The Search Fixers Safeguard Reputations


Companies like The Search Fixers have become a lot more popular in the last couple of years. It is not uncommon for businesses to lose customers when there is a problem with the reputation of the business. Blogs, articles, forums and general customer reviews can really hurt a website. It makes a lot more sense for business executives to have the right people in place to push the negative content to the background.

Sometimes it can be bad customer service that takes place. At other times it can be a single store in a long list of franchises. The reputation management of the business can suffer when the business executives ignore the stories. It is true that the business executives need to be aware of the problems that exist, but there is also a need to push this content far down into the search results. Sometimes the articles need to be removed from the web completely. That is why there is a need for more businesses to rely on the help of The Search Fixers.

This is a research and consulting company that is filled with the consultants that are able to help businesses establish a better reputation. Internet reputation repair companies have become very important because information travels much faster. It doesn’t take any time for something to go viral. The world of today has information that travels through social media. People use sites like Instagram and Twitter to share words and images. It takes no time for organizations to lose ground at the result of a single negative comment.

The Search Fixers have been able to build up a business of reputation management consultants that know what needs to be done to keep a company from falling into the abyss of destruction. These consultants are doing the research. They are searching the web vigorously for any type of information that will be seen as negative. A lot of this is done by replacing those articles with search results that yield positive articles.

The Search Fixers are not content writers. They are research consultants that know how to tweak search engine results. This is done with search engine optimization techniques. This requires some tweaking to fix negative search results. In order to do this there has to be some knowledge about how search engines work. This is why The Search Fixers are called upon. Their reputation management service experts have researched things and they know how search engines operate.

White Shark Media, Sink Or Swim?

White Shark Media is a fairly new player in the fairly new world of online advertising. As a company, they seem to be reasonably successful in starting and managing their clients advertising campaigns through Google’s AdWords service. However, they recently published an interesting list of common complaints that they have received from their customers, and steps taken to remedy them. Naturally, publicly calling attention to your failures is an uncommon move for a new business, but perhaps White Shark is hoping their candid admissions will showcase their flexibility and willingness to change? In any case, we will take a look at what the clients had to say, and if White Shark’s response measures up.

First off, it’s important to define what White Shark Media is trying to do. For those who might have blinked and missed this development, AdWords is Google’s ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising option available on their search pages, and White Shark’s goal is to manage the advertising campaigns for their clients on Google, a sort of internet middle-man that will allow them to get the most for their money.

Or will it? The clients apparently don’t know, as the first complaint listed is that clients lose touch with their AdWords campaigns. In other words, they’re paying money to the middle man, but they aren’t able to find the metrics that would tell them if the advertisements are generating interest. White Shark acknowledged the difficulties, and explains that they have improved communications by adding monthly status meetings and direct extensions to allow clients to quickly contact their individual agents. They also mention that they will provide certain analytics through Google free of charge, when possible.

The next complaint is fairly serious, “My old campaigns were performing better than your new campaigns.” Oops! If your job is to optimize, and it ends up worse than before you started, that is indeed complaint worthy. White Shark Media acknowledges this, and says that they will do better at incorporating the successful parts of their clients old campaigns. They also point out that their SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Strategists are overseen by supervisors. This doesn’t exactly seem like a major overhaul has taken place, but it is encouraging that the problem is addressed.

Finally, customers complain that their POC within White Shark isn’t living up to the promises made by the individual who made the sale. The company responded by explaining new changes that allow a company to keep their initial SEM Consultant through their campaign, and that while they may not be the primary point of contact, they will remain in the client’s circle as long as the client needs them. How much of that change is cosmetic remains to be seen, but it could be a step in the right direction.

All in all the problems White Shark has listed do not seem to be devastating issues with their brand or their business model, they seem more along the lines of a new business in a new market working out the kinks in their system. Publicly admitting their flaws is a bold move, and it may be an example of exactly the kind of bold choices a company needs in order to stay alive in the internet world.

How White Shark Media Handles Complaints

In business, the only way to become a market leader is by outdoing your competitors and thus creating a competitive advantage. Different elements could effect this, including but not limited to economical actors; such as unemployment and deflation, market factors such as location and territory, and general business practices; such as marketing and customer service. Customer service refers to the provision of services that implicate customer satisfaction with a company, which correlates with marketing from a branding aspect. These factors are easier to control versus those such as the economy or your territory for that matter.

One important element of customer service is how a company handles complaints from customers. Market leaders make sure that customer retention is at the top of their priorities. The old saying goes “Its Cheaper to Keep-em” referring to the cost of obtaining new customers through marketing and advertising rather than retaining customers through the usage of good customer service to foster customer loyalty. One company that strives to deliver optimum customer reviews is an entity called White Shark Media. This organizes is a leader in online marketing and public relations solutions. White Shark Media specializes in digital marketing campaign platforms that allow clients to be marketed better on the web. Their customer service team is recognized n their ability to handle consumer issues and complaints in a positive manor.

White Shark Media often reviews feedback from customers in order to improve their company. Whenever they see a consistent complaint from different customers, they immediately focus on eliminating these issues through operational management. An example would be that the company had complaints concerning communication, meaning it was difficult to reach customer service. As a result, White Shark Media avoided complaints and scheduled monthly status calls, and they provided exact extensions for different departments when customers use the automated phone system.

There was also an issue in which customer were not able to view the performance of their Ad words. Because of this, technology was implemented that installed conversion tracking, call tracking, and google analytic free to the customer. This allowed customers to better track their performance and assist the company with optimizing their digital marketing campaigns. The better experience the customer has the more the company will continue to grow.

Companies handle issues and complaints differently. How you handle customers can determine whether or not they will choose you, or go with a competitor next time they need a good or service. White shark Media analyzes customer issues and make changes to fit the needs of the customer. They have made many changes allowing better communication with customers, and also making the site more user friendly. These are necessary steps taken to gain a competitive advantage.