My Dog Loves Beneful Wet Dog Food

My dog did not like dry dog food at all for whatever reason so I decided to switch my dog to wet dog food. When I went to the pet store to get dog food for him I looked through almost every brand there was and was not satisfied with any of them or what they said on the package until I saw Beneful. I remembered that my grandma told me that she uses Beneful wet dog food for her pug. There was a lot of different wet dog food options to choose from just when looking at the Beneful wet dog food. Beneful has Chopped Blends, Stews, Medleys, a beef entree, and a Roasted Chicken Recipe. Beneful Chopped Blends wet dog food comes in many different flavors such as beef, chicken, salmon, turkey, and lamb. Beneful Medley wet dog food types are Tuscan Style, Romana Style, Mediterranean Style, Simmered Chicken, Beef and Chicken, and Roasted Turkey. Beneful Stew wet dog food has three different flavors Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, and Savory Rice and Lamb Stew. Knowing the Beneful has so many different types and flavors of wet dog food puts me at ease because I know that if my dog does not like the taste or texture of one of the foods there are many other to choose from. For now I choose Beneful Beef Stew because I know how much my dog enjoys my home cooked human beef stew so I knew he would most likely love Beneful Beef Stew. I was right about him loving his new dog food. I am so pleased with the outcome of feeding my dog Beneful from Amazon. My friend was so surprised at the fact that my dog liked his food so much that she went and bought Beneful for her dog that is a beagle. If anyone ever asks me what kind of food I would recommend for dogs I will be sure to say that Beneful wet dog food is the best.