Scottish Craft Brewer BrewDog Set to Invade America

After operating out of Scotland since it first opened in 2007, the BrewDog craft brewery is aiming its focus toward the United States through crowdfunding. That was good enough to get $50 million in equity investments for the company’s first American brewery.

That facility is currently under construction in the tiny Cincinnati, Ohio suburb of Winchester. With a population of just over 1,000 people in the town, Brewdog was able to carve out 42 acres to put up a brewery that will encompass 100,000 square feet. When the building is complete, it will draw thirsty and hungry customers to its taproom and restaurant. Also included will be a visitor’s center, though the brewery will take up the bulk of the space.

Four previous crowdfunding efforts by BrewDog overseas resulted in what were known as “Equity for Punks” campaigns. While that name was a cheeky way to separate the company from more sedate investments, the funding was a success in each instance, with more than 40,000 people taking the plunge. The most recent instance came just four months ago, when they raised $25.3 million.

One key factor in gauging the potential success of BrewDog in the United States will take into account the particular fondness individual drinkers have for the company’s bitter beer.

Investing by Americans tends to be done in more serious fashion, given the financial stakes involved. However, BrewDog has made its name through a more carefree approach and, given the growing craft brewery market here, will likely succeed.

BrewDog Seeks American Investors

BrewDog, a Scottish-based brewing company, has recently partnered with BankRoll in order to begin a string of expansions into the United States. After having secured the deal, BrewDog managed to acquire roughly $50 million for its expansion plans.

Currently, BrewDog plans to build a brewery in Ohio with 42 acres of land that it purchased with the new investment money. In addition to the support from its European investors, BrewDog is now inviting American investors to also begin financing the company and its expansions. The plan, as it currently stands, is to turn its initial brewery into a visitor destination with shops, restaurants, and a taproom. From here, BrewDog intends to begin bottling and distributing its products to the rest of the country.

Of course, BrewDog is not a stranger to crowdfunding as an investment source. Since it was established in 2007, BrewDog has pursued crowdfunding campaigns as its primary source of investment. BrewDog’s popularity primarily hinges on its “outside the box” branding. Through a number of publicity stunts, BrewDog has managed to keep itself in the public eye and raise its brand’s awareness.

In terms of size, BrewDog likes to pitch itself as the “largest craft beer in Europe.” While America is notorious for its love of craft beer, it remains unclear how BrewDog’s public relations strategy will mesh with the less liberal American market. Still, BrewDog has had continued success since it was first established, so there’s no reason to believe that it will make any missteps in its transition to the United States.