Life Line Screening for Bone Density Solutions

Bone density, otherwise known as bone mineral density is known as the amount of mineral deposits located in a bone tissue. The bone density is a general determiner of bone strength, integrity and health as it tells how much mass of mineral there is per volume.

The purpose of having bone density scans and screenings is to be able to determine the risks of bone diseases and conditions, such as fractures and osteoporosis. The name of the procedure is called densitometry, which is done in radiology clinics or nuclear medical institutions. This bone density screening is also known to be one of the facilities of Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening has been known to perform bone density scanning to several patients. The procedure is known to be pain-free and only has low radiation measures. The scan also is non-invasive, as the patient will not need to undergo open surgery to check the bone health.

The most common condition that requires bone density scanning is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the condition wherein the bone loss rate is quicker than the growth of another bone tissue. Complications of this condition puts an individual to having increased risk of fractures. It is quite difficult to detect if a person has osteoporosis due to the commonness of complications coming first before determining if the person had osteoporosis due to lack of awareness. That is why Life Line Screening offers this procedures to help patients detect bone loss before problems arise.

Specifically, the clinic does a risk screening of osteoporosis using the “pulse echo ultrasound”. This process involved using ultrasound waves detecting the thickness of the tibial bone. The tibia is described as the long bone which is same to the appearance to the thigh bone or femur. The tibial bone is one of the kinds that are prone to bone loss, fracture and osteoporosis, that is why it is one of the bones preferred to scan for a sample.

It is essential that an individual who considers having bone density scanning should consult his or her doctor, as well ask asking about the complications of having bone loss. There may be other assessments and treatments that may be considered.

Life Line Screening offers health-related scans, specifically ultrasound and EKG. The screenings are easy, efficient and painless. They assure highly trained professionals and staff that make use of advanced procedures and equipment for a safe and comfortable experience. They believe that having excellent equipment and skilled individuals in service produces accurate results that will give you the correct diagnosis and treatment for your conditions. Most of the screening procedures does not involve having bodily preparations as well.

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Renown Health Opens South Reno Location

Renown Health is opening a new family practice clinic in South Reno’s Summit Mall this spring. The facility will provide a laboratory and primary medical services, and more services will likely be added in the future. Renown Medical Group director Dr. McCormack stated during a phone interview with NNBW that the new clinic is designed to be more comfortable and inviting for patients. He shares that the Renown team wanted the new facility to look like a living room, so that patients will feel at home.

The clinic space is also equipped to offer additional services and amenities, such as a conference room where medical staff and patients can meet to discuss diagnoses and treatment plans.

Additional services were discussed by the Renown group, but Dr. McCormack states that the team will likely wait to see how the healthcare market is changing before adding new features. The doctor also shared that she knows there is so uncertainty in healthcare due to the impact of President Trump’s administrative proposals and his desire to eliminate Obamacare.

The new South Reno clinic has a staff of 11, and Renown is considering adding another primary care physician and a practitioner. The clinic is 100,000 square feet and takes up three vacant storefronts, including the space that was once home to menswear retailer Jos. A Bank. The store has since relocated to the Meadowood Mall. The contractor for the project was Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. The company is based in Carson City. Design and architecture for the new clinic was done by Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design, and Forbes Engineering took care of the structural engineering. All plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering was performed by MSA Engineering Consultants. All the company who contributed to the South Reno Renown Clinic project are based in Reno.

Dr. McCormack is very happy with the completion of the South Reno clinic, and states that Renown has been looking for ways to make a huge impact in the community by providing a quality primary health clinic. She shares that as more people move to the area, they are settling in Spanish Springs or South Reno, which means the new Renown clinic is in an ideal location.

With the addition of the South Reno clinic, Renown now has 12 primary care clinics in Carson City, Fallon, Reno-Sparks and Fernley. A new location has also recently opened in the Caughlin Ranch area.

Renown Health Opens New Family Clinic at Summit Mall

Renown Health is a healthcare company that is working hard to transform the lives of many people in America. Just recently, the organization announced that it was going to open a family practice clinic. According to a report from the company, the new clinic will be located at the Summit Mall in South Reno. The family clinic will be operational this coming spring.

Dr. McCormack is the medical director at the Renown Medical Group. During a telephone interview, McCormack said that she Summit Mall Family clinic will be designed to offer the patients an inviting and comfortable setting. Individuals seeking the serving of the clinic will get the best services.

Patients coming in the facility will be welcomed by a space that looks like the living room. The executive director also says that there is an exclusive conference where the patients and the staff can confer on matters concerning health. The facility has also announced that it will provide more and flexible services to the patients. Dr. McCormack has also informed the public that the institution will include any other service that is in the modern healthcare market.

There has been uncertainty in the healthcare industry since the election of the new president of America, Donald Trump. Many people do not know what the impact of the new president will have on the medical industry. During the presidential campaign, Trump had proposed to repeal and also replace Obamacare.

Dr. McCormack has said that the new South Reno clinic will have eleven members of staff. The successful physician has also stated that the organization is looking forward to adding more doctors and nurses to cater for the needs of the patients in the facility. The facility is in a favorable environment, and it covers three storefronts. The location of the new facility is ideal for people coming from all directions.

The Magic of Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta

According to a recent NIH Study, stem-cell transplants remain the next big thing in combating multiple sclerosis. In addition, research has shown that stem cell transplants of a patient’s own blood cells yielded long-term remission of common MS symptoms. Also, the treatment remains known as high-dose immunosuppressive therapy. It also remains known as the autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT). Furthermore, the results of the treatment remain astounding. According to the findings of the study, 69% of study participants experienced no progression of symptoms.

Also, the patients did not exhibit relapse or new formation of brain lesions. This includes a five-year period of a one-time treatment. Although further research remains necessary, it seems as though this single treatment remains more effective than other MS treatments. An additional study looked at HDIT/HCT in 24 clinical subjects ranging from the ages of 26 to 52 years of age. In spite of being under treatment for MS, their condition continued to worsen.

Furthermore, HDIT/HCT was able to help 70% of people who took it. Therefore, it may become the preferred option for patients who did not respond to other treatments. Of all neurologists and psychiatrists in New, Jersey, few can compare with Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta. Aside from being a staff member of the Kennedy University of Hospital, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta hails from an educated background. In fact, he graduated from the Government Medical College in Nagpur in 1979. Furthermore, he finished his post-graduate medical education degree at Boston City Hospital.

Moreover, he specializes in Psychiatry. With that being said, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta accepts numerous health plans such as Aetna, Medicare and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. In addition to his impressive background in Myopathy, ALS Disease and EEG Testing, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta remains board certified in Neurology. Has Some Creative, and Healthy, Ideas on How To Lose Weight


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