GoBuyside Offers Solutions to Recruitment Problems Affecting Investment Management Firms

In an article published on the Daily Forex Report, financial and investment recruitment firm GoBuyside detailed seven pressing issues that currently undercut and undermine the efforts of investment management firms to recruit specialized talent, while also providing solutions designed to address and neutralize these issues and provide investment management firms with quick and effective recruitment solutions. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Issues addressed in the article were of a wide variety, including:

The intensity of competition in the recruitment market, ensuring that organizations from various business sectors and industries pursue the same specialized talent as investment management firms.

Networking difficulties, as social media interaction does little in the way of converting prospective employees into actual employees.

The need for both diversity and inclusiveness in a modern-day workforce, ensuring not only that a work environment is diverse, but that employees are all provided access to the same opportunities for advancement.

Disruptive technologies which force investment management firms to constantly adapt and forgo traditional hiring methods in order to compete effectively in the recruitment market.

Ever-changing skill requirement, which requires firms to constantly expand the list of expected skills from potential new hires, while ensuring that current workers are constantly retrained. Read this article at Accesswire.

Rigid regulatory standards, both locally and globally, which could possibly deter potential recruits.

Constant consideration for the bottom line, as the desire to effectively compete in the recruitment market is offset by the need to keep recruitment costs low.

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GoBuyside was founded in 2011, and has since filled 2000 full- and part-time positions for its over 400 clients which consist of hedge funds, equity firms and investment management firms – Fortune 500 companies included. In operation in 500 cities across sixteen countries, and possessing a database network that includes over 10,000 people, GoBuyside has established itself as a global leader in finance and investment sector recruitment in its just under decade-long existence.

BNG and Its Investment Process

Article translated is the first one- diariodocamido.

BNG has started a joint venture in brazil with an Italian company and has started a streamline process of making its management more professional. The PentaguaGamires family will now be part of the shareholder council and provide room for market professionals, to enter. It is intended that the payroll deductable portfolio will be doubled and products that do not add to the Bank’s business will be eliminated.

The Board of Directors will now be run by Lopes Tapias, who has already worked at Unibanco and Bradesco. He has already be Chairman of the Brazilian Federation of Banks and Minister of Development and Foreign Trade.

Antonio Herman will hold the executive presidency, he also held Presidency of the ABBC among other Organizations. He lauded BNG’s track record over the recent years and wants this company to maintain its position. This is a laudible goal. The shareholders council has to approve the executive appointments and this will make the appointments official. There is no date for the seats to become effective, and https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817.

One strategy the company will pursue is a larger payroll portfolio with an objective to get more space into the market. They will also work through a joint venture- BMG will distribute an offer market consigned loans. The partnership should be advantages for the bank, and Herman believes this will be the case. The bank will help manage the portfolio and this could be great for both companies. The corporation also bought GE money in Brazil and this was a purchase creating space in the market. The financial institutions acted strongly in this field and this benefited the balance sheet, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

The mining bank’s profit in this area will also be beneficial and help the company achive its aims.

The Bank’s credit portfolio is limited and this means other avenues have been explored. Ricardo Gimares, is a Brazilian Executive and President of BNG who has a long association and history of success in Brazilian business. He worked at Unibanco and Bradesco previously, and Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.

Barbara Stokes: Investing In Local Community

So, who is Barbara Stokes of Alabama?

Barbara J Stokes is currently the chief executive officer of Alabama’s Green Structure Homes. This company is known for helping and giving back to the local community, especially with their unique modular homes. But what else is there to know about Barbara Stokes and the company that she is the current CEO of?

Barbara Stokes is from the state of Alabama.

Originally, she went to school at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia from 1996 to 2000. Her degree is in the area of biomedical and medical engineering. Barbara Stokes primary experience is in the area of disaster relief construction contracting. She is married to Scott Stokes and they reside in Huntsville, Alabama. Scott Stokes is the chief operations officer of the Green Structure Homes company. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Barbara Stokes joined Green Structure Homes LLC. in 2011.

Green Structure Homes is a limited liability corporation, otherwise known as an LLC. While the company is based out of Alabama, they have done jobs in other states. This is especially true when a lot of the country was affected by devastating hurricanes. Some of the states they helped service include Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and many more. With a major plant in Cullman, Alabama, Green Structure Homes produces ‘green’ modular homes. It is estimated that they produce hundreds of these steel homes each year, with a primary emphasis on constructing homes to aide their local communities. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Stokes Development LLC. has invested millions in Green Structure Homes.

Stokes Development has an emphasis on being environmentally friendly, forward-thinking, and committed to the future ahead. This company has been around since 1999 and is fully regulatory compliant. They specialize in both military contracting and privatization government housing.

With the time and dedication Barbara has given to these companies and her community, it is no doubt that the people of Alabama hold her fondly in their hearts.

View: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Huntsville-Alabama-Based-Company-Awarded-28-5-Million-FEMA-Contract-1002883259

Nine9 – How To Make the Most Out of the Site

Very recently, a YouTube was published on Nine9’s website talking about how one girl is making the most of this site and the company. Her best piece of advice when you become one of their talent is to go to as many auditions as possible, take every opportunity that you can get, and also really get yourself out there to prove to those casting directors that you are the one to choose. However, there’s a lot more to this business than just that, so consider these tips to remember and more information click here.

Nine9 – How To Make The Most Out Of The Site

– The first thing to remember is to focus on getting quality headshots. Nine9 luckily can easily help with this so you can get better prepared for the auditions.

– You also want to take acting classes to help you understand all aspects of being an actor and how to better access your emotions for scene work. Luckily enough Nine9 has all the great instructors on their team to help you out and learn more about Nine9.

– Keep in contact with any person whom you are connected with throughout Nine9 mainly because they can help provide you with insight whenever you need it. They are your point of contact for better improving your life and getting your life in the right direction.

– Understand every aspect of this business. It’s not going to be an overnight success, and remembering this can help you make wise choices for yourself so you know what you’re doing and not expecting the world in a one week time span. Luckily enough this company can help expedite the process so you are getting moving faster than possible and Nine9 of website.

Nine9 is the company who can help put you in the right direction. Use the tips above to help you succeed and grow with Nine9.

Snapchat’s Snapbots Treasure Hunt

Just in time for capturing 10 seconds of video this holiday season, Snapchat’s started selling their Spectacle glasses on November 10th. In a move that marketers are calling genius, Snap is selling the $129 Spectacles from a fancy yellow vending machine that is always on the move. People only get one day’s notice from an online map to find the next vending machine, called Snapbots, location.


Spectacle glasses’ buyers put in their debit or credit card and choose from black, coral, or teal sunglasses and in 10 seconds, the camera shades pop out of the vending machine’s mouth. When the first Snapbot appeared in Los Angeles near Snapchat’s, now known as Snap, Inc., headquarters, the line started forming immediately and the Spectacles sold out by 8:00 a.m. For all those who missed out on getting their Spectacle glasses, they are selling on eBay for up to $1000.


With a 115 degree angle, the Spectacles allow users to shoot video that mimics a person’s field of vision. A build in camera also lets users snap photos. To transfer the video to an Android phone, users need a WiFi connection, however, for iPhones, users transfer to the Snapchat app with a Bluetooth connection.


Affordable new tech with limited distribution is the ideal strategy for the messaging app company that is expected to go public in early 2017. The first videos shot with the Spectacles are already appearing on the Internet as people show off their purchase.

Amazon Is Expanding Its On-Demand Service Coverage Areas

Amazon, one of America’s most popular e-commerce retailers also has a on-demand home service business, which helps people find local repair services, however, unless you live in one of the 30 metro areas that is served, you may not have heard about it. Adding 20 new metro areas, including Las Vegas, NV; San Antonio, TX and Boulder, CO, Amazon is expanding, possibly because the company is expanding its on-demand services by advertising for Home Assistants. Assistants will clean, do laundry and perform other tasks to save people time. The job is only offered in Seattle, Washington at this time. Employee requirements include a college degree and more than three years of customer facing experience.


Amazon Home Services offers services from 60 types of background-checked, insured professionals who are offering pre-packaged services. If customers find a service that need, they can simply add the item to their cart and schedule a time. Payment is handled the same way as it is when someone purchases a book on the site. Consumers can also request no-obligation quotes for custom projects. According to a press release from Amazon, the most popular services that customers request are TV wall-mounting, furniture assembly and house cleaning. The press release also contained glowing reviews from on-demand service customers and service providers who have seen their business increase after using use Amazon Home Services to find new customers.


United Airlines to Create Carry-On Limit for Low-Fare Passengers

The airline industry is constantly trying to think of new ways to make extra money. They have been doing this sort of thing for years. However, United Airlines has taken this activity to an entirely new level. They are going to start limiting their low-fare passengers to a single carry-on bag. The bag must be able to under the seat of the passenger. This move copies the strategies of some of the other airlines that have taken business away from United in recent years because of their low fares. United has found it difficult to compete with these cheaper airlines and remain profitable at the same time. Executives at United believe that this decision to limit carry-on bags will help to improve the slumping profits of the company.


United’s decision is considered to be a brave one in the airline industry because no other U.S. airline has decided to limit their passengers when it comes to carry-on baggage. The goal of the company is to bring new passengers on board and make their regular passengers pay more for their tickets. It remains to be seen if this will be successful or not. United has said this will not be the only change they will be implementing. A spokesman for the airline has said that other new policies will be introduced in 2017. However, he did no get into specifics about what those new policies would be. There is no question that United is taking a risk. However, it is a necessary one.

Corporate Executives Contemplate Changes with the Election of Donald Trump

Corporate executives, including chief executive officers, in the United States are contemplating possible changes as Donald Trump prepares to assumed the presidency. During the campaign, Trump promised to take action to sharply reduce corporate taxes and to rollback regulations.


A great deal of discussion is being had that the Trump administration will usher in dramatic change in a short amount of time. In realty, executives generally feel that change will in fact occur, but in a more incremental way.


The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, is another law on the books that President-elect Trump has promised to eliminate. He has softened his approach to this objective slightly since winning the election. He has indicated there are some components of the law that he anticipates keeping in place, including preventing insurers from denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions.


Corporate executives, including chief executive officers, are playing close attention to how the Trump administration addresses the Affordable Care Act. There is some thought that Congress will in fact vote to repeal the law. The President-elect is likely to sign such legislation into law. However, when it comes to implementing it, the approach will probably be a bit more cautious. If nothing else, any repeal will not effect the policies in force in 2017. With that said, whatever alternative to the Affordable Care Act will need to be in place by the beginning of 2018, which leaves only a relatively small window for action by the Trump administration and Congress.


Apple Smart Glasses May Be Coming Soon

Apple has decided to try it’s hand at making smart glasses. Although the iPhone currently accounts for two-thirds of the company’s revenue, its sales have been slowing down. The company is under intense pressure to deliver new products and despite the recent failure of Google Glass, expanding into wearable technology is considered a lucrative option.


The project is currently still in the exploration phase, but insiders say it has already been discussed with potential suppliers. Small quantities of near-eye displays have apparently been ordered for testing, although not enough to indicate a move toward mass production.


Apple is known for simplifying difficult technology and putting it into the hands of their customers. That approach has helped them develop the fingerprint recognition technology that’s used to unlock their iPhones, as well as the touch screens that are now so common.


The product would be Apple’s first to directly target the AR (augmented reality) market. The company has recently acquired some smaller AR-based companies, presumably with the intention of beefing up their own AR capabilities. They have also acquired patents for various AR applications, including “street view” in their mapping apps.


One of the company’s greatest challenges will be fitting all the needed technology into a sleek set of wearable glasses. In order to reduce the product’s weight, it would have to connect wirelessly to a customer’s iPhone. It should be noted that part of the reason Google’s product did so poorly was because the tiny battery it required ran out too quickly.


Apple’s smart glasses may prove even more difficult to produce than Google’s, since many of the required parts are not currently available. According to sources familiar with the project, if the product does make it to production, it probably won’t be until sometimes in 2018.


American Apparel Files for Second Bankruptcy

Los Angeles-based retailer American Apparel recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The November 7th filing was the second for the beleaguered chain, after a recent attempt to turn the company around failed. The company emerged from bankruptcy protection in February 2016, less than a year before filing again.


According to a court filing, Canadian manufacturer Gildan Activewear has agreed to take over intellectual property rights, assets and inventory from the company as part of a $66 million deal. Interestingly, the deal does not include purchasing any of American Apparel’s physical stores, suggesting that they will have to be auctioned off in the near future.


Gildan’s plan is to integrate the company’s brand into their own printwear business. Court filings suggest that they’re interested in acquiring some of the company’s Los Angeles-based manufacturing and distribution operations. Currently, these facilities are located in downtown Los Angeles, South Gate, Garden Grove and La Mirada.


In recent years, American Apparel has struggled with performance problems, making it increasingly difficult for them to stay afloat. After their first bankruptcy, it soon became apparent that they would not be able to raise enough money to complete their turnaround. They soon found themselves borrowing from the same former bondholders who had taken control during the first bankruptcy.


Customers are unlikely to notice anything different about their day-to-day operations until either the stores are sold off or someone comes along with a better offer than Gildan’s. If the proposed deal does go through, American Apparel will continue to live on as a highly-recognized brand sold through various other retailers.