Investment Banking with Matthew Autterson in the Denver Area

Investment management is the term given for the management of any assets a person may have, bonds, securities, and shares or any other type of asset, real estate included. An investment manager will help the investor to meet specified goals for his or her benefit.

Not only private citizens but institutions such as pension funds charities, educational establishments, and insurance companies also invest their capital. They can do this by either direct investment via investment contracts or use the more common collective investment schemes which are mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.

The term asset management refers to the management of collective investments and the fund management refers to all other forms of institutional investment management including private investors. There is also “Private Banking” where the investment managers specialise in discretionary or advisory management and are done on behalf of, usually wealthy private investors.

Some of the top investment management firms in the country are Ameriprise Financial, Charles Schwab & Co., Raymond James, Morgan Stanley, and Ameritrade. These are just a few of the many reliable investment management firms.

If you live in the Denver area, Matthew Autterson and independent investment management professional and has been in the industry for 26 years,the last 8 years with Win Wealth Management Inc.

Mathew Autterson has earned his PFS, personal financial specialist which requires them to become a CPA first, and CFP, certified financial planner. The CFP have more extensive training and education than regular financial planners.

Matthew Autterson and Win Wealth Management will be able to advise on financial planning, Portfolio Management for both small business and individuals. They also help with pension planning by assisting in the development of a pension plan that will provide the most to its participants and the beneficiaries.

Matthew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University and has the expertise to put people on the right track with their investments.


Ms. Susan McGalla – A Performance Driven Business Woman In The Corporate World

Several women have reached the peak of their career in different areas that you can visualize. Some women are not sure regarding the measure they adopt to get success. Nowadays women are equal to men in all the respects. Many steps have been initiated by various government and non-government establishments to take care of such challenges.

It has been found out that women have been effective leaders and have the ability to take up challenging task. Women have got a great mix of personality that assists them in taking up different roles. Women have started working in the corporate arena also and had their businesses.

The business field consists of active women and women such as Ms. Susan McGalla have made a mark in it nowadays. Ms. Susan is an inspiration for other women and is their role model. She assists women to be successful in their careers.

Women exhibit excellent skills that are important aspects of the various management positions that they have. They are immensely friendly at creating a network. This is a crucial factor in the business world today. Another finer point about them is that they can win trust with utmost ease.

  1. Susan McGalla is a highly famous and fruitful business women who is aware how to continue to keep the position. She is hardworking, very passionate and confident to earn great results in her life. She is very conscious of the fact that there is nothing that comes with ease. She has a belief that it is up to the person to recognize the strong attributes to convert them from ordinary to unique.
  2. McGalla is well aware of the fact that she is great and she knows about the hidden treasures that she possesses. She is the creator of P3 Executive Consulting LLC which is in Pittsburgh. She has got extensive expertise in clothing and local fields.
  3. McGalla has begun to work at Joseph Home company from 1986 to 1994. She also worked in American Eagle Outfitters. She has got impressive work ethics. She became the Chief Merchandising Officer of the firm due to her sheer hard work and perseverance. She also had a promotion as a CMO of the company. She then became a private adviser for a commercial venture. She became the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal in the year 2011. Later, she became a consulting professional.

How Tony Petrello Grew to Be the Best Earning CEO

Nabor Industries LTD is one of the biggest natural gas and geothermal drilling contractors in the world. The company has been at the center stage of many drilling operations in the Far East, Middle East, the United States and Africa under the leadership of CEO, President and Chair, Anthony Petrello. Tony has played a major role in growing Nabor into the lucrative venture it is since its inception as Anglo Energy back in 1968.

His career began as the deputy chair of Nabor in 2003 before his promotion to the president position. Besides, Mr Petrello is also the Stewart & Stevenson LLC director from 2011 and has been the director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

He has a degree in J.D. from the Harvard Law School and a bachelor’s and master’s in mathematics from Yale university. Before venturing into Nabor, he served as the Managing Partner of Baker & McKenzie law firm.

His position as the lead of the biggest geothermal and gas contractor in the world has earned him a position as one of the best paid CEOs in the world. According to a 2015 snapshot, Mr. Petrello made a total of $27,512,939. The majority of this haul came from his stock shares in the company that earned him $16,863,656 and another $1,580,077 came from his CEO salary. The rest of the money came as bonuses and compensations for his work as the Nabor CEO.

The great thing about Petrello is that he doesn’t keep all this wealth to himself. He is an avid philanthropic giver who is most notable for his recent S7 million to the Texa Children’s Hospital to fund neurological research.

Mr Petrello is married to his college sweetheart, Cynthia Carrafa who is a soap opera producer and actress. They have a daughter, Carena who was born prematurely and contracted cerebral palsy. This is among the many things that made the family develop interest in neurological research hence the philanthropic donation to farther the course.

How Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Have Revolutionized Service Provision at InnovaCare Health

It is an irrefutable fact that InnovaCare is a leading healthcare service provider in North America. As trendsetters in the field, they have successfully provided high-quality medical services tailored to meet the individual needs of its client base. Nevertheless, such a stellar reputation can only be attributed to its in-house team of industrious experts. More specifically, Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are credited with steering the company to unprecedented success.

Where did Rick Shinto work before InnovaCare Health? Where did Penelope Kokkinides work?

Mr. Shinto currently serves as the CEO and President of the Company’s Health Plans Division based in Puerto Rico. Before holding such an esteemed position, Mr. Shinto held the CEO’s post at Aveta between 2008 and 2012 before serving on InnovaCare’s board of management. His two-decade experience in operational healthcare has come in handy while seeking the top seat in the company.

Additionally, his impressive resume` includes serving as the Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways, and holding the Vice President’s post at MedPartners Corporate. His position as Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima Health Plan sums up his stellar career which began as a pulmonologist in Southern California.

On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides acts as the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Before holding such a powerful post, Kokkinides had served as the Company’s Chief Operating Officer. Her earliest professional roots can be traced back to Clinical Operations and Aveta Inc., in which she had served as COO.

Kokkinides Interview on Ideamensch

An up-close interview with Kokkinides provides in-depth knowledge about her professional and private life. According to her, a typical day in her life revolves around countless meetings and travels to various destinations. Despite her hectic schedule, she regularly strives to capture crucial information on various concepts.

Having captured such information, she enlists the services of the developing team to implement such ideas. Based on the synergy exuded by the team, most if not all ideas are brought to action.As an accomplished entrepreneur, Kokkinides sensitizes on the benefits of extensive reading to budding entrepreneurs. In a rapidly changing business world, possessing fundamental knowledge can spell the difference between success and failure in business.

InnovaCare in Brief

InnovaCare specializes in two vital avenues of treatment: Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks to effectively serve clients. This entails creating models with advanced technologies and cost effective strategies.

At InnovaCare, the management firmly believes in forging strong patient-provider relationships, providing quality health care and prioritizing the needs of each patient.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About George Soros

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC. Soros is a graduate from the London school of economics. Besides, he is a renowned vocal supporter of refugees. Soros is a devoted father, and together with his wife, they are blessed with five children.

Besides, Soros’ philanthropic acts would never go unnoticed. In 2016, he hinted that his foundation would make an investment of $500 million in refugees founded companies. Over and over again, Soros has donated to various organizations supporting immigrants on Forbes. He gave $3 million to a super PAC that mobilized Hispanic voters.

George’s view of refugees is personal as he was born in Nazi-occupied Hungary. He fled the country and joined London school of economics. During his schooling, George used to work as a waiter and railway porter so as to raise his school fees. He started his career in finance at a merchant bank on

He moved to London and worked on Wall Street before establishing a hedge fund in 1969 with only $12 million. George Soros later branded it Quantum Fund, and he is still an investing heavyweight through the Soros Fund Management. The fund has assets worth $30 billion under its management.

George Soros is a major political contributor with liberal views. The Soros Fund Management founder contributes to the Democratic Party and supports their causes through funding and opinions. His ideas are in line with the Democratic Party and often organizes fundraising meeting for major candidates.

In the recent past, Soros committed more than $25 million towards the election of Hillary Clinton and other candidates. According to the Federal Elections Commission records and interviews of associates, he gave more from his $24.9 billion fortune as elections neared.

The 85 years old, New Yorker, canceled on the last minute, the Democratic Convention to watch Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination on However, he has returned to active trading as he feels the need to monitor the economic situation in Europe closely.

George Soros renewed passion for politics is because of the high attacks of the things he holds dear such as religious tolerance, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform. One of the things he stands out for is his attitude towards things he adores.

Friends describe him as a person who does not fear to spend for good governance. He has supported prosecutors with reform agenda. George Soros employs a political analyst who help him analyze politics in various places across the country. They are interested in helping politicians with brilliant ideas elected to effect change. Currently, he is one of the biggest political spenders in sponsoring candidates.

What has he accomplished in life?
People love George Soros for his good causes. He contributes millions of dollars to help drug users, LGBTI people, sex workers, and refugees like the Roma population. His compassion in giving comes from his firsthand experience of discrimination. He lived in Hungary through the Nazi occupation of 1944-1945 that saw the murder of over 500,000 Jews in Hungary. Many survived, including him by securing false identity papers that concealed their backgrounds. The experience has guided his strong advocacy for policy changes across the country. Soros has supported lawyers and paralegals representing unlawfully held individuals.

He remains steadfast in his beliefs and defends them with vigor. He is a symbol of hope for better America to many.

Jeffry Schneider, The Founder Of Ascendant Capital LLC

Jeffry Schneider, the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, has a different range of sales, marketing, and an ingenious accession in financial management. Having more than 24 years of involvement, he has made a name for himself in the investment sector. Ascendant Capital, which is located in Austin, Texas, raises affluence for well-established and looming sponsors looking to diversify their investments. The firm has been able to disseminate resources widely around the globe through engagement with a network of more than fifty broker-dealers, many family offices, private banks, and even registered investment advisors.

The firm working with prime companies uses a unique approach to private equity, to boast little debt and generate revenue with an exit time frame of three to five years. His efforts and hard work have raised the company to make almost a billion dollars growing even in the numbers of employees from initially two to more than thirty. The company has seen enormous growth over the years with his leadership techniques and even more is expected to come over the years. Word on the street is that they are currently working to generate more than fifty million dollars on a monthly basis.

Jeffry Schneider believes the success comes from an accessible and family-like environment at Ascendant and is especially proud of the culture he and his team have been able to put up and with-hold. The firm’s culture has played a huge role in the company’s success. He believes that alternative investments are an excellent way to diversify holdings and reduce volatility looking from where the markets sit at present.

Before he started Ascendant, Jeffry Schneider worked at some leading financial services companies such as Paradigm Global Advisors, Smith Barney, Axiom Capital Management, Merrill Lynch and Alternative Investments. He has founded and worked with Axiom Capital Management from March 2002 to March 2004, Paradigm Global Advisors from May 2004 to February 2008, and Alternative Investments from January 2006 to August 2009.

Jeffry Schneider graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. When he is not busy in the office, he enjoys traveling and has visited parts of Asia, South America, and Europe, and says his personal favorite place is rural Thailand. Other than that, he likes to keep fit and healthy living and to be part of charity work. He has participated in various events around the world, one of them being the full Ironman in New Zealand. He has also been part of several marathons, and some half Ironman competitions which are long distance marathons organized by World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). He also supports some causes aimed at providing support to fellow men and works with organizations that do that including Gods Love We Deliver, Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children, and Wonders and Worries.

Don Ressler And His Great Contribution Towards JustFab

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who specializes in internet-based businesses. He is applauded for launching and managing several successful ventures that have been offering unique services and goods. Ressler began his career as an entrepreneur more than one decade ago and he has built his professional profile all along with new inventions and ideas. Don Ressler also comes out as a great mentor to upcoming entrepreneurs, who use his advice to develop their businesses and come up with successful ventures.

The first business Don Ressler started was launching, which offered fitness products. The company served as a way to test his ability in the industry and after a short duration, he sold it to Intermix Media in 2001. During this purchase, he met with Adam Goldenberg, who happened to share similar ideas as him. They decided to enter into business together to try out their luck with joint ideas that would help them to establish a strong enterprise.

Having the right skills and some capital with them, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler began their journey in entrepreneurship by establishing Alena Media, a media company that would offer marketing and management services to businesses. Alena performed quite well in the first few years and they reported millions in profit from the advertising section. This success convinced them they were capable of doing bigger things and running businesses that would stand out in the market.

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Therefore, they resolved to sell Alena over to raise capital for their next idea. News Corp had showed interest in buying the company, so they approved the deal in 2005 and they moved on immediately to work on their next idea.

In 2008, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty, a company that offers beauty products. The company is among the most profitable stores the duo owns and it has been constantly growing over the past five years.

JustFab (TechStyle Fashion Group)
Founded in March 2010, JustFab is a fashion retail that operates on a subscription basis. They stock the latest fashion items and users have to subscribe for a service that offers them a chance to get alerts whenever new items matching their preferences are uploaded.

When the company started, it did not have sufficient capital to enter the huge market. Therefore, in 2011 they borrowed $33 million initial funding from Matrix Ventures to expand their infrastructure. JustFab also borrowed an additional $76 million from several companies to facilitate their expansion into other markets, specifically Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Kenneth Goodgame Faces Challenges in the Face of Controversy

Kenneth Goodgame’s name is very common in the marketing world. Kenneth has been in the competitive industry for a long period of over twenty years, and this has enabled him to acquire a lot of experience and expertise. The successful merchandising officer started his career after completing his university education at the University of Tennessee. He specializes in marketing at the University.

Goodgame is currently the chief merchandising officer and senior vice president at a company known as True Value Hardware Corporation. His presence in the institution has brought several changes in the recent past. For instance, the company reported huge profits and sale at the end of the year. The merchandising expert focuses on developing multimillion dollar strategies with the use of innovative marketing strategies. Kenneth is also an expert in overseeing the financial aspects and developing successful business strategies.

Since the marketing executive has been in the industry for a long time, he has developed an expert’s eye when it comes to predicting the market shifts. The modern market is always changing, and it is very competitive too. His experience helps him in avoiding some of the costly mistakes made by most entrepreneurs.

Kenneth Goodgame started his career when he was appointed to work in an institution known as Hardlines D28 as the product merchant in the year 1995. At this institution, Kenneth was in charge of the acquisition of the indoor gardening section that is located in the south region. He worked in this organization for four years before becoming the director of Proprietary brands in the year 1999. He managed to negotiate some successful deals with some of the largest firms in the country during his tenure.

Kenneth Goodgame also had an opportunity to work with a company known as Home Depot. At this company, he was the leader responsible for the management and procurement in the product section. His presence in the institution was also felt because he managed to generate more than eighteen million in profits. His success in the companies has made the marketing expert to earn the respect of many people in the world. Today, Kenneth Goodgame is a role model for the upcoming entrepreneurs.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: 10 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Smartphone Photography

Taking breathtaking photos with your smartphone requires the same skills necessary to capture that perfect shot with your DSLR, a healthy knowledge of lighting, depth, and framing. These ten tricks fro Figueroa though will help you skip the photography class and take your photos from “swipe left” to “Like” without the art degree.

Joel Lee’s article
– Before snapping away take a moment to ensure the shot is framed, that angle and lighting are correct, and check to see if your composition is fine.

– Although some rules of composition may seem counterintuitive they are essential to follow to achieve that perfect shot. To better acquaint yourself with the basics read Joel Lee’s article about photography composition. Pay close attention to number three on his list.

– The major drawback of smartphone cameras is most do not have optical zoom which can make zoomed photos seem blurry and distorted. Take a step closer to your subject and the difference in quality should be immediately visible.

– Turn off your flash. The light created by the flash can cause unwanted shadow and affects the colors of your photo. Opt for using natural light if possible.

– By simply using a third party app with more options you can ensure your photos have a more professional feel to them.
Fully explore the options of your camera application and how to use each for various scenes and settings on

– Most camera apps will automatically engage the HDR when the situation needs and you should only use this setting sparingly.

Using filters may seem like the best option for unique photos, opt instead for using them only to enhance a shot rather than applying across your entire roll says Figeuroa.

– Small edits can make all the difference in making your photo look more professional, utilize your phone’s editing options to bring out the character of your shot.

– This should go without saying but make sure your lens is clean before you start shooting.

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About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive and native Venezuelan. He currently holds three positions as Treasurer, Director, and President within five companies across Panama.

A prominent figure within the business community of Panama, Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa actively helps new business flourish and mentors the young, future leaders in the industry.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

Things to do and places to visit in Panama by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

In the article What to Do When Visiting Panama City, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa tries to give travelers suggestions of things to do and places to go when visiting Panama. He states that the city is a modern wonder of the world. It has a unique charm and makes one’s tension relax away. Figueroa describes several activities and things to do in the city. Activities include watching wildlife, hearing bird melodies. He wants travelers to the place to have an insight to the city’s attraction and what to do. Figueroa generally wants everyone that reads the article to want to book a trip to Panama City. He has received the best sensation about what the attractions could offer.

The Panama Canal is one of the top places to visit when going to Panama. It is a modern places with an active city life. The canal has a complex system made of channels and built in systems to allow for passage of ships between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean on The place is marked as one of the most important channels in the maritime trades. The Panama Canal has grown to become a very huge place. It serves as one of the most important tourist attractions for the region.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa tries to give his view of what an entertaining trip to the Panama region should entail. Visitors of different ages will have something to see and do in the region. Just from the Panama Internal Airport, one can pass through several historic locations in the region. Figueroa boasts of the transformations that the capital has recently undergone.

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Despite all the evolution that the city has undergone, Figueroa is quick note that visitors in the region have a lot to do such as wildlife and historic places. The place has photography opportunities in large quantities. For a resident in the country, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa remains constantly amazed by the Panama Canal. The place has always provided an amazing sight which defies logic. Enormous containers make their way through the canal.

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive and a business person in Panama. He has held several positions in various businesses such as treasurer, director and has been president of five companies. He was appointed in winter 2011 as an executive member of a popular company, he has served in the place for five years now. Mr. Figueroa has been an active member of the business community in the region. He has mentored young leaders and helped them improve the economic situation.

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