Jojo Hedaya An Inspiration To Young Entrepreneurs


If there is anything that has been frustrating email users according to Jojo Hedaya is the presence of junk emails that have been feeling inboxes. More so it has become complicated to distinguish between emails that are important from those that are not. It is tiring and time-consuming going through the hundreds to thousands of junk mails. Sometimes one might miss out on essential emails or offers due to the high number of junk emails that may require a significant amount of time if one is to go through all of them.

If you are one of those people that have been continuously getting frustrated because of junk mail, then you need not to worry anymore because was created to solve such problems. Go To This Page for more information. a brainchild of Jojo Hedaya and his longtime friend and business partner Josh Rosenwald was established out of the two friends personal frustrations. Jojo used to send countless emails to his friend Josh without any response. Josh, on the other hand, could not find Jojo’s email hence could not make any reply. The two out of their personal experiences co-founded that is an email organization tool.

According to Josh who serves as the firms CEO about 80 percent of emails in our inboxes are newsletters, subscriptions or updates. The two friends saw a gap in the ISP’s market for the provision of a better simple tool that will help sort, organize and arrange the different categories of emails in an orderly man. has the “Roll-up” capability that can compile all your email subscriptions into a single email in a matter of seconds. Once assembled you can easily distinguish between important subscriptions and unsubscribe from those that you feel are just but filling your inbox. Besides the Rollup allows you to choose what time do you want subscriptions to enter your mailbox.

Jojo Hodaya was born and raised in New York. Although the two partners came from New York, they got to meet for the first time in a college in Israel. The two became friends and coincidentally share the same birth date.

Rakuten’s Slice later acquired the New York-based startup company that was founded in 2011 by Jojo Hedaya. Slice is an e-commerce technology company that develops shopping apps and tracks packages.


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Unroll Me Keeps Your Inbox Organized


When New Year’s rolls around it is time to once again make those resolutions for yourself, but you should also make resolutions to protect your technology. There are a few ways that you can have a safer digital life in the upcoming year. First off you should update your software. Ransomware is responsible for many damaging cyber-attacks, and they can be completely avoided by simply updating your tech. Be sure to read the privacy policies as well. You always need to read the fine print. You should also delete any apps that you don’t need.

Many apps are gaining access to your personal information, and you should get rid of them asap. Make it a habit to review your apps every year and clean off your phone. Delete any apps that you don’t use. You may even need to contact the company to ask that your account be deleted forever. Use a VPN as well which will keep your personal information more secure. VPNs will help to keep your personal information safe when you are browsing on the internet. Be sure to protect your hardware such as your smartphone. Use a screen protector. It will keep your screen from getting scratched and even help to prevent it from breaking.

Unroll.Me offers email management services to its clients. They have recently made their service available to Android users in addition to smartphone users. They make it convenient to unsubscribe to any unwanted emails, and the rest will be rolled up into a daily digest, hence the name, Unroll.Me.

Unroll is a free service to unsubscribe from email lists, can scour people’s inboxes for receipts from services like Lyft and then sell the information to companies like Uber. The data is anonymized, meaning individuals’ names are not attached to the information, and can be used as a proxy for the health of a rival.

The idea behind Unroll.Me is to make managing your subscriptions less of a headache and more fun. All your unsubscribed emails will be easy to unsubscribe by swiping left, or you can swipe up to have them added to a newsletter. If you want to have your emails added to your inbox just swipe right. It will make it easier to manage your email list and will save time as well. It is a much more efficient way to keep unwanted clutter for accumulating in your inbox. Visit This Page to learn more.


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