Andrew Rolfe Role in Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe works as the chairman of the popular Ubuntu Education Fund. The educational fund is known for alleviating some of the challenges faced by the vulnerable children living in South Africa, especially Port Elizabeth’s face. Andrew Rolfe’s primary mission is to make sure that the donations given through the fund are given to the children without facing any restrictions.


The Ubuntu Educational Fund has done very well under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe. The charitable organization has partnered with communities and families in South Africa to create effective plans so that every child in South Africa has access to good health and education. The organization believes that the only way to end poverty in Africa is to educate the young generation. As the chairman of the institution, Rolfe works hard to make all the children receive the funds they need to survive and achieve their needs. He has always made sure that the funds collected come with no strings attached.


While working as the leader of the educational fund, Andrew, and his team do not accept money from donors who expect to get something after making their contributions to the Ubuntu Educational Fund. The organization creates some special restrictions on the donors concerning how the money raised will be used. The institution knows how many wealthy people love helping the poor with several other hidden agendas. Some prefer the foundations to be named after them. Other donors will help for a short time then stop their support, forcing the charities to reapply for more money.


There is a special category of donors who will want to have full control of how the funds they donate is used for the charities. Without getting these powers, these donors will not accept to give out their donations. Although it is important for these donors to be involved in the charitable causes and how their money is being used, it is important for them to avoid imposing their will on the foundations. As the leader of the educational fund, Andrew ensures that all the children receiving the funds deserve it, and the donors do not have any strings attached to their donations.