Highland Capital Investment’s Unique Investment Approach

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 by both Mark Okada and James Dondero. The firm is a SEC-registered investment adviser that has roughly $ 21 billion in assets under management. Highland is one of the most experienced and the largest global alternative credit and equity managers. The experienced multinational firm has been instrumental in offering alternative investment solutions for more than two decades. They invest in a variety of classes of assets and structures that include hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, special situations private equity, ETFs, mutual funds, distressed investments, and separate accounts. This firm is committed to offering low-cost alternative strategies through their platform that is designed to be agnostic in structure to best suit their clients’ needs.

The investment approach of Highland in credit is to produce reliable, perfect returns by using time-tested principles of investing and upholding discipline around capital preservation. The firm’s focus is on strategies and asset classes in which they feel able to add substantial value to their investors by offering distinctive access to an asset class or characteristic skill.

Highland’s philosophy is based on three principles, namely, disciplined, experienced, and bold. The firms’ extensive experience in alternative investing has led them to refine their process to generate more excellent products over time. They blend a top-down risk management framework with the robust bottom-up research across their portfolio. It is the responsibility of the Portfolio Manager and the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) to set portfolio risk targets and the top-down risk positioning. There is a two-way dialogue between the CIO and Portfolio Manager and the research professionals.

James Dondero oversees Highland’s operations for institutional and retail products at the firm and investment strategies. As the president, he works in close collaboration with the CIO, Mark Okada, to ensure they deliver on their promise of offering the best investment solutions. Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in credit markets, and this has contributed extensively to Highlands’s steady growth. Funds associated with his management have received many accolades and awards including the prestigious Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. After graduating from the University of Virginia with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance, he worked with several reputable organizations such as Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and American Express before co-founding Highland Capital Management.

Highland’s time-tested investment process is deeply rooted in their ability to identify mispricing using robust analysis, vivacious trading capacities, proactive diligence, and monitoring. Industry focused professionals with over ten years of experience make up the firm’s investment team. Intentional processes around risk management, constant communication, and the active and focused portfolio management process drive both the firm’s proactive investment strategy and the bold decision making and the creation of alpha in their strategy over time.

Capital Management And Investment Accounting In Businesses

People have different ways of running businesses. Some consider to do them in the traditional ways where they do everything themselves while some prefer to do it in the professional way where they only allow professionals and experts to handle some tasks which require special knowledge and whose impact in the business is huge. Such tasks include capital management and investment accounting as will be discussed in this article. Capital management involves planning as to how best the business will put its capital to use. In most cases, the business will seek the services of professionals who will come up with various ways in which the capital will be used to expand the business. Out of the many ways, the experts will come out with the best that serves best the interests of the business. This will involve looking into the future of the business and ensuring that the company is solid financially.

Investment accounting on the other hand involves the process of breaking down financial information to suit various users such as the auditors, tax officers and the management among others. Some of the services offered by investment managers include brokerage dealings, pension calculation, how to deal with funds and asset management and alternative investment among others. It is important for businesses to engage professionals in this area since they are familiar with the laws of the land that affect the business such as laws on taxation among others.

Claudio Loureiro first came into limelight when he founded an advertising firm known as Heads Propaganda in Brazil. Within a short period, the advertising firm had become the best and many big companies like Volvo had already applied for an advertising space with the firm. Having grown up in Rio de Janeiro, Claudio thought of how best he could benefit from the city which did not have a good name and that is when after coming up with the firm started to advertise the city so as to attract investors. Some of the things he did to market the city were inviting re-known people like musicians and actors as well as Nobel Prize winners such as Koffi Anna who visited the city. It was his efforts that the city became successful and even attracted investors. He has made a name in the advertising industry and his firm is one of the best in Brazil.

The Power of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark CEDC, also known as Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a developmental organization for the largest city in New Jersey, Newark. Newark CEDC provides classes and resources for the residents of the city of Newark to help them build or grow businesses. The organization makes great strides in promoting minority owned businesses. Individuals who are looking for assistance in their quest of business ownership, can look to Newark CEDC for guidance. In addition to assisting small business owners, Newark CEDC also works to attract companies to the city, in an effort to increase the popularity and the value of the city.

Newark CEDC works closely with the Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development to create jobs, increase real estate value and to sustain the economic growth of the city. The overall goal of Newark CEDC is to create wealth for the residents of Newark, NJ.

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Corporation. He also serves as the Executive Vice President of the organization. Seawright is experienced in financial and operations administration. He has worked in the municipal, educational and private sectors, handling their finances. His experience makes him an asset to Newark CEDC.

Christian Broda the Legendary Economist

Christian Broda is a financial expert who has made an indelible mark in national and international economic issues. The New York-based economist is one of managing directors of Duquesne Capital Management. His ability to understand, spot and anticipate economic trends in the U.S. and across the globe has made him a priceless asset to investors and his company. Some of his past economic predictions may have been controversial from time to time. However, the truth is that in the most number of cases, he has proven to be right. His reliable expertise has enriched his wide-ranging clientele as well as improving his credibility.
Christian Broda is a highly-educated and well respected financial consultant. He graduated with a bachelor’s arts in Economics from the Universidad de San Andres. He later attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics. His seemingly intrinsic understanding of economic and financial trends has made to him be chosen as an IMF Economic Review editorial board member. He is also a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research. In additionally, he was the James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar from 2006 to 2008. Broda is also an associate editor of the Journal of Development Economics.
The economist loves researching and enlightening the society on financial matters. Between 2005 and 2010 Broda was able to accomplish his two desires at the University of Chicago. Dr. Broda was a professor at the university’s Booth School of Business. During the same period, Broda was the Head of International Research at Lehman/Barclays Capital. This role enabled him to offer his students and his employers with up-to-date economic information from a vast array of global markets. One of his major strengths is the ability to study financial and economic information to spot trends. He is also efficient in presenting the information to others in a manner they can easily comprehend.
With his extraordinary insight and superior oratory skills, Broda is also one of the most sought-after economic writers. He has authored numerous articles and academic papers on a broad range of topics connected to finance and economics. One of Broda’s most popular topics is the U.S. dollar and its role in the entire global economy. He has also written widely on the financial and economic situation in Japan and China. The veteran economist has also written about international trade, financial de-globalization, tax rebates, income inequality, labor regulations and their impact on business and wages among other topics. Dr. Christian Broda ranks as one of the brightest young minds in economics and finance today.

BRL Trust: The Company That You Can Trust

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust is one of the dozen companies that provide innovative services in terms of investments while ensuring investors’ safety and reliability. The company began its operation providing trust services to customers for their private loans. Later, by the end of the year 20015, it had a rich base of more than 100 customers who were borrowers. The enormous response that it received from these customers as well as the trust they had made the company expand its business to other areas as well. It was then able to diversify the demands and offer impeccable service with various concepts of business. What came out of this success is an opportunity for BRL Trust to add new business areas such as Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment Fund Management. Right now, it is in a position to call itself the biggest independent administrator for investment funds in Brazil.

True to its name, the company stands out from other investment companies fighting for that one top spot. BRL Trust has participated in a wide range of innovative and structured transactions that are authorized by CVM. Investment funds of customers are managed based on the best strategies in the industry. The company provides top-notch solutions for controlling and custody, to name a few. All these solutions are perfect for any situation, be it for individuals or corporations. BRL Trust is popular in underwriting securities services in the capital market.  To make this happen, they have a team of financial professionals who have acquired knowledge working for years and years. In addition, the company has been able to preserve its ethics for every situation in the market. Being dedicated to services that the company is providing to its customers is not easy given the current recession. However, BRL Trust is one such companies that has been able to keep the interests of the clients above all. The professionals here are well-trained and skilled to maintain discipline; they are determined to do the job on time and posses knowledge to produce the best results. The company is built on the motto that places its internal and external relationship in the best position, which is also a solid foundation to provide transparency and integrity to the clients.

HSBC Announce Change of Leadership


The United Kingdom’s largest bank announced a change of leadership in its top levels after ripping reports that executives within the bank’s Swiss private banking division actively aided individuals to evade taxes due their respective countries. The HSBC Board announced that remuneration committee chairman and the banks senior independent director, Sir Simon Robertson, will soon step down from his leadership and management duties. Robertson’s two titles will be split among two new appointees. Robertson is to be replaced by Rachel Lomax, who is the former deputy director for the Bank of England. Lomax will assume Robertson’s duties as senior independent director. Roberton’s duties as the remuneration committee chair will be assumed by the former Centrica head, Sam Laidlaw. Both Laidlow and Lomax have been on the HSBC board of directors since 2008.HSBC Shuffles Decks At Top

The move is hoped to restore confidence in the banking institution which, as my friend Broda put it,  ripped publicly by a BBC report that its Swiss private banking division helped clients hide assets from tax reporting requirements from 2005 through 2007. Similar news stories were reported by the U.S. television news show “60 Minutes.”

Robertson will remain on the board as deputy chairman for at least one more year, at which time he would have concluded ten years for service.

Sam Tabar: Capital Strategist and Attorney


 There are some investment strategists that you just don’t forget, Sam Tabar is one of those. After graduating with honors from Oxford University Sam Tabar went on to attend Columbia Law School. Due to his strong academic performance at Oxford, Sam earned a position as Associate Editor on the Columbia Business Law Review. After graduation from Columbia in 2001, Tabar joined one of the world’s most prominent law firms, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, as an Associate.

During his tenure at Skadden Sam counseled clients on hedge-fund creation and structure, investment management agreements, employment matters as well as regulatory and compliance issues. In 2004 Tabar left his promising legal career to enter the world of high finance, joining a division of the Sparx Group, PMA Investment Advisors, based in Hong Kong.

Tabar joined Sparx as general counsel and according to Bloomberg, was promoted to Managing Director of Business Development. While at PMA Sam worked on managing all aspects of investor relations and global marketing for a $2 billion hedge fund. Sam also designed and implemented a strategic marketing plan for PMA that focused on institutional investors, ultra high-net-worth clients and large family offices. Tabar also provided Sparx his personal contact list of over 2000 potential investors and established over 400 more investor introductions. Other achievements by Tabar while at PMA included assisting the firm in raising $1.2 billion in management assets and working closely with PMA’s partners on all business-development matters.

Tabar left PMA and joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch in February 2011 as the firm’s Director of Capital Strategy for the Merrill Lynch Asia-Pacific region. In his role at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Sam provided hedge-fund clients with financial counseling and initiated introductions to institutional investors, offering endowments, pensions, foundations and large family offices.

During his time at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Tabar assembled a supplemental list of over 1,000 institutional investors. Tabar left Bank of America Merrill Lynch in September 2012 to become the Director of Adanac LLC, BVI where he oversaw investments in American start-ups and properties, including Verboten and Thinx.

Tabar once again entered the legal arena in September 2013 when he became a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP where he catered to hedge funds. During his time at Schulte Roth & Zabel Sam provided counsel on hedge-fund formation and structure and investment management agreements.