Kenneth Goodgame Faces Challenges in the Face of Controversy

Kenneth Goodgame’s name is very common in the marketing world. Kenneth has been in the competitive industry for a long period of over twenty years, and this has enabled him to acquire a lot of experience and expertise. The successful merchandising officer started his career after completing his university education at the University of Tennessee. He specializes in marketing at the University.

Goodgame is currently the chief merchandising officer and senior vice president at a company known as True Value Hardware Corporation. His presence in the institution has brought several changes in the recent past. For instance, the company reported huge profits and sale at the end of the year. The merchandising expert focuses on developing multimillion dollar strategies with the use of innovative marketing strategies. Kenneth is also an expert in overseeing the financial aspects and developing successful business strategies.

Since the marketing executive has been in the industry for a long time, he has developed an expert’s eye when it comes to predicting the market shifts. The modern market is always changing, and it is very competitive too. His experience helps him in avoiding some of the costly mistakes made by most entrepreneurs.

Kenneth Goodgame started his career when he was appointed to work in an institution known as Hardlines D28 as the product merchant in the year 1995. At this institution, Kenneth was in charge of the acquisition of the indoor gardening section that is located in the south region. He worked in this organization for four years before becoming the director of Proprietary brands in the year 1999. He managed to negotiate some successful deals with some of the largest firms in the country during his tenure.

Kenneth Goodgame also had an opportunity to work with a company known as Home Depot. At this company, he was the leader responsible for the management and procurement in the product section. His presence in the institution was also felt because he managed to generate more than eighteen million in profits. His success in the companies has made the marketing expert to earn the respect of many people in the world. Today, Kenneth Goodgame is a role model for the upcoming entrepreneurs.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: 10 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Smartphone Photography

Taking breathtaking photos with your smartphone requires the same skills necessary to capture that perfect shot with your DSLR, a healthy knowledge of lighting, depth, and framing. These ten tricks fro Figueroa though will help you skip the photography class and take your photos from “swipe left” to “Like” without the art degree.

Joel Lee’s article
– Before snapping away take a moment to ensure the shot is framed, that angle and lighting are correct, and check to see if your composition is fine.

– Although some rules of composition may seem counterintuitive they are essential to follow to achieve that perfect shot. To better acquaint yourself with the basics read Joel Lee’s article about photography composition. Pay close attention to number three on his list.

– The major drawback of smartphone cameras is most do not have optical zoom which can make zoomed photos seem blurry and distorted. Take a step closer to your subject and the difference in quality should be immediately visible.

– Turn off your flash. The light created by the flash can cause unwanted shadow and affects the colors of your photo. Opt for using natural light if possible.

– By simply using a third party app with more options you can ensure your photos have a more professional feel to them.
Fully explore the options of your camera application and how to use each for various scenes and settings on

– Most camera apps will automatically engage the HDR when the situation needs and you should only use this setting sparingly.

Using filters may seem like the best option for unique photos, opt instead for using them only to enhance a shot rather than applying across your entire roll says Figeuroa.

– Small edits can make all the difference in making your photo look more professional, utilize your phone’s editing options to bring out the character of your shot.

– This should go without saying but make sure your lens is clean before you start shooting.

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About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive and native Venezuelan. He currently holds three positions as Treasurer, Director, and President within five companies across Panama.

A prominent figure within the business community of Panama, Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa actively helps new business flourish and mentors the young, future leaders in the industry.

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Things to do and places to visit in Panama by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

In the article What to Do When Visiting Panama City, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa tries to give travelers suggestions of things to do and places to go when visiting Panama. He states that the city is a modern wonder of the world. It has a unique charm and makes one’s tension relax away. Figueroa describes several activities and things to do in the city. Activities include watching wildlife, hearing bird melodies. He wants travelers to the place to have an insight to the city’s attraction and what to do. Figueroa generally wants everyone that reads the article to want to book a trip to Panama City. He has received the best sensation about what the attractions could offer.

The Panama Canal is one of the top places to visit when going to Panama. It is a modern places with an active city life. The canal has a complex system made of channels and built in systems to allow for passage of ships between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean on The place is marked as one of the most important channels in the maritime trades. The Panama Canal has grown to become a very huge place. It serves as one of the most important tourist attractions for the region.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa tries to give his view of what an entertaining trip to the Panama region should entail. Visitors of different ages will have something to see and do in the region. Just from the Panama Internal Airport, one can pass through several historic locations in the region. Figueroa boasts of the transformations that the capital has recently undergone.

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Despite all the evolution that the city has undergone, Figueroa is quick note that visitors in the region have a lot to do such as wildlife and historic places. The place has photography opportunities in large quantities. For a resident in the country, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa remains constantly amazed by the Panama Canal. The place has always provided an amazing sight which defies logic. Enormous containers make their way through the canal.

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive and a business person in Panama. He has held several positions in various businesses such as treasurer, director and has been president of five companies. He was appointed in winter 2011 as an executive member of a popular company, he has served in the place for five years now. Mr. Figueroa has been an active member of the business community in the region. He has mentored young leaders and helped them improve the economic situation.

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George Soros Supports Hillary Clinton

George Soros is a famous billionaire investor who is based in the United States. He was born in Hungary and later flee to Britain where he acquired his education. He moved to the US after completing his University education. In the US, Soros managed to make a lot money, becoming of the most influential and respected individuals in the country.

For many years, George Soros has been influential in the American politics. He started his political giving when he spent over twenty seven million to try and defeat the former president of US, George Bush. He went quiet after that, but this year, he came out to fund the Democrats.

The United States will be going for its general elections this year in November. The billionaire has given over twenty five million dollars to support the Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. The money has also been used to support other Democratic causes and candidates. According to the country’s Federal Election Commission and Democratic fundraising operatives on YouTube, the billionaire has spent and committed more funds to ensure that his part wins the elections. The close associates of the billionaire say that he might be donating more money before the elections.

The eighty five year old trader wanted to attend a democratic convention this year where Hillary Clinton would be endorsed as the presidential candidate. Clinton and Soros have known each other for over twenty five years, and they have always maintained a good relationship. Later, Soros cancelled the trip to the convention, claiming that he wanted to monitor the economic climate in Europe for a longer time.

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Individuals who are close to the billionaire say that this year he has been more politically engaged than ever. He seems to be more motivated than he has ever been. This has been attributed to the faith he has in Clinton and the fear of Donald Trump winning the presidential elections. George Soros believes that Trump is a project of ISIS.

According to the political adviser of the billionaire, Michael Vachon, George Soros has always been consistent when donating funds to Democratic causes. However, this year, the political stakes from the billionaire have been extremely high. Michael says that the stakes have been high for some time, even before Donald Trump was nominated to contest for the presidential seat. George has always cared about different issues in the society such as criminal justice, immigration and religious tolerance. He believes that Clinton will be the right person to address these issues.

George is the founder of the Open Society Foundation and other organizations in the world. He has also invested in different companies in the world. He is considered to be one of the richest individuals in the country.

The Return Of George Soros To Politics During 2016

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election season has been seen as one of the most important in living memory by many of those who are involved and interested in the election of the next President on One sign of how important the latest campaign has become for leaders in the Democratic party is the involvement of leading donor George Soros for the first time since his $27 million in donations made during the 2004 election campaign the Democrat’s lost to Republican President George W. Bush; Soros has already committed a reported $25 million to the 2016 election campaign of nominee Hillary Clinton and the Super PAC’s supporting her campaign.

In recent years, George Soros has taken a back seat in terms of political donations and giving, but has made his return to both aspects of his life in 2015 as political matters across the globe caught his eye. George Soros believes the Republican nominee Donald Trump would not be a suitable President for the American people, and has recently called on his followers not to be taken in by his strong rhetoric on terrorism; George Soros has been vocal on many aspects of international affairs in 2015 and 2016, including his strong comments about Europe’s refugee crisis and the role played in it by Russian officials.

The need to ensure a high voter turnout has been one aspect of the 2015 election that has seen major political giving from George Soros, particularly his large donations to groups determined to inspire minority groups to vote in 2016. George Soros is reported to have built a fortune of around $25 billion from the hedge fund investments he has made, including a 30 year period where his hedge fund enjoyed annual periods of growth during a record breaking period of time.

The political relationship between George Soros and former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton plays a major role in the return to giving of Soros, particularly after the former Hungarian refugee made it clear he regretted not backing Clinton during the 2008 Presidential election. Over recent months George Soros has discussed the 25 year relationship he and Secretary Clinton share, which includes a recent period where Soros has been given almost unlimited access to the Democratic nominee to discover more about her policy ideas for the future.

Susan McGalla Knows What It Takes To Get Ahead

In regards to Susan McGalla, there are few women that know more when it comes to succeeding in the business world and how to land a job. There is a word that is thrown around a lot these days and for good reason and that word is branding. Everyone is a brand. The key is getting that brand out there, improving upon it, and making sure the world knows about the brand. The more people that know about it, the better. With social media today on Bloomberg, there are various free tools that are there for people to use at their disposal and get their name out there.

Speaking of online service, on the website PR Newswire, Susan McGalla was kind to enough to give out some advice to her fellow women out there on how to succeed in the business world. This is the kind of woman that other women should be listening to and paying attention to, as she is an expert in this field. After all, Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is considered an expert consultant. Needless to say, McGalla knows exactly what is talking about when it comes to getting yourself noticed as a woman in the business world.

It is always great when other women can help each other out and be on their side. That is the way it should be and the same applies to men. People should feel confident in their skills and what they have done. There is no need for insecurity or to keep things all a secret. If someone can help someone else out, the world is a better place and everyone wins. It feels good to help out other people and give them a gentle push in the right direction.

One of the things she talks about is huge in any walk of life, but it is especially important when it comes to work and that is confidence on If someone is out there thinking too much or wondering or putting too much thought into something, they have already lost. They need to walk into that room, knowing they belong, and they deserve to be there. There should not be a second of hesitation or doubt in their mind. They have earned this job on their own merits and they have every right to be there. It is important to be your biggest fan.

Don Ressler’s Journey to JustFab

Don Ressler is a well-accomplished entrepreneur with many successful start-ups. Among his earlier start-ups was That was then bought out by Intermix Media in 2001. After that, Don teamed up with Adam Goldenberg. He had seen what Adam has accomplished in such a short time period that he thought Adam would make the perfect partner. What Don Ressler didn’t know about Adam was that Adam was only 19 years old. Adam’s age aside, they formed Alena Media together. Their division generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. It was Intermix’s only center of profit, proving how strong their duo was.

In 2005, News Corp acquired Intermix and began ignoring the e-commerce business run by Ressler and Goldenberg. The duo began frustrated and left to start up their ventures. Don had the experience and expertise to excel in growing any online business they decided to pursue. With their hearts set on a new venture, they gathered a small team of former Alena members and began brainstorming in Goldenberg’s living room. Eventually, they came up with Intelligent Beauty.

Don Ressler led the group to their first creation, DERMSTORE. DERMSTORE is online skincare and cosmetics marketplace where customers have a direct-to-consumer interaction. They waited two years to see if their success was genuine or just an initial burst of business, but it proved to be very successful. Soon after, they launched a second company, SENSA, which was a weight-loss system. Eventually, they brought in Dr. Alan Hirsch to help develop new products and Brett Brewer to be CEO. In 2008, Technology Crossover Ventures gave Intelligent Beauty $43 million in funding on That kept the company well within the black, and they opened a third company in 2010. Their new e-commerce fashion retailer, JustFab, is quickly becoming the shining star of Intelligent Beauty.

Don Ressler saw the potential JustFab had and began expanding it into new markets. In 2013, JustFab began selling children’s fashion on FabKids. Later that year, they began selling shoes on a new sited called The Fab Shoes. One of the most notable accomplishments was their partnership with celebrity Kate Hudson. Along with Kate, they launched a new athletic wear site called Fabletics. This came after years of hard work and successful funding and development. They have become one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world, selling all kinds of products.

Stephen Murray Still Revered As A Private Equities Expert

America still remembers Stephen Murray, one of the greatest private equity experts of his time, even more than a year after he passed away. The company he ran was CCMP Capital, a leader in strategic buyouts and growth funding, and his legacy will always be looked at as a shiny example of deal-making. Murray had been with the company since the mid-80s back when it was owned by a major Manhattan bank, and made it even stronger when it became its own company in 2007. He had to step down from the company in February of 2015 when he started experiencing health problems. Stephen Murray passed away in March of that year, leaving behind a wife and four children.

Stephen Murray excelled in economics studies as a young man, and attended Boston College where he got his bachelors, and Columbia University where he got his MBA. He went to work for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, a private investment bank where Stephen Murray enrolled in the credit analyst training program. He moved from there to leveraged buyouts, where he became the vice president of operations when Chemical Bank took over. Chase Manhattan later bought Chemical Bank out and the buyout company became known as Chase Chemical Partners, only to be renamed JP Morgan Partners in the year 2000 when JP Morgan bought out Chase Manhattan.

Murray found a lot of companies that he believed buying out would help strengthen, and his growth equity attracted many investors to his growth fund offerings. His largest IPO happened in 2002 when the firm accrued $5.4 billion in funds and started building its portfolio to a high level. JP Morgan Partners owned a lot of shares in the healthcare, retail, and energy sectors but he also became interested in a pharmaceutical company whose stocks were going up. He bought out that company on Patch, but because he had outbid several of JP Morgan’s clients to do so, Murray’s firm had to separate from JP Morgan. He would later say that separating actually strengthened the relationship between his firm and JP Morgan.

Stephen Murray renamed his firm CCMP Capital and added many more companies to its portfolio including Quizno’s Subs, Aramark, Chromalox, and Milacron. Murray pitched two more IPOs to investors in 2007 and 2014 which totaled about $7 billion. Murray also gave back to the Manhattan community, sponsoring and sitting on the board of Make-A-Wish Foundation, and donating to local food banks and museums.

George Soros Makes Major Financial Commitment To Help Refugees

Harnessing the power of the private sector for the purpose of helping refugees is a vital but difficult task. George Soros is up to the challenge. He recently published an essay in the Washington Street Journal in which he outlined his plans to bring investment to displaced communities across Europe. He believes it is a necessary step for these people to be properly integrated into society and that without the government and business cooperating the misery experienced by those living in migrant communities will continue at

The Obama Administration has requested that global leaders work together on addressing these problems. He wants American companies to participate because these challenges are too big for the government to address by itself. A meeting was convened at the United Nations and commitments were made by many parties to help the refugees in some way. George Soros says that the scope of the problem is vast and that any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. A significant portion of the world has been unsettled by the migrant surge of recent years. There are millions upon millions of families who have had to move themselves. They are feeling terrible conditions in their home countries and most of them just want to live a productive life in relative safety on In some home countries, civil war is raging and communities have been destroyed. It is also the case that extreme poverty exists and there is no work even for the willing. People could not advance themselves economically at home so they have collected their things and migrated to improve their situation but many have found difficulty, according to George.

Host governments are failing to do the best they can to aid the migrants. Their misery is constant and they are not making progress because they do not have the needed resources to do so. George is one man who aims to fix that problem. Soros is personally investing $500 million into migrant communities across Europe. He believes that by providing them with infrastructure and access to technology they will be able to form economies in their communities and this will allow them to integrate and be useful to their host countries. The failure of integration up to this point has been a large failure on host countries part up to this point. Why have people sitting idly when they could better themselves and be put to productive use?

George is going to invest in startup companies that service these communities. He is also interested in initiatives that can have a significant social impact. He believes that through philanthropic efforts he can make a lasting difference in the world. He has a long record of helping the needy through his non-profit organizations.

Sanjay Shah Is Doing All He Can For Autism

Someone like Sanjay Shah has always done things a little differently and that is something to be admired about him. While others might have tried to push him in one direction or get him to do something else, he has always done what he believes is best for him, his family, and their future. He used to practice medicine before he switched over to being an accountant. I’m sure many people questioned why he would leave that field, but when Sanjay Shah Denmark has a gut feeling, he likes to follow it and see it all the way through. Sometimes people need to try something out and figure it out for themselves. They can live the life they want to live. No one can live it for them.

As an accountant, he worked for some of the biggest investment banks out there such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. However, once again, he decided to do what he felt was right and what was best for him. He started up his own brokerage company in Solo Capital. Again, he has always done what he thinks is best and he follows his gut. He has his pulse on things and the direction to go. He doesn’t listen to negativity or what others might think is the best course of action for him.

He is now taken his skills and expertise and used it along with his wife Usha to create Autism Rocks, an event that has been around since 2014. It is meant to raise awareness on autism and this is something that Sanjay Shah and his wife know a lot about, as they have a son with autism. It is a very personal matter to them. This event also has donations so people can help give back when it comes to autism and dig deeper when it comes to research for autism and looking for solutions. The more they can do for autism, the better. The event has live music, such as headliners Flo Rida and Tyga, and there are many events that are sure to leave everyone happy and feeling good.