Beneful High Quality Ingredients Make It My #1 Choice

Dog food is something that I know a lot about, as a veterinarian I try to do my research in order to come up with the best recommendations for my clients. I have two dogs of my own to look after also. Their health is my priority. Animals mean a great deal to people, and the turn out being a big part of everyone’s family. I want my clients to feel like I am knowledgeable of the animal industry, including the pet food industry. That is why I always stay up to date on new developments, and I try to inform my colleagues about anything important that pops up. We are always sending emails back and forth with new articles and posting them on the bulletin board at work.

In fact, I just got an email the other day from another vet about an article that he found on the internet about premium dog food companies and the way that they manufacture their products. The article was published by the Daily Herald, and it was quite informative on the entire process that manufacturers use in their production. It even went into detail about the safety procedures and types of high quality ingredients that these companies use.

Professional Recommendations

In terms of actual recommendations, I always tell my clients what I feed my pets. I feed my dogs Beneful. I buy it from Amazon because it is high in nutrient content. Beneful also uses the high quality ingredients that other companies often leave out. These are the top two reasons that I recommend Beneful to my clients and feed it to my dogs.

In terms of taste, Beneful seems to provide the best tasting blend of flavors. My dogs love it. I have never heard of a dog that didn’t like Beneful. It smells great, and you can actually see real pieces of meat, pieces of vegetables and rice in the blend. Chopped Blends is the kind of Beneful that I buy, and they have 20 different flavors of it. If you’d like to see the article, here is the link.