Stand Up for your Rights like Thor Halvorssen

Like most people, you must have stood for something in your life. When someone tries to deny you that right, you are left with no option other than to fight for it. While some of us may have gone unnoticed, Thor Halvorssen has been in the limelight for fighting for those oppressed. He speaks for various causes such as threats to democracy, slavery, and human trafficking. He began his activism many years ago, and this ended up being his lifetime career. Thor Halvorssen is from the South American country of Venezuela but lives in exile.

Other than activism, Thor Halvorssen has hobbies and other interests. He is a renowned lecturer in the United States of America. He is also a film director and focuses on films about human oppression, slavery, and threats to democracy. For instance, he is currently producing a movie called the Moon is a Harsh Mistress alongside other directors. He has seen the worst that the world has to offer for those who stand against oppression. He was jailed and tortured in Vietnam together with this cameraman. His parents have also seen the worst that can come from activism. His mother was killed by a single gunshot in the head when demonstrating while his dad has been tortured and imprisoned on the same. During the cause of his activism, Thor has rubbed shoulders with other great activists such as Mart Laar, Vaclav Havel, and Elie Wiesel and Garry Kasparov.

Some of the organizations that are attributed to Thor include the Human Rights Foundation that he established in the year 2005, the Oslo Freedom Forum and the Moving Picture Institute. He has spoken on behalf of political prisoners from other nations such as Panama, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and Vietnam. He was a critic of the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. As of now, he expresses his opposition to the African dictator called Yoweri Museveni for his actions against gay rights. Thor halvorssen has spoken on the issues he holds dear to his heart to the British parliament. This is one of his greatest achievement to date.Education wise, Thor holds a degree in history and political science.


Film Producer Thor Halvorssen Rises to the top of the Human Rights Community

The human rights community has seen many leaders over its history, but few have had their finger on the pulse of popular culture as impressively as Thor Halvorssen; the Venezuelan born activist began his career working within the confines of major human rights groups, but soon found himself frustrated at the activities of many groups. Halvorssen appreciates the work done by major charitable groups in the U.S. and parts of western Europe but feels time and funding is better spent in closed societies around the world.

Thor Halvorssen has combined his efforts as a human rights activist with a growing career as a film producer that often crosses into his work as an activist. Among the documentaries the producer has worked on are a number of those that examine the effects of communism on societies in Eastern Europe in the middle of the 20th century; the award winning documentaries of Thor Halvorssen have examined issues, including a popular uprising in Hungary in the 1950s, and “Hammer & Tickle” that looked at the use of humor for propaganda during the Cold War.

Linking his work in the entertainment industry with that as a film producer has been a major part of the work of Thor Halvorssen and has recently seen him publicize those celebrities who choose to work for and with tyrants from around the world. Thor brought attention to the attendance at parties and events organized by Eastern European tyrants who paid artists including Hilary Swank and Jennifer Lopez to attend their events.

Thor has also brought his own opinions and thoughts to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election cycle with appearances on various news channels, during which he explained the human rights records of the main candidates during the nomination process. Thor has also seen his work bring him to the attention of many major political institutions where he has spoken on numerous occasions, including his appearances at the United Nations and the British Houses of Parliament.

Why Thor Halvorrsen Thinks Socialism Violates Human Rights

Representing the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen went on FOX News to talk about democratic socialism. While it seems to have taken the nation by storm, Thor finds this a little concerning. The people are simply not aware of the historic abuses of that economic policy and how it has violated basic human rights. Of course, he qualified that statement by pointing out that there do exist socialistic regimes that do not violate basic human rights. But adopting this system of government does pose a massive risk to the people and the future of the nation. He pointed out several reasons that even the most ardent democrat should oppose democratic socialism.

It Can Conceal Motives

Socialism is typically pitched as an economic policy that benefits the people as opposed to the old capitalistic policies that seemingly only benefit the rich. (Of course, this overlooks the fact that nations that allow free trade and an open market will typically see a lot of benefits, such as an increase in scarce and necessary products.) Halvorrsen argued that politicians can use this pitch to mask their true motive, which is to loot the economy for all it is worth. After all, taking money away from the rich and distributing it will put a lot of trust into the government. Who is to say that they would not betray that trust?

Even If It Is Not A Mask, It Is Too Easy To Seize Power

There is a reason that the United States has three branches of government that are run by elected officials. It serves as a bulwark against internal corruption. The people cast their ballot for who they want. If the wrong person gets into office, their power is mitigated by the other branches of government. A socialistic regime would not have those same safeguards. It would be far easier to corrupt a socialist government than it would be to corrupt a government such as the United States.

Halvorrsen recognizes these potential threats and wants to educate people about them. The fact that he is speaking for the Human Rights Foundation against socialism should cause a bit of reflection.

Thor Halvorssen and his Passion for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a famous human rights activist who is based in New York City. Thor was born and raised in Venezuela. Thor is an advocate of civil rights, public interests, human rights and democracy. The human activist started fighting for the rights of people when he was thirteen years old.

Thor is the founder and president of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a unique program that allows human rights activists from different parts of the world to come together every year. The program was established so that the activists can meet and discuss the various issues affecting them. The foundation is very similar to the Davos Gathering, but its greatest agenda is human rights.

Apart from being the founder of the successful organization, Thor is the president of the famous Human Rights Foundation that is headquartered in New York City. The powerful organization was founded several years ago to fight for the rights of people in different parts of the world. Under his leadership, the organization has helped many people get their freedom. The human rights activist is also the founder of the Moving Picture Institute.

Thor was born in 1976 by a father who was an ambassador of the anti-narcotic campaign in Venezuela. However, when the human activist was growing up, his parents had to endure several challenges. When Thor was still in the university, he was informed that his father had been taken to jail because of money laundering and fraud. He had to stay in prison for three months being tortured and beaten. Several years later, Thor’s father was also charged with terrorism. However, Amnesty International intervened, and he was released from prison after being innocent.

The fight for the rights of humans is believed to be deeply rooted in the Thor Family. Thor’s mother is believed to have been killed when attending a peaceful demonstration in her country. Most of the other protestors sustained several injuries, but Thor’s mother was not lucky. The acts of the police during the peaceful demonstration were recorded on camera and shown in most of the television stations. Although the people responsible were taken to court, they were only given three years in jail.

For Social

The Life of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is 21 year old human rights activist. She is also a North Korea defector who is not afraid to share her story. She is among the North Koreans who have suffered under the leadership of Dictators Kim Jong IL and his son Kin Jong Un.She successfully escaped from North Korea in 2007.Her escape was not easy she was beaten, enslaved and even sexually abused. Despite all the tribulations she has undergone, she continues to fight for the rights of the other North Koreans still trapped in North Korea.

Yeonmi was born in the small town of Hyesan in Ryanggang.Her father was a workers union leader and her mother was a military nurse. Yeonmi has an older sister Eunmi who also managed to escape. The family was rich until the economy changed and her father started selling metals in China. He was caught and sent to a labor camp leaving his family to fend for themselves. Yeonmi’s sister planned her escape and left the family promising to send help. While in prison, Yeonmi’s father became unwell and was released early. He came back home and plotted the escape of his wife and daughter opting to remain behind to recover.

Yeonmi and her mother were smuggled into a boat headed to China. They saw the cruelty of human trafficking when they were caught and turned into slaves. Yeonmi was about to be raped when her mother fought for her and ended up being raped instead. Yeonmi was sold to an old man who promised to bring her father if she became his mistress. Yeonmi was only thirteen at the time. Her father came to China but he was already so sick and diagnosed with Colon Cancer. A few weeks later he died and Yeonmi and her mother buried him. She was able to get help from some missionaries who helped her and her mother cross the Gobi Desert so that they could go to Mongolia then find their way to South Korea.

When Yeonmi and her mother reached the border, they encountered trouble. The border guards were afraid of letting them pass through because of their fear of the North Korean dictator and strong army. Yeonmi and her mother pleaded with the men and were about to commit suicide when the guards led them through and took them to the embassy where they were put in a plane heading to Seoul. Life has since then changed for Yeonmi she was able to go back to school and was reunited with her sister Eunmi.

Yeonmi has a podcast show which she co hosts with Casey Lartigue. In the show; she highlights the problems that the 24 million North Koreans are facing. Yeonmi also volunteers for LINK a nongovernmental organization whose aim is to help refugees relocate. In addition to that, she has published a book with Penguin where she talks about her life and experiences. She believes that the North Korea situation can be fixed if more people join in to help. Yeonmi currently stays in Seoul with her mother and her sister.