Whitney Wolfe Is Going Places with Bumble App

The tide is rising in the dating app industry, and the competition is getting strong. Many people are interested in what entrepreneurs like Whitney Wolfe are bringing forth. She represents a different type of dynamic to the dating world because she is a woman.

Many people may not know it, but Whitney Wolfe represents a very small minority in the dating app industry. She is the co-founder of Tinder, and she is the sole founder of a newer dating app called bumble. This makes her the young only female executive in the dating app industry that is associated with two different successful dating apps. This may be a strange thing for some women to handle, but Whitney Wolfe handled it with grace. Even though she is still in her twenties she has knowledge that surpasses her age. She has a sense of wisdom that comes from her ability to observe the things around her.

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The Bumble dating app certainly is an action that resulted from observation of the dating app industry so far. Whitney Wolfe did not want to go mindlessly into the dating app industry and create something else that was the same as everything else. Tinder was the app that she initially started to work with in the dating industry, and she knew that there were elements that she wanted to embed in Bumble that were part of Tinder. Whitney Wolfe knew, however, that there was something more to the dating industry than what was already there. She felt like she needed some type of groundbreaking concept that would give people the chance to look at dating online differently. There are already a lot of dating app naysayers out there, so Whitney Wolfe wanted to be someone that changed perspectives about the state of the dating app industry.

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