The Brown Modeling Agency– A Full Service Model and Talent Agency

Located in the Austin, Texas, The Brown Agency is a Talent Acquisition and Modeling agency. The company established in September 2015 and had been working to provide clients with new talents. At the sam time, they help talents getting exposer to the bigger brand of the world such as L’Oréal, Dell, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, and many other companies. The Brown modeling Agency is going to merge with Heyman Talent-South and will be a full-service agency in the modeling industry. This merging is not only benefiting the models but the big brands will also get chances to use fresh talent for their next project.

Justin Brown is the CEO and founder of the Brown Agency. Brown has started his career as a model for Lucky Brand but he was more interested in what went on behind the cameras. After graduated from college in Business Management, Brown moved to Southern California and worked for few companies to learn the tricks of the trade. Most of his concentration of work was on development and training for the new models. Later on, he opened up his own business to find, development and place talent to bigger modeling agency. During his work, most of the talents he met were not capable of working for big companies or sometimes they don’t want to move to bigger market. So he decided to move to Austin open up the opportunities for those to work for local companies.
However, he has a large pool of connection to the New York and Los Angles big agencies, he didn’t get so much response from the locals. So he started his company there and started working with models. After few years Wilhelmina Austin gave him an offer to work with them as a CEO and he succeeded to build the company as one of the best modeling talents not only in Austin but also in the Texas region. Heyman-Talent South is another successful company who works in the same industry.

In 2015, Wilhelmina Austin has acquired Heyman Talent-South and re-launched as The Brown Agency. Justin Brown led the combining of these two companies as he was the CEO of Wilhelmina. Joining these two large companies, make The Brown Agency the largest talent and modeling agency in Texas. The CEO and President of The Brown Agency said that combining these two companies allows them to become a full-service agency and this will lead them to obtain a substantial grow in their business. He also noted that both companies will benefit from the deal to reach the bigger market and have scope to present their talent to a broader industry by providing professional, elegant and dependable talent. They are now capable of doing this on a larger scale.