Agora Financial: Media Trailblazer with Investment Content through Online Publications

In 1979, Agora Financial began as a small home-based media business in Baltimore, Maryland that was intended to become original, innovative and resourceful in alternative ways for consumers. The company has pioneered its way through the media industry and become a marketplace for ideas as well as a nontraditional trend setter.

With an ingenious and creative idea, Agora Financial has created a successful way to distribute content for investment readers. The content enables readers to gain knowledge about investments worldwide through monthly online publications. The company has exclusive access to former investors, financial advisors, authors and successful hedge fund managers as well as many other subject matter experts.

The team of experts research investments globally, and then they’re thoroughly examined for investment value before being distributed through 20 publications online, or through direct-mail, to subscribers. The categories are wide-ranging that cover thought provoking topics intended to assist investors in gauging the investment market and making quantifiable investment decisions.

However, not all the content is fee-based. Members also are privileged to free newsletters that have in-depth articles on investment trends and other helpful commentary. The company also provides content internationally through Agora France, Agora Financial UK and Agora FinancialAustralia which was recently launched in July 2017.

Agora Financials’ principle company motto is “sometimes right, sometimes wrong, and always in doubt”, which is why the investment publications the company offers are ideal for readers to receive unbiased information to help with decisions regarding their specific portfolio. As an independent company, the publications remain detached from any earning potential based on the decisions made by investors.

Agora Financial is a trailblazer when it comes to delivering investment content to readers. Whether investors are beginners or seasoned veteran investors, Agora Financial delivers content that is worthy of the one million readership the publications reach.

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Equities First Completes a Significant Transaction in the United Kingdom

Equities First Holdings is a renowned company that offers alternative lending solutions to organizations and high net worth individuals around the globe. The company was founded in 2014, and it has transformed the lives of many investors. People who need fast loans can get them from Equities First Holdings, using publicly traded stocks as collateral.

Just recently, the privately held equity company announced that it has successfully managed to complete a transaction with a high net individual from the United Kingdom. The investor, Andrew Newland serves as the chief executive of an organization known as ANGLE. Andrew had taken a loan from Equities First Holdings in the past, and he has used shared valued 1.35 million as collateral. After the transaction was complete, the company announced that it had returned the shares to Andrew. The financial transaction did not face any significant challenges, and both parties were satisfied by the outcome.

The deal by Andrew was one of the first since the institution was started in the year 2014. According to the top management in Equities First Holdings, the deal happened in the UK when Equities First acquired a company called Meridian Partners Limited. After the company had been acquired, it was named Equities First London, and it would offer services under the leadership Al Christy, the chief executive officer. The financial conduct authority in the UK regulates the special arm of the lending institution.

Al Christ says that this is just the beginning of successful transactions from the institution. According to him, his company is very transparent in its operations, and clients should not be worried after making deals. The loans are processed very fast, and the customers get their capital for a short duration.

Al Christy started the company after realizing that most of the lending institutions in the globe had tightened their lending qualifications, making it tough for individuals and corporations to acquire loans. Customers can now enjoy fast loans from the company at very low interest rates that do not change due to inflation. These rates remain the same during the life of the loan, unlike the conventional loan interest rates.