The Future of Fashion and Tech in the Eyes of Chris Burch

Fashion and technology have both evolved at tremendous speeds but no one would ever have thought that the two would one day marry. But from what Chris Burch has observed, we now have dresses that make your morning cup of tea.


Technology and fashion continue to grow side by side. So much so that cloth line designers are now looking to technology for their next inspired piece. The world has seen phenomenal and somewhat peculiar inventions from fashion designers like Anouk Wipprecht. The Dutch designer is famed for literally marrying tech and fashion, like dresses that make cocktails to dresses that can self-paint.


Over to the technology side, technopreneurs are now finding ways to weave common technology into everyday wearables. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt invented the first ever cycle airbag that is worn as a neckpiece. During impact, the airbags pop out of the neckpiece protecting the neck from injury. Not only is your head protected, but visibility on the road goes a notch higher, which makes one wonder if we still need helmets.


Firefighters can now warn their colleagues of impending danger through glowing frontline gloves. These gloves are not only designed to protect against cuts and burns, they have glowing indicators that can be used for hand gesturing other firefighters during a fire situation. The same creative milestones have been made in the world of fashion as well.


If you have an old bicycle lying around in your garage, the inner tube can make T-shirts and jackets, as the design house SegraSegra would tell you. One Emma Whiteside took it a few levels up by designing a full evening gown out of radiator copper. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. There are talks of harnessing kinetic energy in body movement and channelling it into powering devices like mp3 players, smart watches and even self-lacing shoes (as Nike made us believe).


The best part of technology and fashion is that both complement each other one way or the other. The Google glasses became more popular after models wore them on a runway, and this is just the premier of a trend. One thing is for certain, as technology grows, so will fashion and vice versa.


About Christ Burch


Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a branding company in the creative space. He is an entrepreneur at heart and always envisions a future full of opportunities for creation, incubation imagination, support and scaling leading to establishing of disruptive brands with a positive lasting impact.


In his 40-year entrepreneurial career, Chris Burch has spread his Midas touch to over 50 successful companies today. Through studying consumer behavior and leveraging on direct sourcing experiences, he is able to create a popular and lasting brand in any field.

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