A Clean House By Handy

Cleaning our homes is something that must be done. Although in today’s fast paced world we seldom have time for it. Dishes, laundry, sweeping and scrubbing are not high on the priority list on when we look for things to get done when we are not at the office.

There is a way that we can have a clean house without all the stress and time consuming duties that it entails. Handy is a company that can send a cleaning professional to your home and it will not break the bank. It is also easy and confidential to set up.

This company was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. It is refered to as the Uber of home cleaning and maintenance. Operating in 13 cities it has grown exponentially and seeks to open up for business in 4 more locations. Eventually this revolutionary way of getting handyman services, and cleaning help will reach from coast to coast.

House cleaning is simply not that big a thing for the busy professional. Work schedules are grueling time off is slim, and we fight simply to get a good night’s sleep. Who has time to clean their house?

Hiring someone from an independent company in your area will take more time than just cleaning the home. Interviewing, screening and hoping the person will actually show up takes too much time and energy. More than just doing the cleaning for yourself. Handy can solve all of these issues.

At Handy every single person who performs work for them is screened and interviewed. References are taken and every precaution is taken to assure that the people doing work for them are trustable, reliable, and honest.

Handy presently has a staff of more than 10,000 employees. Consider this, they only hire 3% of the people that they interview. Harder to get into than an Ivy League College. When you decide to find someone to help with getting those odd jobs done around the house, or even having it cleaned, why not let Handy give you a hand?

It is a simple app to download and even easier to navigate. Simply go to the home page and choose the job to be done or rooms to be cleaned. Then enter a zip code. You will then be asked where the job is and when it needs to be done. Finally a quote will be generated. Simply accept or decline it and the person will be sent at the time denoted (if you accept quote).

Paying is easy as well. Enter a card and it will automatically be charged for the services, taxes, and tip. Nothing is left to be done except to sit back and let the professionals do the job. How much easier could housecleaning be?

We all want a neat and tidy home. No one will deny this. It is just that we simply do not always have the time to do the scrubbing and cleaning that this entails. Handy is the answer to your cleaning issues.