Goettl Air Conditioning Proves It Embraces Care For Its Community

When a local Las Vegas man needed help in his home, a couple companies decided to do so free of charge. Jim Siler is an elderly man living in Las Vegas, and over the course of this last summer his home started experiencing several problems. Not only did stairways and other interior features of his home start deteriorating, his water and air conditioning quit working. Siler barely had enough money to pay his bills and couldn’t afford to hire technicians to fix the pluming and air conditioning, so Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber decided to help Siler out for free. A few of their technicians, along with a local high school football team came to Siler’s house, helped clean it up, and soon his air conditioner was running like normal again. Ken Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning couldn’t be more proud of his company.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business in the southwest since 1939, when it was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl. Their headquarters are in Tempe, AZ but they also serve Phoenix, Tucson, and even have service centers in Nevada. The company employs completely certified HVAC technicians, and has the experience of repairing indoor air problems of all kinds. The air conditioning units they install are Energy Star rated and environmentally friendly.

Goettl Air Conditioning installs, repairs, and replaces old A/C units. Goettl doesn’t just choose A/C units because of what manufacturers say about their power, their experts are proficient in sizing up the right A/C system to match a home’s capacity and use the correct amount of power. Goettl also offers scheduled maintenance checkups to make sure the A/C unit continues to run smoothly and delivers clean air in the home. When it’s time to repair a unit, Goettl’s technicians arrive on the scene promptly to fix the problem. And if an A/C unit has become too old to function, Goettl can find an affordable model to replace it with. In addition to keeping homes cool in the summer, Goettl also installs and repairs heating systems in the winter.

Goettl is active in the community, not only helping those in need like Jim Siler in Las Vegas, but also college students and military members. Earlier in May this year, Goettl helped fund tuition for a retired veteran to enroll in an air conditioning technology program. Goettl also offers advice for taking care of pets in the summer.