Simple Hair Beauty Solutions

Walking down the hair care aisle at your local supermarket or trying to browse the shelves full of shiny products at the beauty salon can be daunting for anyone, especially someone who doesn’t know what product/brand is best for their hair. There are many tools out there to help you get your hair to look magazine ready before you head out the door; hair dryers with an added diffuser, flatting and curling irons, quality brushes and curlers. These tools are only as good as the shampoo and conditioner that will give you healthy and strong hair.

Some of the key ingredients to look for in a shampoo and conditioner that makes it stand out are; amino acids(building blocks for strength); argan,grapeseed, avocado, and coconut oil(smooth and sleek magic), vitamins(health promoters), and tea tree oil(combating scalp irritations/issues). Application of shampoo and conditioner makes a difference, try not to scrub it onto and through your hair, instead massage shampoo starting and the top of your head and work your way to the back and down to the roots, massage conditioner beginning at the tips and work lightly back up, giving special attention to the bottom few inches of your hair.

Wen hair by Chaz is a product designed to not only make your hair the best it can be but it also brings simplicity to your beauty routine. Forget having to use a separate conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler, QVC advertised Wen combines the power of all of those plus cleansing in one unique system. Say goodbye to harsh sulfates and chemicals that are used to produce a foamy bunch of bubbles in your hair. Wen is created by Chaz Dean to be used to that massaging technique that is so important to the health of your scalp and hair. Simply add the recommended amount to your scalp with a touch of water, leave on for while you soap up and rinse thoroughly. Sweet, simple and to the point, all while giving you healthy hair that is free to be styled and shown off.



Lime Crime is a Cosmetics Line to Watch

Anyone who is into cutting edge fashion and cosmetics has heard of Lime Crime. Lime Crime, created by the forward-thinking Doe Deere, is a line of makeup and hair dye that allows people to express themselves in the most unique ways possible.

When a person thinks of Lime Crime, they think of mystical creatures. Unicorns and mermaids are inspirations for the Lime Crime brand. Lime Crime features many different makeup pieces in its collection, including items for the lips, eyes, hair, and nails.

Fans can paint their lips pretty pastel pink, darling lavender, or even daring maroon or silver. Glitter lip balms in charming twisting containers help any person complete their look.

The eyeshadow colors that Lime Crime presents are equally impressive and unique. Customers can enjoy the Grunge Palette to change up their look with all the colors they need. Or, they can go with glitter pods in several colors. Red, black, blue, green- the possibilities are endless with the glitter options Lime Crime offers to fans of the brand. The glitter can be used for the eyes, lips, face- the list goes on and on!

Eyeliner is an excellent way for a person to show off their style, since it can be applied in many ways. With interesting colors sure to turn heads, such as neon violet and baby blue, Lime Crime eyeliners are eye-catching and definitely help a person make the right statement.

New to Lime Crime is their hair dye. Pastels and mermaid-inspired blends are what the hair dye is all about. A person can explore gray, violet, light pinks, and even blended hues to create the perfect hair color to complement their truly unique makeup style.

Fans of Lime Crime also love the nail polish. Pastels rule here as well, and fans can enjoy creamy, lovely hues that blend well with any style. Fans can buy variances of orange, blue, purple, and more with the Lime Crime brand they love.

There are many reasons to watch the Lime Crime brand. Fans of Lime Crime will continue to love the many new introductions to the line, including the awesome hair hues that are now in inventory. People who don’t know much about Lime Crime or what makeup to pair with what can check out the website for makeup tips, suggestions, and more. When it comes to new expression, Lime Crime is a cosmetics line that can help people everywhere put their best face on.