Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

There is a plethora of investment firms vying for your money, but you want to find some good advice before you make your decision. There are investment Advisers, Brokers and Financial Planners, but which one do you want? Finance is confusing, and your head is buzzing. The first thing to sort out is which investment services you are looking for? According to the United States Government, there are three types of investment services to choose from, and they are securities, management and financial planning. The next step is to find out about fees; some firms work for percentages, commissions or flat fees. The US’s Financial Education Clearinghouse advises to choose the lowest cost option that aligns with your investment strategy. The FEC also advises to find out the legal obligation each type of firm is offering to act in your best interest.

Keeping the FEC’s advice in mind, you may want to take a look at Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm with a middle-market focus. They advise on both the corporate level and private level. It has a strong commitment to its clients, and its staff are specialists on valuation, asset management and advisory, and they are strong on transparency. When Madison Street Capital is engaged, they assign a team to each client. The team guides their client to successful navigation through the complexities of investing, and maximizing your financial potential.

Madison Street Capital exceeds regulatory requirements, and they offer objective analysis and thorough documentation and transparent reporting. Their experience with middle-market industry and niche markets make them a leader in investment banking. Their mission is integrity and service to each client no matter how small your investment. Madison Street Capital is located Chicago with offices in Ghana and India. Madison Street Capital offers high investment returns with a strategic plan to minimize risk. Whether you are large or small investor, Madison Street Capital offers you a low cost, low risk and transparent experience.

Plymouth Rock Assurance under the Reign of James Stone

The issue of how to sell car insurances is a contradictory issue particularly regarding the use of internet and agents. Plymouth Rock Assurance is working round the clock to create a balance. The firm has created a tool called Prime, which enables Massachusetts clients to purchase and control their car insurance, both online and through agents.
According to a publication on the Boston Globe, Plymouth admits that the market is changing and they would like to change with it. There are about 1600 independent insurance agencies within Massachusetts and a huge number sell their car insurance to local residents. The agents cover up to two thirds of the market share, a share that is quickly diminishing owing to the closure of about 200 agencies.
The shift in market share has enabled online insurance companies such as Progressive Corp and Geico insurance to penetrate the market. This shift has pushed companies like Liberty Mutual Insurance to sell insurance both online and via the phone. The increased competition has made independent agents eager to try out Plymouth Rock’s online device.
Plymouth Rock has dealt with direct sale of insurance to clients for three years. When a consumer purchases online through the Prime platform, Plymouth delivers the policy and information of the buyer to an independent agent who reviews the policy and gives wise suggestion.
Plymouth Rock Assurance is the brainchild of executive James Stone. Stone is a former Economics lecturer of the prestigious Harvard University. He is the founder, CEO and chief executive of the parent company, Plymouth Rock Group of Companies. Stone, who was born in New York in November 12th 1947, is the son of Babette Rosmond, an author and fiction editor of the seventeen magazines. Before joining Harvard University, where he did his PHD, he had studied in the public schools of Pelham. James graduated with first class honors in Economics, which marked his successful journey as a successful economist.
Stone lives in Boston with his wife Cathleen Douglas and their two children. When he is not working, he sits in the board of directors of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. James serves as the chairman of the School on the Move prize panel.

Writing For Wikipedia – How To Write Their Type Of Articles

Writing for a website or a blog is very different compared to writing for a big time encyclopedia site like Wikipedia. Wikipedia writers for hire is a top notch site that has gained extensive notoriety for being the Internet’s main source of all kinds of information. Anybody looking for a legitimate topic will find that Wikipedia is the place to find this information. Writing for their site is one very lucrative opportunity with jobs that can more than possible. If you are looking to writing for the site, it can definitely happen if you have the right writing skills.

Writing For Wikipedia – How To Write Their Type Of Articles

Writing for Wikipedia is tough because they expect a specific kind of information to be shared. They only want to make sure that the content they have on their site is factual, up to date, and properly written to be understood efficiently. Here’s a few things should know to be able to write their type of articles.

– Consistently Use Sources

As you continue to practice your writing, it is vital to remember to use sources. To practice this part of your writing, create blog posts or write for your current clients in the sense that everything you write is entirely factual. Writing news articles is a great practice for you because you need to research parts of the news online. This can allow for you to write Wikipedia articles more effectively.

– Straight Forward

They are very strict in terms of what kind of content they want you to do. They don’t want your own opinion to be shared in the content. Not only does this create a conflict of interest, but it can cause for you to share information that may be politically correct or possibly incorrect. They don’t want certain people to use their opinions because the writers create biased content. Your content on Wikipedia is to be straight forward without any specific bias to be contained in the articles that you write. As you continue to progress writing your articles, avoid writing any creative pieces. Try focusing on more factual articles for now as a practice before you join the Wikipedia writing team.

Writing for a huge site like this one is a huge honor. There is, however, big responsibilities that come along with this honor. They expect their writers to be top notch, so it’s best to be prepared before joining.

Economist Christian Broda Sees Value in Domestic Investment

A Prescient Comment

Economist Christian Broda, the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management, last year urged investors to pay close attention to the domestic marketplace within the United States: “It seems wise to keep your investment in the U.S., and think twice about following the conventional wisdom that emerging markets is the place to put your money.” His advice likely surprised many financially savvy investment bankers, yet recent geopolitical events largely support his viewpoint. Investors stung by the collapse of stock market prices in China during July, 2015, might wish they had followed his recommendations more closely.

An Eminent Economist

Dr. Broda, in fact, earned his credentials as an economist from an innovative academic institution in the United States. Graduating Summa Cum Laude in January, 1997 from the Universidad de San Andres with a Bachelors degree in Economics, he matriculated in June, 2001 with a doctoral degree in the field of Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He later taught Economics at the University of Chicago, a bastion of conservative (and highly respected) economic thinking. Between delivering lectures to students and graduate students, he managed to find time to serve as an advisor to investment banking and hedge fund firms. He worked as the Chief International Economist for Lehman Brothers/Barclays Capital between 2008 and 2009, and in 2010 assumed his current position with Duquesne Capital Management. When he issues advice to investors about the best places to deploy their financial assets, many people pay attention to him.

Academic Publications

Dr. Christian Broda has published articles widely in academic journals. These include the American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. In 2005, and then again in 2008, he received a grant from the National Science Foundation. He was named as a James S. Kemperer Scholar in 2006. His contributions to the field of finance and business includes serving as a Co-editor of the International Monetary Fund Economic Review, and as the Associate Editor of the Journal of Development Economics.

Uncertain Times

Investors who sustained losses as a result of placing money in the overheated Chinese stock market last month may well pay closer heed to Dr. Broda’s economic forecasts in the future. For generations, people have joked about economics as a genuinely “dismal” science. Yet the field does offer the hope of a brighter global future as prosperity reaches many new, emerging markets.

What will the next decade hold? Economists don’t possess crystal balls, but they do read helpful macroeconomic indicators more accurately than most of us. Eminent economists, such as Dr. Christian Broda, will likely offer helpful analyses for hedge managers and other investors in the coming months and years.

The Method for Setting Gold Prices To Change, . . Forever

Technology has finally caught up with how the price of Gold is set. After nearly a century of pricing set by first face to face and then teleconferences, the price of Gold will now be set by way of an electronic auction. Traditionally, Gold traders at four designated banks set pricing through twice daily phone calls. The price was not open to bid and was set by caveat by the call participants. Once the price was set, mining operations used the price to negotiate trade valuate their billion stock with the various central banks. Gold Pricing Standard to be Modernized Breaking 100 Year Old Tradition

Under the new method, there is more participation by more firms which are able to participate in the estimated $18 Trillion gold global market. CrunchBase suggests that many believe that the process is more transparent as anyone can follow the auction through LBMA Gold Price online as opposed to needing a relationship with a gold broker.

The initial gold price fixing process was started in 1919. In 2004 the process was switched to a teleconference format. After Deutsche Bank left the benchmark for precious metals, HSBC Holdings, Societe Generale, Barclays and Bank of Nova Scotia, where left to fix the world’s gold prices. Many objected to this closed process and sought a more open auction.