Help Provide Medical and Disaster Relief to Nepal Earthquake Victims

The vast majority of people around the world were hooked to their television set when they saw the devastation that took place in the country of Nepal on April 25, 2015. On that day, a 7.8 earthquake rocked the country. It caused mass devastation. In fact, the earthquake was so strong that it caused an avalanche on Mount Everest. Because of the avalanche, more than 19 people died on the mountain. That was one of the deadliest and saddest days in the history of Mount Everest and especially touched the climbing community. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people around the country lost their homes. Even though much time has passed since then, much relief work still needs to be done. The country needs help cleaning and rebuilding homes. Also, medical aid is still needed. Over 22,000 people were injured in the quake that took place on April 25 and the many that followed.

Majeed Ekbal has set up a Go Fund Me account to help the victims of the earthquake. It is his goal to raise at least $10,000 that he will contribute to a crowdrise fund. He has already been donating money to that crowdrise fund. It has the purpose of raising $1 million to provide medical and disaster relief to the victims of the Nepal earthquake. This is something that is of special interest to him since he knows many people who live in the country. Majeed Ekbal has heard their experiences and knows that much suffering is still taking place. He is thankful for all donations that are made to the Go Fund Me account that he has set up.

Majeed Ekbal is a well-known real estate investor and a Chicago business owner. He set up the company Expresso Inc. The purpose of the company is to provide grocery delivery service to individuals who live in the Chicago area. They can order items from large grocery store chains and smaller specialty shops. The individuals who work with Expresso Inc. will look at the list of groceries wanted by the customer, go buy them, and then deliver them to a convenient location. This service is inexpensive, never costing more than $10 for delivery. Check Majeed out on Vimeo to see some other cool projects he’s working on.

How to Work Your Way up The Ladder: A Guide

Many of you have probably heard of a man by the name of Majeed Ekbal. He is a very prominent business man in the Chicago area. He wasn’t always this big though. He had to work his way up, just like everyone else. Today I am here to extend some friendly advice for those looking to be just like Majeed Ekbal.


This is something that Majeed Ekbal learned to do early on. Majeed learned that if he wanted to get ahead, he had to be the team leader he wanted to see. Lead by example. Do not be afraid to throw yourself into the ring. Put yourself down in the trenches with the rest of your workers. Your workers will have more respect for you if you are working along with them.

I have known too many business leaders who make decisions for their workers, without any knowledge of what they do. Do not be like this. Be the change you want to see. This is what Majeed learned to do. Majeed learned that if her wanted something done right, he had to do it himself. His co-workers say this. They learned through him. This is why he so respected in the Chicago area.


This is crucial to any kind of success. Your co-workers and clients are not going to be happy seeing the boss just dictate. Learn to be humble. Share credit. Be comfortable with being part of the team.

Humility teaches so much. If more bosses knew the difference between the two, they would be more successful in their ventures.


If there is not reason to hold a meeting, don’t hold one. Too many bosses hold meaningless meetings, just to prove they are in charge. This wastes money and time. If you really trust your co-workers, like you say you do, then only hold the important meetings. The important meetings should only be a few minutes, not to mention short and sweet. Do not run up the company tab by holding meetings over details that are already known.

If you trust your co-workers, micromanaging should be a thing of the past.

One final thing to mention. know your limits. If you can’t do something, say you can’t do it. Your employees and clients will have more respect if you admit to your limitations. Find someone to help you pick up the slack. You can do all of this while still maintaining control.

Go onto Majeed Ekbal’s personal twitter page for more tips on how to become a successful business leader. He answers questions and posts updates all the time. Check his page out now.