Anthony Petrello Is Turning His Wealth Into Health

Anthony Petrello’s seemingly perfect life is missing one thing: luck. Regardless of their fortune, Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello can’t buy everything. Degrees from Harvard and Yale prepare a man for many things; an ill child isn’t one of them. Before Anthony’s priorities transformed from wealth to health, he succeeded as Director of, Stewart & Stevenson LLC, Deputy Chairman followed by Chairman of the Board where he is also the President and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd earning $27,512,939 in compensation for Fiscal Year 2015. No other board affiliation is as meaningful as his most recent though.

Texas Children’s Hospital Inc. appointed Mr. Anthony Petrello Director on the Board of Trustees where he advocates research for children with neurological disorders. Tony and Cynthia’s daughter Carena developed Cerebral Palsy after weighing only 20 ounces at birth. Born prematurely at 24 weeks, Carena was immediately diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL). The Petrello’s investigated pediatric research institutions across the United States, Europe, South America and the Caribbean but no research existed for children.

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What some fathers may have seen as an expense or a burden, Tony saw an opportunity in his own backyard. Topping the best-paid-bosses list won’t enhance her quality of life. Even $25 million a year isn’t enough to cure his daughter. For a stroke of luck Tony Petrello will not sit idle. Large scale translational research is an initiative worthy of same kind of commitment he proved at Nabors.

Nothing shifts priorities like parenting. An initial donation of $5 million to Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute is the start of a personal journey, perhaps Tony’s most successful endeavor yet. Tony’s contribution and dedication to this kind of ground breaking pediatric medicine is an investment that will impact his own, as well as families from around the world for generations.


Business Meets Charity: Anthony Petrello

Considered one of the most prolific and business savvy figures in modern day, Anthony Petrello currently serves as the Chairman of Nabors Industries LTD. Tackling some of the most difficult task, Anthony has helped lead Nabors Industries into a league of its own.

The company is currently the largest natural gas, oil and geothermal drilling contractors in the United States. Operating in over 10 different countries including the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Asia. Nabors Industries and Anthony Petrello are the leading names in the drilling industry.

The former Yale University and Harvard Law School graduate began his career with Nabors Industries LTD in 1991. Serving as the director, Anthony now oversee valuable daily work routines and assist in a variety of unique and specialty related services.

Under the guidance of Anthony Petrello, Nabors Industries LTD has rapidly grown in recent years. Solidifying contracts throughout the country, Anthony also helped incorporate technology into the company. Using advanced technological features, Nabors have developed a reputation of excellence and professionalism.

As President and Chairman of Nabors, Anthony manages the host of marine vessels and oil drills operated by Nabors. He is also instrumental in overseeing the data collection process, servicing rigs and impressive operational equipment. Nabors Industries LTD owns an approximate 520 land drilling rigs.

Along with an influential work duty, Anthony Petrello has developed an impressive reputation as a philanthropists and generous donor. The businessman is currently the Trustee for Texas Children Hospital in Houston. Ranked as one of the most top performing children medical centers in the nation, Texas Children Hospital is a leader in the medical industry.

Anthony has extended his philanthropic worm in recent years. He is the Director of his very own non profit organization. He helped create and establish the Petrello Family Foundation.

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The active philanthropists dedicates an abundance of his time working with a variety of charities. With a special focus on children and the youth, Anthony Petrello has helped many charitable organizations reach an impressive financial goal.

Arthur Becker: Investing In The Future

Arthur Becker is the managing member of Madison Partners LLC. This firm is the creation of Becker’s after a lifetime of business management. Before Madison, he was the CEO of ZINIO, NaviSite before that, and was a senior adviser at Vera Wang before that. ZINIO is a digital newsstand providing online access to popular magazines and NaviSite provides IT services. Madison Partners is an investment firm specializing in biotechnology and real estate.

In an interview with US Magazine, he revealed some personal stories and advice. He states that a habit that makes him a productive entrepreneur is finding a balance between passion and critical thinking. Becker shares his worst job was working in the parks department of a small town in his teenage years. He says that the difficult jobs done in hot weather motivated him to find better, higher paying work that interested him. The most important strategy he outlines is this: “talent is the key to success: identifying the talent, persuading talented people to your vision or that of the business and then getting out of the way.”

Becker became interested in technology and real estate during his tenure at ZINIO. While working at ZINIO he became exposed to early stage biotech companies and became fascinated by them. He was also expanding his real estate interests at that time by investing in condo development. While managing both of those enterprises, he saw that there was an opportunity to make a great impact on people’s lives by investing in burgeoning biotech. He is presently most interested in cancer treatment.

Becker’s Firm, Madison Partners LLC, is a property management company in Dallas, Texas. The bread and butter of their work is working with individuals and clients to meet their needs. Becker lends his touch to this work by organizing and coordinating his expert team. He says that he is most effective organizing talent and that he finds the entire process of real estate development fascinating.

Becker is leveraging his lifetime of work into one company that incorporates his talents and interests. He’s using his position better people’s lives both in the short term with excellent real estate management and in the long term with biotechnology investment.

Remembering How Stephen Murray Ran CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray passed away back in March of 2015, but he’s become a revered figure in the private equity industry. He was the CEO of CCMP Capital for about 8 years, though he had been on the executive board at that company even before it became known as CCMP. About a year after CCMP Capital had been officially formed, Murray had sat down with peHUB to explain the changes that were happening at this company, and to describe the new direction that he planned to take it.

Murray had taken over that year as CEO from Jeffrey Walkerl who had originally been selected to lead that company. But Murray’s focus on investment execution and driving independent funds had led to the decision to make him CEO. Stephen Murray explained how now that the company was independent of JP Morgan, they were no longer relying on the banks but had a track record that proved they could drive investor funds to high earnings. Murray also explained how CCMP Capital’s initial offering even exceeded expectations though it fell a little short of its exact goal.

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Stephen Murray built quite a portfolio during his time at CCMP Capital, though it started back when the company was known as Chemical Partners. Murray had gotten his bachelor’s degree from Boston College and his MBA from Columbia University, and Stephen Murray had started out in the credit analyst division of Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation. That bank was bought out by Chemical Bank and Murray gradually moved into the buyout division, a part of the firm that would make acquisitions of many companies over the course of its existence. Murray was a big part of the deals that were made and executed behind the scenes.

Stephen Murray served on the executive board at the time the firm was bought out by Chase Manhattan Bank, becoming Chase Chemical Partners after this. Four years later it became JP Morgan & Partners when JP Morgan bought them out. JP Morgan & Partners became the owners of businesses such as Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Quizno’s Subs, Pure Gym and other retail, energy and healthcare corporations. The firm spun out of JP Morgan because some clients felt it was interfering with their business.

Murray’s renamed the firm after the spinout to CCMP Capital as a combination of all the banks that had previously owned it. He also hosted two more public offerings including the 2007 $3.4 billion offering, and then a $3.6 billion offering in 2014. Murray had to resign as CEO of the firm in early 2015 because of health reasons, and only weeks later he passed away. But Greg Brenneman who took over for him regarded him as a friend and a great investor.

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Stephen Murray passes away

The business world depends on quality leaders to guide the way. The right leaders can help the business world see new innovations or just allow workers to reach their full potential. For many years, Stephen Murray was one of the top leaders in the financial industry. He worked his way up the corporate ladder, and eventually became a leader at CCMP capital. He turned CCMP capital into a power within the private equity industry. Unfortunately, Stephen Murray recently passed away.

Stephen Murray worked at CCMP Capital up to the age of 52. He left the company about a month before his death for “health-related” reasons. He had served with the company and the previous firms since the late eighties. The company was once part of Chase Capital Partners, but eventually became called JPMorgan Partners on LinkedIn. JPMorgan Partners grow to be quite large throughout the nineties and the 2000s. Eventually, JP Morgan became one of the world’s largest private equity firms. By 2007, JP Morgan Chase became very large and they were ready to spin-off parts of the company. JP Morgan spun-off their private equity division into CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was an obvious choice as CEO, and he did a fantastic job in that role.

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Stephen Murray excelled at CCMP Capital, but he also contributed significantly to other companies. Stephen sat on numerous boards and willingly gave his insights to the leadership at these companies. He loved serving with Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and numerous other company boards. Each board seat is a part of Stephen Murray’s legacy.

The leadership at CCMP was saddened by Stephen’s death. Greg Brenneman, chairman of CCMP, gave a brief statement to the media. He stated that he was extremely saddened by Stephen’s death. He passed his condolences and the condolences of the entire CCMP family on to Stephen’s family. Stephen strongly valued his family and considered their needs with every step he takes. Greg also pointed out that Stephen Murray’s contributions to CCMP Capital were huge. Murray was a talented investor and a great dealmaker who was born to excel at private equity.

Stephen Murray was a very talented businessman. He worked hard during his time at CCMP Capital, and he took the company to the top of the private equity world. The impact that he left on the business world will be felt for years to come, and CCMP is committed to honoring his memory.

How Stephen Murray Singlehandedly Made CCMP A Leading Financial Services Provider

Stephen Murray is regarded as one of the most successful and energetic executives to have ever graced the American corporate scene. He is fondly remembered for working tirelessly in an effort to transform CCMP Capital into the industry leader that it is today. Stephen was similarly a family man, and a philanthropist. He resigned from his role as the firm’s chairman and president on LinkedIn due to health complications, only to pass away one month later. Nonetheless, his influence on the industry will be valued for many years.

Stephen’s Career

The New York native attended Sleepy Hollow High School and Boston College, from where he holds an Economics degree. After graduating, he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation for his internship. His talents stood out, and made him to be absorbed into the firm. Starting from a junior position, Murray quickly established himself as one of the most dependable and competent employees. This saw him play a crucial role in the success that Hanover Corporation and its predecessor firms had.

Mr. Murray earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1989. During this time, Hanover Manufacturers Corporation had undergone several acquisitions that would later lead to the formation of Chase Capital Partners and JP Morgan Partners on Stephen had equally made a name for himself as one of the brightest minds in the money markets. With his deep understanding of the industry, he was part of the M&A teams that facilitated all the mergers and acquisitions over the years.

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CCMP’s Spinoff and More Success

Stephen was part of a team that led a spinoff from JP Morgan Partners to form CCMP Capital in 2006. He was made president and CEO one year later, just as the financial crunch was setting in. He defied expectations by leading CCMP through the crisis without any significant losses. Actually, it was at this time that CCMP established itself as a force to reckon with in the financial services industry. It similarly became one of the leading equity firms in the United States.

Prior to his demise, Mr. Murray was a board chair of several companies. These include Jetro JMDH Holdings, Credit Investors, Crestcom International, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, LHP Hospital Group, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and Octagon Credit Investors. His insightful leadership helped these firms to be successful in their respective fields. Stephen was similarly a passionate philanthropist, who supported numerous noble initiatives such as the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. He left behind a widow and four sons.

CCMP Working After Stephen Murray

CCMP is a strong company and one that was prepared for many different things on It made sense that they were able to pick up right where they left off when their CEO passed away somewhat unexpectedly. They knew that they were going to be able to continue to thrive even though him being the CEO was really insightful and helped to bring a lot to the business. CCMP, despite Stephen Murray’s death, was able to continue operating in the main sectors that they normally operated in before he resigned from the company and, subsequently, died.

The biggest part of CCMP is the private sector. They work with many different businesses, both large and small. Some of their accounts are world-recognized names and things that will help people in the future if they make the choice to stick with CCMP. The company works to provide the capital that is necessary for everything in the equity firm on They want to make sure that all of their clients are satisfied with the equity services that they provide. While they focus the majority of their efforts on these clients, they also have other clients who are a part of the process and who help CCMP do better.

While private clients are important, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital also works with businesses that are a part of the public sector. They know that they will get more equity from these clients but they also know that the clients may not be able to give them the brand recognition that they usually see when it comes to the many different things that they do. When they are looking for new businesses in their equity department, they know that they will be able to get what they need from a combination of private and public businesses.

Another area that they are interested in is the chemical business. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital help their chemical partners to become better at what they do and often provide them with the capital that they need to get their business started and functioning properly. CCMP knows that the chemical part of their business is somewhat secondary to the other portions of their business but they also know that they are able to get what they want out of the business if they work toward the chemical portion. This is a huge market and something that will bring in a lot of money in the future even though it doesn’t right now.

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Stephen Murray’s Leadership Brought CCMP Capital Great Success

Stephen Murray was regarded as one of the best during the time he spent in the investment industry, before he unfortunately passed in 2015. He was the standing Chief Executive Officer and co-founder for CCMP Capital, before his illness forced his early retirement. His former friends and fellow colleagues regard him as an excellent leader and the individual who substantially pushed CCMP to the level of success it has managed to achieve today.

When Stephen Murrar first started out on his career, he began working at the Manufacturer Hanover Corporation sometime in 1984. While working for the company he managed their credit forecasting project. His talent and initiative managed to get him promoted to Vise President of the company. Though, it wasn’t long before his department ended up merging with the company’s equity corporation. Stephen was able to take a position after the merge due to how much experience he already had.

After a couple more transitions to Chemical Bank and JP Morgan, Stephen found himself in a management position for JP Morgan in 2005, responsible for the company’s buyouts.

During his employment at the company, it managed to expand greatly into a well known private equity firm. Stephen Murray wasn’t all business though, as a philanthropist, he took the time to help out and give back to those in need. He’s made many donations to charities and was involved in the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well.

After a short time at JP Morgan, Stephen and some others decided to co found a company together, a CCMP Capital spin off in 2006. In just a year, it was decided Stephen would be the company’s CEO.

Stephen managed to lead and expand with a team of equity specialists and a small takeover group. Throughout his time at the company, he managed to bring its net worth upwards of $12 billion.

As of today, the CCMP Capital is dedicated to bringing the best services available to their private investment clients. On top of this, they have multiple office locations in places such as London, New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, employing dozens of individuals who are experts in private equities and investments.

They provide premium services for their clients, most of which are corporations, groups, and sometimes individuals with high net worth.

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CCMP Capital Remembers the Contributions of Stephen Murray