on the prize. The government motivates speculators investing resources into urban communities of Brazil. With the steady financial economy of Brazil, investing in Joao Pessoa will give the investors significant returns. Brazil is currently a nation of white collar division populated by moguls. With Joao Pessoa and Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping, more Brazilians can comfortably resign and land jobs in the chic shoreline. Currently, the centre is populated with many Brazilians seeking entertainment and honestly, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping can offer such services. The city is categorically known for its vast numbers of government workers retirees. Joao Pessoa has granted Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping the opportunity to grow.

Business in Roberto Santiago Manaira

If you are thinking of opening a business in Joao Pessoa, reflect on Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. The shopping centre has many customers around. The number is approximately 3,500 potentials. Although the rural places have shopping strips, most people in the suburbs shop in malls like Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has retail chains, beauticians, restaurants and boutiques under one roof. It is, therefore, a good idea to put up a business in the mall because of the people traffic. When shopping centers look for occupants, they search for individuals with their clients because they would like to keep the mall busy. Unlike such shopping centers, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping understands the fact that it is crucial to give a chance to all business people. The administration therefore understands the need to admit new business as tenants. Rest assured, if you put up a business in that mall, you must harvest profits.

Education and Work

Born in 1968, Roberto Santiago went to the University of Madrid, known as Universidad Computense de Madrid. He studied Information Science and literary creation at the prominent School of Letters. Roberto is a script writer and film writer of series and movies. Apart from cinema work, he loves literature and teaches children and the youth. Most of his novels have won important awards like the Edebe Prize. He has been a great screenwriter for programs in the television, editor for advertising firms in Brazil and a video clip producer. Most of the films have been featured on big movie screens. Los Futbolisimos collection is one of the greatest achievements he has had for long. It is a publishing phenomenon for children’s books. It is a series of books translated into different languages and has been in the Brazilian market for many years.

BMG Increases Investment In Brazilian Clubs

The growth of the investment firm has for some time now been seen as a blessing to the Brazilian clubs. It is uncommon to see clubs play in matches without a BMG label on their uniforms. It is a clear indication that BMG has taken over the industry, and has gone forward to sponsor a majority of the teams. The bank has taken concrete measures to make sure it achieves the worldwide goal of marketing its agenda, and at the same time benefiting the society. The corporate social responsibility it engages in is commendable.

The year 2008 was the turning point where Ricardo Guimarães, the president of BMG, started to invest aggressively in banks. By 2011, the bank had extensively invested in over 11 Serie A clubs. From the sponsorship of the teams, BMG has a right to the economic prosperity of the players. In the future sale of a player, they have a role to play and a slice to the bank, for their support of the players. In fact, at least, five more teams in the first division football in Brazil have BMG slice gains from it, even though there is no sponsorship contract.

In 2009, BMG formed an investment fund named Soccer BR1. Players from the 11 teams, and including Corinthians, Avail, Botafogo and Fluminense, are signed up to the investment’s fund shares. It has over 50 players in it, who benefits directly from the future sale of the athletes.

Questions have been raised about the rapid and steady rise of BMG in Brazilian football. However, detailed understanding points out that the Bank has a close relationship regarding assisting each other with the business deals. BMG President Ricardo Guimarães is totally in support of the idea of giving loans to clubs to service their expenditure and help them run when they are faced with short-term financial constraints. In the instances where the clubs are unable to repay the loan, the banks retain a slice of the athlete. It increases the possibility of profiting in future spells of the player.

The whole idea is an arrangement between the clubs and the Bank. The bank has the money to run the club and salvage the situation when they are in a financial crisis. It is, therefore, mutually beneficial for both parties to have such agreements. According to Edwardo Maluf, they have a role to play in the rights of players they have interests. In that respect, he reiterates that selling players is something that is not only beneficial to the club, but to BMG as well. Therefore, they have a long-term goal of engaging in the business relationships that surround Brazilian football and sponsorship in general.

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BMG Profile and History

Privately owned and controlled by the family of Pentagna Guimaraes. They have involved themselves in the financial industry of Brazil ever since 1930. They have established it as Banco de Credito Predial S.A. The commercial bank since then has offered its products to the institutions and individuals. The bank adopted a business model which was consumer financing as well as Wholesale. It was the leader in the market. It helped with the financing of the vehicles in the 1980s, both heavy and light. It has changed its plans in 1998 to dealing with loans in payrolls. It has since become the benchmark.

One person that is very helpful in the transitions of business matters is Marco Alaor, the vice president and director if BMG. He came to be very helpful in summer of 2012 when BMG has signed an agreement with Itau Unibanco S.A. which had the aim of distributing payroll loans in Brazil. Marco Alao has a lot of good business sense when it comes to his bank. Thanks to him, the BMG company ownes as much as 40% of all stocks when it comes to the voting total leaving Unibanco with the 60% left over.

BMG is one of the most trustworthy banks of Brazil. They make sure to conduct their business in an ethical manner which builds trust and helps them gain more capital for the company. There are other banks in Brazil that attempt similar business practices, but few come close to being as successful as BMG. BMG knows what choices will bring them the needed advantages to their business. Their choices make it easier for them to take care of other responsibilities such as bringing their focus to the Payroll Credit Card.

BMG has such a rich history of good choices and profitable activities which show the company to be very wise and thoughtful company. One thing that is very helpful to their success is the fact that their clients are satisfied. When clients are satisfied, then that shows that the company is worth doing business with in Brazil. They have shown themselves to be trustworthy and honest as well as diligent when it comes to their business with clients of all sizes in Brazil. Their strengths in sales and other areas of business is what makes them stand out in various aspects among other businesses. They have maintained great strength in business for almost 100 years.

Their strength and success comes thanks to its highly experienced team of professionals. They have become a brand that is nationally famous when it comes to their ability to read the market in order to predict the next major movement. Throughout the history of the company, BMG has maintained a great portfolio when it comes to making business decisions.

Banco BMG’s President Ricardo Guimaraes Signs the Top-Ranked Tennis Player in the Whole World

Ricardo Guimaraes has been the head of Banco BMG bank since 2004. Guimaraes serves as the Chief Executive Officer and also the President of BMG bank. Banco BMG bank started as Banco group, where it was owned and controlled by the Guimaraes family. This family held the largest number of shares in this bank.
Ricardo is also the founder of BMG bank. This bank offers advisory services, loans obligations services, mergers and amalgamations and equity credits. This bank is known for its quality distribution channel in the banking system. The bank has also secured a top ranking in the banking sector.
Ricardo Annes Guimaraes hit the limelight when he introduced the cheapest and the most preferred form of personal credit, the consigned credit. In his leadership era, Guimaraes has established a large number of selling points in the whole Brazil municipalities.
Banco BMG is well known for sponsoring diverse talents in Brazil. The bank has been in partnership with the Brazilian football and volleyball teams since it started operating. To fully support the different talents in Brazil, Guimaraes signed a commercial agreement with a local television channels that will create awareness to the citizens on the importance of helping home skills.
Recently, Ricardo Guimaraes the best tennis player in the whole world, Marcelo Melo. The Brazilian athlete has taken home many awards including the 1000 Master Shanghai, which were hosted in China, Master 1000 Paris, which were hosted in France and Association of Tennis Professionals in Acapulco as per the publications.
Guimaraes depicted that Banco BMG bank trading logo will feature in all playing kits, uniforms and other training materials. He also added that the signing of Marcelo Melo will motivate him to perform well and earn fame to Brazil athlete squad in 2016 Olympics which will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro.
Marcelo Melo was impressed by signing an agreement with Banco BMG bank exactly after returning from France where he won the double tennis game master 1000 championship with his partner Ivan. Guimaraes was also happy with the agreement having an assurance Marcelo will continue conquering other trophies.
Guimaraes stated that the signing of Marcelo Melo will help create a better name of the bank as more people concentrate more on sports activities. Ricardo efforts in promoting the wellbeing and improving living standards of the people have led him to receive Recognitions and Awards.

In conclusion, Ricardo Guimaraes has been a top-notch investor in the banking industry. His love for sports and developments has contributed to the Banco BMG success.

The Power Of A Bank

Ricardo Guimarães painted a brighter future for BMG Bank when he decided to become the president and CEO of the bank during 2007. In the following World Finance interview, he addresses several trending topics regarding the development of BMG and how it currently operates.

The overall growth of Brazil, decline of inflation throughout the city, and better life conditions have contributed to the significance of the BMG. Achievements in credit expository, equity amount and proportion of cosigned credit from BMG in the total market are highly notable. Credit expository percentages are accounted from 27% of GDP in 2004, to 47% of GDP in 2010. Likewise, a transition from 20% to 60% of personal credit in cosigned credit (%6 billion to $85 billion) and an increase from $325 million to 1.4 billion in equity occurred during the 6 year period.

In addition, the following statistics of BMG include the following:

1. 80% of market share in the cosigned credit marketplace, nationwide.
2. Relatively big distribution channels throughout the bank and access to international market.
3. Home to approximately 5 million clients and 50,000 agents.

Several acquisitions and deals also contributed to the success of BMG. For instance, the acquisition of GE Money and purchase of stocks from Securadoor allowed the company to expand its territory. In other words, the company obtained better interaction between clients and prospects. This outcome led to better ways of approaching them, innovations of new ideas, and better contacts.

Guimarães illustrated the multiple facets of BMG’s marketing strategy when he emphasized the importance of sports to promote the company. While sponsoring multiple sports activities (soccer, basketball, etc.), BMG informs individuals that sports is a way of showing personal and social growth.

Social integration- of clients, employees, and partners- influences our society to work collaboratively and create a mainstream of majority and minority groups. Activities in BMG that value culture, entertainment, health, and education, plays a major role in this movement.

Guimarães, during his interview, reminds everyone that BMG is credible and primarily focused on providing the cheapest alternative to personal credit throughout Brazil as well as many places in the world. With this in mind, he doesn’t deny the fact that the company is apart of a humanitarian effort to improve society as a whole.

Marcio Alaor BMG

BMG Bank is a leading financial institution based in Sao Paulo Brazil. The Bank has been in operation since the 1930’s and remains as one of the top banks in all of Brazil. Current Vice President Marcio Alaor has had a lot to do with the bank maintaining its tradition of providing top banking services to the individuals and businesses of Brazil. With Marcio Alaor as Vice President he has helped direct the general operations of the bank which include ensuring that BMG provides the most comprehensive assistance to all of its customers.

One of the things that make BMG a leading bank is the services it provides. BMG Bank provides a number of services that allow it to convince individuals and businesses to become customers. With BMG Bank both individuals and businesses can deposit funds, invest money, receive loans and also purchase insurance products. With these services, individuals and businesses will have what they need in order to more easily manage the financial aspects of their lives or business. Using a bank such as BMG is one of the more beneficial things that a business and individual can do in order to ensure their financial security.

For individuals, BMG Bank offers a number of things that make it an ideal option in terms of using a financial institution. First BMG Bank offers individuals to make deposits in both checking and savings accounts. This allows them to easily and conveniently store their money in separate accounts which give them a safe place to store their money. Customers can also purchase insurance products to help protect their money as well as their property such as their home. They can also get insurance to help provide compensation in case there is a premature death. Individuals who use BMG Bank may also take advantage of investment services which allow them to grow their wealth and work towards funding their retirement.

With businesses, BMG Bank offers a number of options to take advantage of. First, businesses can deposit accounts in order to store funds for their company. They can also use investment services and insurance to help grow their financial assets and protect property. One of the most important services that BMG Bank offers to businesses is loans. There are a number of businesses that are in need of funds to help grow and operate their company. With the loans offered by BMG Bank, businesses will have the money necessary to pay operating costs, acquire property and also purchase inventory.


Ricardo Annes Guimaraes became the president of the BMG bank in the year 2004 in a very favorable scenario for the Brazil country. He served as the owner of this bank by then and still served as the president. Mr. Ricardo Annes Guimaraes has been the pioneer and the chief executive officer since the year 2004. The BMG bank headquarters is situated at Alvares Cabral, Santo Agostinho Brazil.
Brazil was growing economically at a higher rate; inflation was on the control hence demand for credit came in. Credit offered by BMG bank rose to higher levels. In 2004, the exposure percentage was at 23% growth domestic product and nowadays has increased up to 47% growth domestic product. The concerned credit market in which BMG purposely focuses on had a total amounting up to 6 billion dollars that accounted for 20% of all personal loans in the country.

As of December 2010, the concerned quantity in the credit market was 85 million dollars of all personal credit and accounted an approximate of 60% in the BMG bank system. BMG equity was 325 million dollars in 2004. In December 2010, the consigned credit amount was 1.4 million dollars. There has been an adorable and impressive increase. The increase is due to dedication and teamwork spirit with the BMG staff.
Consigned credit market in Brazil has been the most likely and cheapest means in the credit market. Full exploitation of the credit market has been exploited, and it is due to this reason that BMG bank has been successful. BMG bank is the pioneer of the consigned credit market operation, and it will continue to be the leading market in Brazil due to its consideration in its operations.
BMG bank has 80% origination shares in the consigned credit market, competing with more than 60 banks in the segment. BMG bank offers one of the biggest distribution channels containing more than 50,000 agents working across the Brazil country.
BMG bank has an excellent access link to the national capital market through the use of bond issues. BMG bank acts as being attentive to new opportunities. BMG offers new acquisitions to its clients and attempts to introduce new products to the esteemed clients to attain their loyalties.
BMG tends to have a better way of approaching its customers, by adding them new deals and finding a way of providing better services to them.
In conclusion, BMG bank is the greatest bank offering sponsor deals in Brazil. For instance, it is currently sponsoring soccer teams such as other leagues in football, and also the famous Brazilian basketball team. The BMG bank has been an active bank offering credibility and efficiency to its clients for years now.

Contributions Of Marcio Alaor To The Growth Of BMG

BMG financial firm is a privately owned company managed by Pentagna Guimarães family. The family also owns Banco de Minas Gerais a commercial bank in South Africa. BMG was established to help in consumer financing and wholesale. In the 1980s, the company was the leader in the vehicle financing. In 2012, the firm collaborated with Itaú Unibanco S.A. and formed Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A. The new company provided commercialization and distribution of payroll loans across Brazil. The merging helped BMG develop new products like the BMG Empresas, Payroll Credit Card, and financing used vehicles. BMG owns 40% of the total capital stock.
The operational excellence and sales strength has made the financial firm stand out among other financial companies. BMG has created a brand that the whole country is aware of, its foundation, technology and the capability to predict market conditions has contributed to BMG been the best in the industry. The company employs only experienced and professional personnel to form the management team. The top management established teams to carry out organizational duties. The synergy teams can overcome various challenges through teamwork and creativity. The organization is aware of its position in the market and seeks to improve its products to retain the position.
BMG is working towards developing new products and businesses that meet the demand in the market and add value to the bank. The financial firm concentrates in growing the loan portfolio in a maintainable way by making sure there is continuity of their business and maintaining the profit levels. It focuses on high credit portfolio derived from its conservative credit policy. The firm has established its investment portfolio to diversify its funds. Executives at BMG focus on cost control. The corporate structure and management allows them to use a scalable sales network and software systems to enable interaction and communication with the customers.
Marcio Alaor is the Vice President and Director of BMG bank. The financial company has risen to prominence under the leadership of Alaor in the last few years. His extensive skills in finance and economics have affected this company in a positive way. The bank serves Brazilians looking for ready credit to pay for their expenses. Marcio Alaor has assisted the staffs of BMG to identify the exact needs of the people in Brazil for them to work towards meeting them. His team has come up with the exact products needed in the market. Offering financial support to the local community has led to economic growth in Brazil.

Trusted Options in Brazilian Real Estate

Cyrela Brazil Realty SA and Rossi Residencial SA are two of Brazil’s leading real estate agencies. Despite that, they showed a number of losses in recent years. Brazil’s housing market is definitely in flux, and there have been a lot of economic problems throughout the country. That is why it makes sense to go with real estate options that have proven themselves dependable despite the crisis.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is just such a solution according to LinkedIn’s list of popular Brazilian construction agencies. They were founded in 2005, and this organization incorporates, builds and manages assets all its own. This is done with management that is both modern and effective. In fact, their most recent development, which is an expansion into the city’s West Zone has been making all the headlines.
Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has received an “A” rating in the construction industry, and that from Caixa Econômica Federal. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentso approved projects with Caixa in a number of Rio de Janeiro municipalities. As en example, one of the most well known projects is the Townhouses Hotel Lapa. It is considered an exceptionally high quality construction. Despite the unsteady fluctuations of the Brazilian marketplace, excellent returns came from Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos’ Townhouses Hotel Lapa. Entirely covered in a set of legal protections of a perfection bar none, this property also received substantial market recognition via the Master Award given out by ADEMI.

In a market that continuously fluctuates, it makes sense to find a real estate organization that has its eyes open, and is continuously working hard to deliver qualitative products of a certifiably excellent variety. While Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is certainly not the only real estate organization to do as much throughout Brazil, they are an exceptionally reliable option and well vetted. Rio de Jeneiro is a strange place, and a market that requires a steady hand and a keen eye. There are always new complexes going in, and a variety of architectural ideas on what should and should not go into a domicile. That is why legal protections exist; but unfortunately in Brazil, there just is not enough infrastructure to ensure the highest code in all building projects. So individuals must really do their research when looking for an organization to purchase from, or from whom to commission projects. There are sure to be many options beyond the leading brand, and beyond the under-the-table variety. The cogent purchaser must be aware of the organization as well.

With legal vetting and successfully rated projects under their belt, certainly one of the most trusted options is Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos.

BMG Bank Brazil

BMG Bank is a financial institution that is privately owned, and its operations have close control of the family of the Pentagna Guimaraes. This family had had robust involvement in the economic industry in Brazil since 1930 when it founded Banco de Credito that was later changed its name to Banco de Minas. This bank is a commercial bank that offers products to individuals and institutions. It was until 1990 when BMG made consumer and wholesale financing, its core business. It was the market leader in light and heavy vehicle funding in the 1980s. The bank has focused on payroll loans since 1998 and has newly become the benchmark in this type of operation.

MrrcioAlor is the vice president of the bank in Brazil known as BMG. Through the leadership of Marcio Alor, the bank has risen to fame in the past several years as the authority of payroll bank loans. In the Brazilian community, Marcio is also a valued member there as he has done numerous charity donations. He has used in influence as a vice president and BMG Director and his wealth too to improve the small scale farming community in San Antonio. This work led him to receive an award in San Antonio hill at the 33rd almanac farming exhibition. His money and work have been focusing on the development of his hometown. This event attracted media attention as in is an annual occurrence, and he is a well-known BMG Bank Director.

In 2012, BMG signed an agreement with UnibascoItau. This deal was aiming at commercialization and distribution of payroll loans in Brazil, and the two formed a joint undertaking called BancoItau BMG Cosignado. In 2014, the institutions signed a business unifying agreement that had a focus on payroll loans Unibascocurrently owns 60% of the total voting capital stock while the remaining 40% is for BMG. This unification brought many advantages to BMG. It has enabled a strategic focus to payroll credit card, financing major suppliers, medium and big business and used vehicle financing.

BMG is aware of the conservative profile and it is seeking to increase the productivity of its products. It is looking forward to achieving this using quality customer portfolio and responsible credit. For that, it is supporting strategy in Profitability where it is focusing on the growth of payroll loans and ensure steady profitability in an attractive way to continue the business. The bank also is improving its operational efficiency that is focusing on the reduction of cost. Human capital is another focus of BMG as it is aiming at developing performing teams that are winning and talented as to overcome obstacles and serve customers extremely well.