Dog Food Might Well Be the Tastiest Treat at a Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is, obviously, a time of thanks. It’s a moment when one looks around and appreciates everything that’s great in his or her life. And part of that process is creating wonderful meals which are sure to tantalise and treat everyone in attendance. But a recent report by the Daily Herald suggests that there’s one member of the family who might not be too impressed with what the humans have put on the table. And that’s because he’s been having a Thanksgiving feast year round.

This might sound like hyperbole at first. But it perfectly echoes the sentiment reported on during a tour of a gourmet dog food facility. Two executives along for the tour couldn’t help but take a quick taste test of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe. And when doing so the comment that it tasted just like Thanksgiving echoed in the air. But this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. The new twitter trend in healthy dog food is focusing on using only the freshest ingredients. And fresh ingredients tends to come with one huge benefit. When food is made with the best ingredients it’ll typically come with some of the best tastes.

But some companies have known that simple fact for quite some time now. For example, the high quality dog food brand Purinastore’s Beneful has been playing by this rule since 2001. They initially began working with all natural ingredients due to a focus on health. After all, fresh ingredients also mean that all of the complex vitamins and minerals in the food will be perfectly intact and available. Beneful was focusing on creating dog food that would deliver the full nutritional benefits of healthy ingredients to a dog.

But Beneful quickly realized something equally important. Fresh ingredients aren’t just great for a dog’s physical health. They’re an important note to a dog’s spirit as well. Just as people feel happier when they’re eating delicious meals, so will dogs. And Beneful quickly began devising specific blends of fresh organic ingredients in order to make meals where both flavor and nutrition would compliment each other. And this is what has kept them on the cutting edge of dog food. In an age when people are just now discovering gourmet dog food, Beneful’s been at it for over a decade.