Good Coin Investors Have Two Things In Common: They Research And Then Research Some More


Collectable coins are no longer looked at as historic items that take years to appreciate. The value of collectable coins keeps increasing because of the demand. The demand is the result of investors looking for liquid assets outside of the stock and bond market. There’s a certain mystique attached to collectable coins. Coin dealers have operated behind closed doors for years, and many investors don’t understand the value of adding coins to their portfolio.

But there is one coin dealer that has changed the image of coin dealers, and that dealer is the U.S. Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve numismatists have opened the door for investors to enhance their portfolio’s value by buying rare gold and silver coins that are increasing in value faster than they have in the previous 100 years.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has something to say about investing in rare gold and silver coins. They warn investors that research and then more research are the main ingredients in making money in the coin business. The U.S. Money Reserve agrees with the FTC. The numismatists at the U.S. Money Reserve are not just dealers. They are investors. Their mission is to help other investors make as much money as they can.

There are coin dealers that are in business just to sell coins, and therein lies the difference between those coin dealers and the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve helps investors identify the types of coins that increase in value faster than other coins. They educate investors, so they know which dates are important, what condition is considered investable, and the importance of knowing where the coins were minted. Those factors determine the numismatic value of coins and their potential investment value.

The U.S. Money Reserve takes the time to grade coins based on a set of criteria that determines their investment potential. Some investors get carried away with the appearance of certain gold or silver coins and the numismatists at the U.S. Money Reserve at there to school investors in the folly of judging coins solely of their appearance. Some coins may look worthless because of wear, but the main factor that determines values is the U.S. Money Reserve grading number.

Not all investors believe that gold and silver coins will appreciate fast enough to produce sizeable returns, but the professionals at the U.S. Money Reserve know that is one of the first mistakes investors make. The pros say rare coins produce great returns as long as investors do the research.

The U.S. Money Reserve Sets The Gold Standard In Precious Metal Investing

The world is in economic turmoil as a whole, and this has led to an increased interest in buying precious metal commodities from metal exchange distributors like U.S. Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve deals in the distribution of gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and it has the bragging right of being one of the biggest and most reputable exchange and distributors of silver and gold in the world. The U.S. Money Reserve has a high standard of service, and it feels compelled to do everything possible to make sure that its clients are able to receive a solid return on their investment, and the founders, leaders and associates at this precious metal exchange seem to treat the customer’s investment as if it is their own money. There is a good reason why for this kind of service.

The U.S. Money Reserve‘s inception started with a group of people that have a high level of expertise and experience working in the gold and precious metal commodity markets. The founders take the investing of other people’s money in gold, silver, platinum and palladium very seriously and personally. They are committed to the highest level of customer service, and they ensure that their financial advisors have expert level knowledge in precious metal markets, and they emphasize the need for trust between investors and advisors, so investors feel that they are getting the best advice and guidance possible before making the leap into what many see as a fear based investment, even though the fear is justified.

The U.S. Money Reserve holds true to its name by dealing with United States minted silver, gold and platinum legal tinder. Also, it is a well known fact that the exchange has had several hundred thousand clients who do business with the firm, trust the firm and reap the rewards of investing in precious metal commodities. These points are things that the U.S. Money Reserve takes a great deal of pride in and justifiably so based off their high reviews.

Many people trust precious metals. It is said that Warren Buffet owns about 70% of the world’s silver, and it is safe to say that he knows what he is doing, and that’s why investors should be diversifying their portfolios in precious metals by 10% to 15%. The U.S. Money Reserve is the distributor to work with, and it has a proven record of offering the best and most consistent returns.

How To Go About Precious Metal Investments

Throughout the ages, gold has been the symbol of wealth from one civilization to the other. Then, there came the idea of money which was at first crafted from gold, and so were all the precious pieces of jewelry from the past. Even though thousands of years have passed since these ancient civilizations, one thing remains, the obsession people have with gold.


There was a time, especially after money started being made from other material that people seemed to have stopped thinking about gold as a central symbol of wealth. However, issues such as the global economic crisis and the loss of value of the dollar have made people rethink about the importance of investing in precious metals as opposed to just saving cash. It is said that the value of precious metals is not affected by rises and falls in the dollar value. This makes investing in the metals an ideal way to save money without the fear of having to deal with global economic fluctuations.


How to invest in gold


There are several ways in which you can invest in gold. Here are a few of the most common:


  • Stocks and mutual funds that hold shares in mining companies.
  • Exchange traded funds holding bullion
  • Antique and newly minted gold coins.


The companies that mint coins include the Gold American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and U.S. Money reserve among others. After deciding the investment type you want to make, you can consult companies that deal with these products for advice on how to start the investment.


Why invest with U.S. Money Reserve?


The people who founded this company understood that the process of investing in precious metals is very delicate. They, therefore, decided to approach the issue while giving special attention to the expert knowledge of the market, excellent customer service and trustworthiness in investment guidance. The team that works at U.S includes senior specialists in gold, a numismatic expert, a customer relations section, vault and shipping and coin research professionals among others.


The teams of experts that work at U.S. are an assurance that when you invest in them, you are making the right choices with your money. Their many years of service are an assurance that when they tell you about a certain investment, it is because they do understand the market, and they know the potential benefits in it. People that have invested with U.S. Money Reserve do not have any regrets at all.

Why Investing in Gold from the U.S. Money Reserve is the Smartest Decision You Will Ever Make

Investing capital is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money. Although investing may take longer than working to earn a significant amount of money, investing allows people to place their hard earned money into something, let it set, check on it occasionally, and let the money grow by itself. Anybody who can spell “investing” knows that diversification is key to having a successful portfolio. Without diversifying, one can theoretically lose all his or her money.

Proper diversification requires one to invest in a wide variety of commodities, which all act differently from one another. Investing in precious metals is a great way to help safeguard against inflation in particular. Inflation can render money useless, and investing cash into precious metals can ensure that one’s tender will not lose value (as long as the tender is bought into a precious metal).

Investing in gold in particular is undoubtedly the smartest decision to make. Gold is timeless, is becoming more scarce as people have such high demand for it, and can ensure that one will never lose their money to inflation. Investing in something like gold will probably not yield very much of a return, but the whole point of investing in a precious metal such as gold is to help safeguard one’s money against inflation.

Inflation can effectively render currency undervalued, at minimum. Investing in gold probably sounds rather appealing to anyone who has a little spare money laying around who is interested in investing.

U.S. Money Reserve is an internet-based store that sells gold and silver bullion, and a wide variety of coins. The U.S. Money Reserve is not affiliated with the United States government, but does sell 100% legitimate United States coins. Their coins can be found on their website, U.S. Money Reserve also sells gold numismatic coins and platinum numismatic coins.

U.S. Money Reserve is a highly reputable website, arguably the most popular coin dealer in the United States that operates online. Most of their products are cheaper than competitors’ products, and U.S. Money Reserve’s products are guaranteed 100% authentic, every time, or you get your money back.

Investing in gold is a very wise decision for anyone who already has money invested somewhere, or for someone who simply has money laying around and wants to put it to good use. Investing in gold as a precious metal works against the powers of inflation, which helps reduce the risk of an investor’s money disappearing or diminishing in value.


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