Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Reveals Secrets Of Her Success

Almost every young women and teen growing up in the United States know about the daring color splashing makeup business women known as Doe Deere. For those who doesn’t know Doe Deere, they must have seen her on social media marketing her colorful makeup products that often have quirky names. In fact, the name of her business also raise eyebrows – Lime Crime. Recently, she was interviewed for the Galore Magazine where she reveals the secret of her success.

According to Doe Deere, the colorful designs of her makeup products are part of her personality. As a young kid, she was always fascinated by the idea of colors. As such, she wanted to indulge herself is colorful fantasy by wearing multicolored costumes, jewelry, mom makeup, clothes and accessories. Recalling her first makeup experience, Doe claimed that she started up piling eye-shades, liner and lipsticks in the middle of a slumber party because she didn’t like her costume. Despite the fact that her friends were surprised at her act, colors always inspired her.

In fact, the name of her company, Lime Crime, is not an automatic choice. In searching for a name on EBay, she picked it up randomly because it personified peculiarity. As her business grew and fans began liking her products, the name “Lime Crime” stuck. Now, it signifies her brand because it is a reflection of everything that is bold and out of place. During the interview, Doe Deere acknowledged that there are plenty of bold women and young ladies who are loyal to the brand because her brand’s “over-the-top” makeup requires someone who can break the traditional rules. Interestingly, Twitter followers of “Lime Crime” are called Unicorns. In response to Unicorns, Dor Deere insisted that her makeup requires fearless sense of style. Therefore, her followers who love colors, defy expectations and they are not fearful of displaying their colors in public.

Regarding her online business model, Doe Deere loves the Internet because it offers a chance to make loyal friends and communicate with followers using social media and relevant channels. However, she also cautioned that Internet can be used to malign someone easily as false rumors spread quickly without verification.  Check out the official Lime Crime website for more.

Talented Actress Features in Most Awaited Summer Movie

Crystal Hunt is an American actress and television idol who was born in February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida. She is famous and known for her roles in production and on set of Guiding Light, One life to Live and Sydney White; her latest project being a role that she is playing in a highly anticipated and hyped 2015 movie Magic Mike XXL. She took a break from acting and came back in 2009 to feature in One life to Live under a character of a nasty stripper Stacy Morasco. She has since worked in another thriller film named NYC Underground alongside big names in the film industry like Evan Ross, Arielle Kebbel and Dania Ramirez. She also features in a movie based on a true story in 2014 named 23 Blast.

Hunt was spotted by a film agent at the New York’s Actors Workshop, and from the work she’s shared on Instagram and offered a role immediately in Guiding Light at a tender age of 17. She played the role so well under a character name of Lizzie Spaulding and won the hearts of many young American Viewers and globally at the time.. She continued being a lead actress in the daytime series and even got an Emmy nomination for best daytime teenage actress. At the same time, she landed her dream opportunity of working alongside Zac Efron in the family movie named The Derby Stallion. After working Zac, an entertaining personality in drama shows, she moved on with her career and worked with Amanda Bynes in a romantic comedy Named Sydney White that cracked many viewers’ ribs.

Currently, Hunt is working on a movie that is among the most anticipated summer movies yet to be released, Magic Mike XXL. The Daytime Emmy Award nominee features in this movie which is dubbed as the perfect girls’ night out summer film in 2015. The movie has characters Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) who retires from being a stripper and tries once more to get on stage and bond with fellow dancing crew, crystal hunt playing the role of a bizarre character Lauren. Others include Jada Pinkett as Rome, Raeden Greer as Charlotte, Elizabeth Banks as Paris, Rhoda Griffis as Julia, Jane McNeill as Mae, Andie McDowell as Nancy and Kimberly Drummond as Caroline.

The movie is expected to be a dramatic one filled with entertaining bits and scenes. Hunt continues to stir in huge commercials like her image was widely used in The Walt Disney Company 25th Anniversary.

How Doe Deere Handles Negative Publicity And Stays On Top Of Her Game

Doe Deere is a firm believer in the adage that one should not rest until dreams are achieved. She hailed from Russia, and many have termed her as a confused woman suffering from inconsistent personality disorder. When she married her boyfriend, many said it was a mismatched couple saying that the man looked too old for his age. However, that did not deter her from going on with the marriage and its the same attitude she swings into action whenever people try to bring her ideas down.

Doe has persevered a lot to get where she currently is. She first tried her hand at fashion but dropped out and tried her hand at music twice before trying what she currently does. Doe is all about doing things she loves and putting food on the table. Her make up brand, Lime Crime is the current talk of town owing to its unique bright colors that make heads turn. Many young woman who feel the need to express themselves much better like its products and all the success and hype associated with it can be attributed to their love for the same.

Starting and running a successful company over the internet has not been easy for this focused lady. Critics and rumour mongers have been busy trying to bring her efforts down by making baseless claims that her products are not authentic. However, Doe has been quick to prove that she indeed makes and sells genuine products by even posting videos that demonstrate her making the products. However, not everyone hates her brand. Many a reputable beauty bloggers and magazines have in the past given them a good rating based on the fact that they have completely revolutionized the industry.

Her make up products have slowly become an army and hey just started as a handful and linked to each other to become a big number. Different with the image displayed of her by critics as rude and with tomboy manners, Doe is polite and soft-spoken in real life. She is just hated for her firm belief in making a decent income out of her hard work. She has however defied all the odds and proved that she can do better amidst the negative publicity attracted by the critics. On a careful observation, she has actually used the negativity to her advantage.

Different with other pharmaceutical companies that deal with beauty products, Doe documents every step she goes through when making her products. What matters to her is that her customers get maximum satisfaction, and she believes that them knowing the steps involved when making the products goes a long way in achieving that. Ladies who have used Lime Crime’s products are full of praise and see it as a unique brand on the market that has managed to go against the grain and at the same time provide magnificent products. Doe is a perfect example of a strong woman who has conquered the makeup market and is expected to continue making ripples and changes on the same.