How Post-It Notes Can Predict The Future Of The Economy

How could a simple little Post-It note tell us anything about the future of the U.S. economy? It seems like something straight out of a fiction book. However, there may actually be some validity to this claim according to a new Huffington Post article.

As it turns out, the majority of Post-It note material that is sold does not come in the little sticky note form that most of us think of. Rather, most of it is sold in bulk to advertisers to use for fliers and other promotional materials. In fact, real estate agents are among the most common clients for the company.

This matters for trying to determine the performance of the economy going forward simply because as goes the housing market so goes the overall economy most of the time. If there are a lot of those Post-It note advertisements being printed up and shipped out, this must mean that business is pretty good in the real estate community. Conversely, slow sales may point to a slowing housing market and perhaps trouble for the markets as a whole.

While the Post-It note sales suffered dramatically during the 2008-2009 housing crisis period, it seems that they are strongly on the rebound these days. Many believe that this may mean that housing is also just about to turn the corner. If that is the case, then there could be a lot of good things coming just down the pipeline for the economy. It has already been on a tear since that 2008-2009 time period, but perhaps there is still yet more growth to come. It is not clear yet, but this early indicator is certainly something to at least make (Post-It) note of.

US Stock Markets Hit All Time High

For the past few months, the financial markets in the United States have continued to perform very well. According to a recent new article ( the financial markets in the United States have recently hit record highs and could continue to do quite well in the near future. On Monday, August 15, 2016 the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all-time high when it went over 18,650 points. The NASDAQ and S&P 500 also were able to achieve all-time highs.

The positive results on August 15 were due to a variety of factors, the most significant of which was a very positive jobs report that showed a reduced level of unemployment across the country. Unemployment has continued to decline on a regular basis since the recession hit the country in 2008. The positive news allowed all three of the major indices to break their all-time highs on the same trading day for the first time in over 15 years.

Along with the increase in the major indices, the oil markets also increased by over three percent. This was the third straight day that the oil prices have increased by three percent or more, which has added up to a ten percent rally over the past three trading days.

While the stock market has done very well over the past few months, there are some upcoming decisions that could have an impact on the continued rally. The most significant item that could impact the overall markets is whether or not the US Federal Reserve decides to increase interest rates or not. Due to the recent increase in the markets, they may feel compelled to do so in order to prevent inflation.

A Look at the United States Q2 Corporate Earnings

On July 8, the United States economy showed a promising increase in employment numbers by 297,000 jobs. Contrary to the expectations of many, the additional jobs reflected a significant increase compared to the gain experienced a month ago. Currently, Q2 corporate earnings reports are being made, which may either refute or back-up the economic numbers.

A Highlight of Q2 Corporate Earnings in the US

With major corporate institutions revealing their Q2 reports to the public and stakeholders, major banks have portrayed positive results contrary to the expected performance. These results are attributed to their weak operating condition. However, they are still experiencing low-interest rates as well as over regulations, which impede the expansion of their net interest margins.

The losses currently being experienced by oil companies due to a slump in oil prices is expected to contribute to further reduction in SP earnings. Further, the market expects another lower quarter for United States earnings. Consequently, the down earning quarters are propelling the SP P/E ratio to disturbingly high levels. This case has been experienced in dividend producing stocks in the utilities and consumer staples. Since the increase in job numbers after July 8, the mood in Wall Street has gradually shifted from a negative mood to a hopeful one.

Warren Financial is geared to identify growth numbers from entities such as Global Payments, Under Armor, A. O. Smith, Edwards Life Sciences and many others. Further, upside rises from larger entities such as Boeing, Google as well as Facebook are expected.

American Investors Should Not Fear the Brexit Vote

Now that the initial shock of the UK’s referendum vote to leave the European Union on June 23rd (nicknamed “Brexit”) has subsided, many investors are looking to history as a model for their investment strategies.

Ned Davis Research group looked at 51 major crises in the 20th century and measured the response of the US markets over time. They found that the Dow was actually 6.3 percent higher than it was before the initial plunge for events like Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination, and even 9/11.

From this study, analysts at Ned Davis Research said that markets were drastically overreacting to the Brexit debacle.

Vincent Deluard, who is the head European Strategist for this company, said he believes the Brexit vote is a real non-issue. In the end, Deluard says, there will be no real change in the EU. Brexit negotiations will just be another instance of European policymakers kicking the can down the road.

Financial experts advise Americans to remain calm. The main thing the British referendum did was to set into motion years of negotiations between the U.K. and the EU. These negotiations will last at least two years, and they can be extended.

In all this time, the U.K. will remain within the EU trading zone and will be beholden to EU laws. Again, nothing has really changed. Also, because the referendum is non-legally binding, British Parliament could simply disregard it in the future.

U.S. Airlines and Hotels Continue to Gain Foothold in Cuba

As relations between Cuba and America thaw, hospitality and transportation companies stand to benefit. Airlines were the beneficiaries today after the U.S. Transportation Department announced the tentative approval of flights to Havana on eight U.S. carriers.

American Airlines, the most active U.S. carrier in Latin America, was the biggest winner, receiving one-third of all flights originating out of South Florida and a total of 35 weekly flights. Rival JetBlue received the second most routes with 27.

The other carriers awarded flights included Delta Air, United Continental, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Air, Spirit Air, and Frontier Airlines.

Earlier this year, U.S. hospitality company Starwood Hotels & Resorts signed an historic deal that allows it to be the first American company to operate hotels in Cuba in nearly 60 years.

Starwood CEO Thomas Mangas said that he expects Cuba to be an even greater attraction than it was before the embargo and that the company’s initial deals were just the beginning of what he believes will be many more.

As other hospitality companies such as Marriott are quickly following Starwood’s lead, the sector is learning that another rival has been conducting business on the Caribbean Island for more than a year.

Home-sharing site Airbnb established a presence in Cuba in April of 2015. Since then, the company has quadrupled its listings from 1,000 to over 4,000.

A spokeswoman for Airbnb said that Cuba represented the fastest-growing market in the history of the company.

One of the reasons the internet company got off to such a fast start is it did not have to navigate much of Cuba’s onerous regulations. Despite the red tape, Cuban officials are encouraging hospitality companies to come, saying that the demand for additional capacity is massive.

Deutsche Bank: Unites States Likely Heading for Recession

According to Deutsche Bank’s analysts, the United States has a 60% of entering a recession in the near future. That’s the highest probability since the last recession that came after the financial collapse of 2008.

This prediction is based on flattening yield curve where yields between short-term and long-term bonds are narrowing. When it comes to the last seven recessions, Fortune Magazine reports, short-term rates had risen above long-term ones.

One of the reasons why long-term rates drop is that investors are seeking save havens, often prior to recession, and are willing to accept lower returns.

“Given the historical tendency of a very flat or inverted yield curve to precede a U.S. recession, the odds of the next economic downturn are rising,”stated Dominic Konstam, one of the bank’s analysts.

On the other hand, the New York Federal Reserve estimated that there’s an 8% chance of a recession in the following 12 months. A downward sloping yield curve has been a relatively good indicator of recessions in the past, but it is not foolproof. There are other factors that will play a role.

One of the reasons for flattening of the curve is due to Brexit concerns. But, the British exit from the European Union may have only limited consequences for the United States. On the other hand, a turmoil in China could be more consequential.

Good Labor Market News for Investors

The United States economy added 287,000 new jobs in June, a strong performance. The economists expected, on the average, 170,000 new jobs, so this is a positive surprise. The unemployment rate increased from 4.7% to 4.9% as more people started looking for work. (Only those actively seeking work are considered to be unemployed.)

There seems to be pressure on wages as the labor market tightens, claims MarketWatch report. Average hourly wages now stand at $25.61, which is a 2.6% increase from a year ago.

However, many economists believe that June’s level of hiring is unlikely to be repeated on a regular basis.

Among the biggest job gainers in June were professional and business services, education and health, and information-related jobs. Mining, logging, and transportation jobs have declined slightly.

When it comes to May, the number of new jobs created was revised lower to only 11,000. But, in April, new jobs were revised up from 123,000 to 144,000.

Since 2011, 13 million jobs were created, bringing unemployment rate back to 2007 level, which was prior to the financial crisis of 2008.

The investors reacted positively to the news. Major indices went up and so did the price of oil. Now, it is possible that the next rate hike will occur sometime this year as the American economy shows signs of strength. Now, the question is how many rate hikes and how fast.

George Soros Street Financial Insights

It’s difficult to find financial wisdom that trickles down and spans over decades. It’s even more difficult for such knowledge to be relevant and helpful. 85-year-old American George Soros is a gift to this generation. He is a financial analyst that is irreplaceable and unparalleled. Soros’ accuracy in predicting economic outcomes on investments is widely sought by many around the globe. His investment prowess and knowledge is the reason the world must listen whenever he speaks. Soros eats, talks and sleeps financial investments. It’s no wonder that he features in the world’s list of the richest moguls as in the top fifty. Going by his economic wisdom, Soros’ billions of dollars fortune is likely to skyrocket soon. It is on the grounds of being an active and successful investor in the financial markets that his word on the topic becomes more important than life for investors and the global economy.

In 2008, Soros predicted a crunch in the financial markets and true to his word, he never disappointed. All renown media stations both in print and broadcast are seeking interview time with billionaire Soros after he predicted that the would-would experience a crisis, in 2016 similar to that that was experienced in 2008. But they don’t have to look for him as there are enough hints and indicators even for a layman to see starting with the instability of the stock markets in the U.S and the volatility of the Chinese Yuan. Soros sees panic- driven stock selling as a situation that will last longer than investors anticipated. Memories of 2008 are likely to follow with continued financial turbulence. What this means is that without the requisite economic growth within different economies, many people will lose jobs due to layoffs as economies can sustain the inflated wage bills. Soros predicts an, even more, worse situation in 2016 than was experienced in 2008.

The housing crisis in the U.S is big enough for everyone to see. On this case, Soros visualizes a situation where other countries will quickly be afflicted given that the U.S is the largest economy in the world. A weak U.S dollar is enough to trigger financial panic globally. Soros sees the current boom in China’s infrastructure spending and borrowing as a reason to worry. China is the world’s second-largest economy. Soros advice investors to observe keenly the occurrences on China’s and USA’s economy to safeguard their investments in 2016. More information on Soros’ predictions can be obtained from

Bernardo Chua Had Everything Needed To Start Up His Business

It requires quite a bit of patience and skills for someone to be able to start up a company all their own, but when it is done right, it will be worth it to the one who has put their efforts in. Bernardo Chua’s work history shows that he spent many years working for others in the business world before attempting to start up his own company, and he made sure that he had all of the skills needed to do that before he founded his company. He also made sure that he had a product that he felt great about promoting, and he has been able to do quite well with his company because of how carefully he thought everything out.

Every young person who one day wants to be an entrepreneur should look to Bernardo Chua and the advice he’s given out online. They should realize that not everyone is able to work their dream job right away, and that it sometimes takes many years of hard work before someone is even able to attempt starting up their own company. And they should also realize that if they are to try hard enough, and if they are to work hard enough, then they should be able to do whatever they set their mind to.

Everyone who wants to start up their own company just needs to have the experience, knowledge and the right product needed to make it a success. Bernardo Chua had all of those things, but worked hard for them as his Wiki shows, and he has been able to take his company and do some pretty great things with it. He’s been able to promote the Chinese herb that he feels so good about, and he has been able to do good things with it because of how passionately he feels about it. Everyone needs to remember to put in their all when they are getting ready to start up a business of their own, and then maybe they will be able to do as well as Bernardo Chua has done.

How To Go About Precious Metal Investments

Throughout the ages, gold has been the symbol of wealth from one civilization to the other. Then, there came the idea of money which was at first crafted from gold, and so were all the precious pieces of jewelry from the past. Even though thousands of years have passed since these ancient civilizations, one thing remains, the obsession people have with gold.


There was a time, especially after money started being made from other material that people seemed to have stopped thinking about gold as a central symbol of wealth. However, issues such as the global economic crisis and the loss of value of the dollar have made people rethink about the importance of investing in precious metals as opposed to just saving cash. It is said that the value of precious metals is not affected by rises and falls in the dollar value. This makes investing in the metals an ideal way to save money without the fear of having to deal with global economic fluctuations.


How to invest in gold


There are several ways in which you can invest in gold. Here are a few of the most common:


  • Stocks and mutual funds that hold shares in mining companies.
  • Exchange traded funds holding bullion
  • Antique and newly minted gold coins.


The companies that mint coins include the Gold American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and U.S. Money reserve among others. After deciding the investment type you want to make, you can consult companies that deal with these products for advice on how to start the investment.


Why invest with U.S. Money Reserve?


The people who founded this company understood that the process of investing in precious metals is very delicate. They, therefore, decided to approach the issue while giving special attention to the expert knowledge of the market, excellent customer service and trustworthiness in investment guidance. The team that works at U.S includes senior specialists in gold, a numismatic expert, a customer relations section, vault and shipping and coin research professionals among others.


The teams of experts that work at U.S. are an assurance that when you invest in them, you are making the right choices with your money. Their many years of service are an assurance that when they tell you about a certain investment, it is because they do understand the market, and they know the potential benefits in it. People that have invested with U.S. Money Reserve do not have any regrets at all.