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IAP Worldwide is a leading logistics and facilities management company based in the United States. The company primarily serves the United States government along with some private sector organizations. With IAP Worldwide Services, a number of government organizations will get the assistance they need when it comes to establishing infrastructure. IAP Worldwide will help construct roads, build facilities, manage technology and also put together energy and communication systems. As a result, many entities in the government will be able to establish operations in remote locations throughout the world. Like all other companies, IAP Worldwide Services has a long history that dates back to two decades ago. It also offers a number of employment opportunities for those who would like to be a part of this innovative company.

The company IAP was founded in Irmo, South Carolina and specialized in logistics and procurement. It began working as a contractor for the United States Army in Saudi Arabia. IAP Worldwide supplied generators to the Army during Operation Desert Storm and has been supporting the Army ever since. With its reputation of providing excellent support services, IAP became a trusted partner with the entire United States military. This company provided transportation services, disaster relief and power generation.

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In the year 2006, IAP acquired the company Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. With this acquisition, IAP was then able to gain control of Readiness Management Support. This particular set of functions allowed IAP Worldwide to offer global operations and logistics, base operations support services and also professional technical services. It would also allow the company to improve on its reputation and available services. As a result, IAP became a trusted company in solving a variety of complex problems and respond quickly to evolving changes in the world. As of today, IAP is now known as IAP Worldwide Services which now has an estimated $370 million worth of government contracts.

As a leading company in logistics and facilities management, IAP Worldwide Services has a number of job and career opportunities available. One of the jobs that IAP Worldwide offers to jobseekers is an air traffic controller trainee. This position will allow people to monitor incoming and outgoing flights. IAP Worldwide also offers positions for a financial analyst to oversee financial activity in the company. Positions such as contracts administrator and information technology systems administrator are also available as well. Therefore, IAP Worldwide Services has employment opportunities for people in a variety of fields.

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