The Magic of Richard Mishaan Design

Mention the name Richard Mishaan and those who know anything about interior design and architecture are sure to know him. That is because he is one of the most respected designers of his generation. His work cannot just be termed as interior design, they are truly works of art .

Born and raised in Italy, he moved to Columbia at a young age. Even at a young age, Richard Mishaan showed a passion for all things architecture and design. Therefore, he joined Columbia School of Architecture and got his degree from there. His first job was an apprenticeship at Phillip Johnsons architecture firm. What made him successful at this job was his designs that mixed a bit of the old as well as the new. He credits this ability because of his cultural background and the places he grew up and more information click here.

After leaving Phillip Johnsons to strike out on his own, he went on to be a master of sorts by mixing fashion, interior design, and architecture. Even though he is based in New York, he has gone around the world designing from scratch as well refurbishing existing buildings as well as the interiors. To top it all off, he has also authored two books on the subject matter. One of them is titled “Artfully Modern” and the other one is “Modern Luxury”. He frankly admits that he draws upon his surroundings as well as the sights he has seen around the world, for inspiration and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

However, for those who would like to see some of his works can see it at some of the hotels he helped design. Some examples would be the Presidential Suite at St. Regis Hotel in New York City. In fact, that was one of his first hotel projects and what gave him recognition. Other hotels he went on to be a part of include Shelborne Hotel in South Beach and Hotel Tcherassi in Columbia and his Website.

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