Alexandre Gama Follows His Own Path To Global Success

The global advertising specialist Alexandre Gama has become one of the world’s most impressive and awarded specialists in the industry after beginning his career as a writer at a number of different agencies across Brazil. A sign of the growing prestige Alexandre Gama began to achieve in the 1980s and 1990s could be seen in the many different trips the Rio de Janeiro born marketing specialist has made to the Cannes Film Festival throughout his career; not only has Gama won a number of Golden Lion’s at Cannes, but also gave a master class talk at the festival as one of the most impressive members of the global advertising industry.

As the head of the Neogama advertising agency the awards and signs of success have continued to roll in for Alexandre Gama and those he has chosen to work at his impressive company. After winning a Cannes Golden Lion soon after the forming of the agency in 1999, Alexandre Gama also found success in 2015 when a campaign on cultural diversity in Brazil provided the latest Golden Lion for the company; other awards have followed, including Gama himself being voted the 7th most important individual in the history of the Brazilian advertising industry.